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Who We Are

We’re an a retired Army family living a wonderful life the best that we can.  The man and I were high school sweethearts and still are!!  We went to senior prom together and are still dancing the slow dances at Army Balls home.  We’ve been married over 20 years and we now call OKlahoma home.  We’ve been We were forutnate enough to be here for more years than imaginable due to 2 unaccompanied tours to Korea and a couple deployments to Iraq.  After each of those, he requested duty here.  His final assignment is was as a Drill Sergeant and he was once again able to stay here to train the boys that come here for their Basic Training.  We’ve also been to Germany and Georgia.

We have one very beautiful, smart and tenatious daughter.  We’ve made the decision to homeschool our daughter after rough years of public school and a 2 year attempt at private school (that just wasn’t cost effective).

We also have 2 very different, fun and loving dogs.  They’re definitely part of the family and our our kids as well.

Retirement from the Army is coming up very quickly for hubby and we’re looking forward to it was 2 years ago and we’re enjoying our “new life”.  The Army has been was a great life for us.  It’s part of who we are.  However, we can’t wait to see we’re taking in what else “civilian” life has to throw at us.  We’ll always be an Army family, no matter how you look at it.

I’m a catechist (Catholic religious education teacher/volunteer) for Primary I (4 & 5) year olds.  I absolutely love teaching this age group.  The kids are great….they’re fun, busy and so open to learn about their faith.  One of my “hobbies” is to create Christian file folder games (ffg).  I have my own Y!Groups that focus on just that and I share everything that I make.  I think it’s a great fun, yet educational way to teach our kids about their faith.

You’ll see us referred to as:

Miss K, kiddo, angel, K, Devine Miss K or my/our girl is the daughter

hubby, the man, lean green or man in uniform is the husband

little one or little dog is my dog

little sis or lil momma is our newest addition

the boy, big brother, or big dog is daughter’s dog

me, I is well, you know, me….Elaine

Drop in often and find out what the latest crazy happenings are around our lively household!!

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