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Foto Finish: Heading to the Water

FotoFinish button1

This guy was heading toward the water at the Wildlife Refuge.  I just loved him and how casual he was.  He was definitely ready for a swim!!

Here’s my Foto Finish…..

FF-HeadingToTheWater byElaineG

What’s your best or favorite shot of the week….or any time??  Please join in Foto Finish and show it off!!  Want to know more about Foto Finish, just click here.  Grab the button above, link it to this post on your blog (or wherever you share your photos), and enter the linky below.

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I can’t wait to see what your Foto Finish is and be sure to check out other Camera Critters!!  


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Foto Finish: Show Us Where You Live

Foto Finish

Today’s optional theme for Foto Finish is “show us where you live”.  I think this is a great topic!!

For us, something that’s part of our life on a regular basis is the Wildlife Refuge.  We go out there quite often.  This particular day, there was plenty of buffalo and many of the fields and meadows were in bloom.  In this particular shot, you can see the purple wildflowers blowing in the wind while a lone buffalo grazes on the grass with Mt. Scott behind.

I love this shot and I hope that you do too!!  Here’s “where I live” for Foto Finish…..

I hope that you enjoy my Foto Finish!! If you do, please check out this week’s Foto Finish participants for more great photography!!

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Macro: Soft Purple

studio waterstone

This shot for Macro Monday and I Heart Macro.  I’ve missed doing these memes the past couple weeks.  Life just tends to happen!!  Anyway, this beautiful soft purple wildflower was captured out on the Wildlife Refuge.  There was a field of them and it was a fairly windy day, but when isn’t it in OK!?! ?  I think it’s just one of the prettiest things blowing in the wind!!

Here’s my Macro Monday and I Heart Macro (click to enlarge)…..

I hope that you enjoy my Macro Monday and I Heart Macro!! If you do, please check out this week’s Macro Monday and I Heart Macro participants for more great photography!!

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Week 2 of RE and Getting Caught Up

I know it probably seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post.  We’ve just been so busy as a family and time is flying by.  I haven’t even posted many photos!!  I do so love sharing what I see through the lens with you.  The temps have really cooled off, so maybe I’ll be able to get out there and get some good shots to post!!

Tonight was the 2nd religious education class this year.  It looks like I won’t have one girl showing up because her mom wants to be in classroom and that just doesn’t work.  So instead of leaving her daughter and letting her learn and grow, the mom has opted to keep her out of CCD.  Two of my girls left tonight, but one of them is very young and the poor sweet thing is just having such a hard time adjusting to school during the day and then class at night.  The other one just decided that she wasn’t coming to class this week, even though she was find last week.  We’ll see what happens with that one.

Without my girls there, it leaves me with a class of boys.  Nine boys to be exact!!  There’s still 3 girls, but they’re so outnumbered and all so very quiet.  The boys on the other hand are all boy!!  They’re active.  They’re loud.  They’re crazy and fun.  I can see that the rules will have to be enforced this year to keep things moving.  It’s so easy for them to get out of control.  I have to say though, they’re great kids!!

The wildfire on the Wildlife Refuge has been contained.  It’s actually finally out.  I haven’t heard a final total on how much land has burned.  The pictures of the damage were just so terrible.  We’ve had small amounts of rain, but not much.  The land around here is just so dead and everything is brown.  When I do see a green lawn, it irritates me because it’s been so long without real rain and they think they’re lawn is more important than drinking water and showers.  I don’t care how “pretty” it is, come on people, this is OK and it’s HOT….lawns die and come back in due time!!

Plans are well under way for Miss K’s birthday party.  We’re getting the house and everything ready now so that we don’t have to do it last minute or rush.  All the supplies have been bought, but we have them sorted and we’re trying to finalize the guest list.  It appears that this is going to be one of her smaller parties, but I have no doubts that it’ll be a good one!!  I personally can’t wait for the food.  My DRE”s mom is making it all and I know how delicious it’ll be.  Did I mention it was Mexican food??  HEHE

Oh, did I mention for the first time since Miss K started school that she’s struggling??  No, not in a bad way and not all her classes.  It’s mainly Algebra I.  She gets it, but it takes time.  I’m very proud of her though and she’s making huge strides!!  I always have to keep in mind that no matter what, she IS working a year ahead in math.  So, it’s all good!!  Other than that, her grades are great.  She doesn’t like Science this year…..Space and Earth Science.  She says she likes the stars, but not reading some boring text books about them!!  HAHA  I’m working on finding some fun things for her to do so that she can enjoy it more, but basically, she’s got to quit telling herself she doesn’t like it because it just makes it worse.  I expect soon, the light bulb will go on and she’ll be in love with it yet again!!  I do love homeschool though because it gives her the chance to have these emotions and these struggles and not have to worry about falling behind or a teacher that doesn’t care.  She will succeed!!

Well, that’s all that I have for you right now.  What have you all been up to??

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Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Labor Day is always considered the last holiday weekend of summer.  If this weekend’s temperatures are any sign of it, then it’s true.  Saturday was in the 100’s, but then we woke Sunday morning to a cold front…a real one!!  The high temp on Sunday was 40 degrees cooler than Saturday.  It was amazing and it was great!!  The 80’s feel so good and I wouldn’t care if it was like this year round.  I know without a doubt though that the heat will be back because this is only the beginning of September.  Relief is great though!!

With the cool-down and lighter winds, the fire was contained on the Wildlife Refuge.  Most of the fire departments went home and there was just some smoldering left that they had under control.  Then the cool North winds blew Sunday and reignited the smoldering embers.  The Wildlife Refuge was once again ablaze.  They had to call in all the departments that were getting their first rest in days.  For the time that it was contained, the damage was at 20,000 acres and 10 homes burned.  Those figures will be changing.

The transformation of Miss K’s room is complete.  She officially has the room of a teenager!!  I must say, I really like it.  Things are arranged really nice and she’s got plenty of room.  The chair that we found at Kohl’s for a steal fits in there perfectly and it suits her.  That means that I got my rocking chair back and is now placed back in my room.  This time through, we’ll be able to use it!!  While kiddo was trimming down the things that she kept, we got rid of some things in our room as well.  I love it when I can see progress!!  I do believe that Miss K is thrilled with her room and that she’ll be happy with it for the time she has left at home.  The way it is now, it’ll continue to grow with her and she can move things to change the configuration of it.  It’s perfect for a growing girl!!

Sunday, we were all looking forward to a night race at Atlanta after church in the morning, but it was rained out.  Go figure that they don’t need rain and the East Coast has flooding from the hurricane.  Then they get more rain from Lee that we could have desperately used, but instead it goes East.  Anyway, after the rain delay, they postponed the race until Tuesday.  Should be interesting to get that in BEFORE school!!

Today, we were surprised by our good friends Tim and Dee.  We knew that they were supposed to come down soon to move her mom into their home.  We however, didn’t know that they were already here!!  She asked me on Messenger what we’d be doing and I told her nothing unless we went to the Refuge to see the fire damage.  We skipped that since it was on fire again.  Good thing because in the afternoon, the doorbell rang and there they were!!  It was awesome to see them and we’ll be taking them to dinner tomorrow night.

It was a great weekend and we enjoyed the extra time off with Lean Green.  Our family is truly blessed and it’s times like this that we appreciate the most.

What did you do for Labor Day or the weekend??

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That’s My World: Across the Lake

This is my first post for joining in the photography meme, That’s My World.  I’m looking forward to participating in this one more often, as time permits.  I think that I often miss the opportunity to take photos of my area and this will be a great opportunity to get out there and shoot some photos!!

For my first That’s My World, I chose a shot looking across one of the lakes at the Wildlife Refuge very close to where I live.  Here’s my photo (click to enlarge)…..

If you’d like to participate or look at other photos, just go to That’s My World to link up or just view the world!!

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Macro Monday: Dragonfly at Wildlife Refuge

For my Macro Monday selection today, I picked a dragonfly that I shot while out a the Wildlife Refuge a couple of weeks ago.  Actually, the dragonflies were my main purpose for going out there for this visit because there’s usually a large variety of them this time of year near the water.  Unfortunately, it was extremely windy and I couldn’t shoot most of what I saw!!

This one was near a lake and holding on tight to a branch.  The wind was behind it, so I was able to capture it without much movement and really focus on it.  I just think this one is beautiful and I wish I could have gotten more before it flew away!!

Here’s my dragonfly for Macro Monday (click to enlarge to see full details)…..

If you enjoyed my Macro Monday, please leave a comment. Then, click on the Macro Monday at the top of my post and visit other great macros from all over. I know I love browsing them every Monday!!

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Foto Finish: Scenic

Foto Finish

This is coming in at the last minute, but I’m getting it posted!!  HAHA  I’ve missed the last couple and I didn’t want to miss out on another one.

This week’s Foto Finish is scenic.  I chose a picture of the Wildlife Refuge very close to where we live.  It’s always so pretty no matter when you go and it seems to always change.  I don’t think that I have any 2 pictures the same.  Along with beautiful scenery, you’ll find buffalo, longhorns, elk, deer, eagles, prairie dogs, dragonflies, and numerous other creatures.  It’s awesome having this so close to go and visit any time you need to get back in touch with nature.

Miss K narrowed my 4 choices of my favorite photos down to 2.  Here’s my Foto Finish….

I just love the blue sky and blue water in this one and how you can see the mountain range off in the distance.  Do I have better shots??  Maybe, but this is my scenic Foto Finish!!

If you’d like to see more Foto Finish, click the button above!!

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