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The Avengers

**  WARNING:  May contain spoilers!!  **

Miss K and I went to go see The Avengers on opening day.  It was a totally awesome kick @ss movie!!  We just couldn’t wait to go see it and I have to say, it didn’t let us down.  So far, I’ve liked all the movies that they’ve made from the Marvel Comics heroes.  They had a great start with Iron Man and just kept on with that trend.

I couldn’t believe how many people were there in the middle of the day.  The theater had it showing on 2 screens….1 regular and 1 in 3D.  Since kiddo wears glasses, it just wasn’t practical to view it in 3D.  I asked people as they came out how it was, and they all loved it.  I just built up my excitement!!  Some were going right next door to watch it in 3D after regular viewing.  How fun is that!?!?

It’s pretty action packed from the start.  My favorite scene has to be early when they go to get Captain America.  I’m such a fan of sweat….er….sweat pants!!  Had me wishing I was a punching bag when he just picked one up and tossed it over his shoulder!!  HAHA  Yep, Chris Evans is a hunk!!  Robert Downey Jr isn’t a let down as Iron Man once again.  Love his part in this movie.  Samuel L Jackson is one cool cucumber!!

This was basically my intro to Hawkeye.  Loved him and his use of the bow and arrow!!  He’s pretty amazing, although he was on the bad guys team for a little while.  Jeremy Renner was perfect in that part.  I’m not even going to mention Scarlett Johansson because, well, I’m not into girls in tight rubber suits.  HAHA  But of course, Black Widow is an important part of the team.  Truly enjoyed Mark Ruffalo as Hulk.  Perfect geek and awesome wrecking machine!!  I love the push he gives one of the superheroes and how his growl wakes up Iron Man.  Pretty funny parts of the movie.  By far though, I think the guard at the building that Hulk crash lands into has some of the best and funniest lines in the flick!! That scene had the whole audience laughing.

Finally, we come around to my favorite…..Thor!!  I swooned over hammer time through the whole movie.  Loved Chris Hemsworth in the Thor movie and he was awesome in this one.  I think he by far had the best entrance into The Avengers movie of all the characters!!  I was most sad to see Agent Coulson die.  EEEEKK  I can’t help but to think that technology is going to keep him alive somehow though.  He’s one of the real heroes of the movie!!

One of the most exciting and worrisome things that happened during the movie was that our film burned just as the battle scene was getting started!!  Yes, it burned!!  We’re watching and all of a sudden it stops and gets bright, then you can see the film burning on the screen.  People were taking out their cell phones and taking photos of it, but of course, my phone was dead!!  They came in and told us 2 minutes to fix it, then the manager came in and said another 5 minutes.  Either time, they didn’t think much would have to be cut out to splice it together.  I think total, they had to cut out 2-3 frames and when it re-started, we really couldn’t tell.  The film rolled on!!

I just can’t say enough about this movie.  It was fun, exciting, action packed, and just a good movie!!  I’m thrilled that kiddo and I were one two of the 25.6 million tickets sold.  I can’t believe that it had a record-breaking opening weekend.  That’s just amazing that it passed up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2!!  We saw it when it opened on Friday at one of 4,349 theaters and to sales of $80.5 million and closed the weekend at $200.3 million at the box office.  Here’s a few other stats on the The Avengers opening weekend….

60% of the audience was male, 50% of the audience was under 25, 52% of movie viewers saw The Avengers in 3D, and 80% of the weekend’s box office haul came from The Avengers.  $100 million was spent on global marketing, $220 million is the reported amount Disney and Marvel spent to produce The Avengers, and $641.8 million is the total worldwide gross so far (it was released 1 week prior in most international markets).

All I can say is that if you love superheroes and love action…..go see this movie!!  It’s a great movie and it’s just fun.  I’ve never wanted to see a movie AGAIN as much as I want to see this one.  Miss K and I were talking about the movie the other day and hubby says “you two are STILL talking about that movie!?!?” and we’re both like “YES!!”.  We had such a good time and there’s just nothing like seeing the good guys save the world!!

So quit reading this and go get your tickets!!  HAHA  Have you seen The Avengers or do you plan to??  Have you seen any of the other Marvel Comics superhero flicks??  What do you think of them if you have and what’s your fave??

For kiddo and me…..

It’s bring on the sequels!!

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