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Nativity Printables

Those of you who follow my blog know that I love to post about printable nativities. This year is no exception!!


I didn’t think that I had many new or fresh ideas this year.  It seems like most of what’s out there, I’ve already posted in previous years.  If you’re looking for those previous posts, just search “nativity”.  That’ll pull up (or at least it should pull up) other posts about the nativity.

Here’s a free nativity paper craft.  It’s the Paper Nativity by Daniel Swartz.  I think this one is pretty fun and simple to do for kids of all ages.  I’ve blogged about this one before, but my daughter did it this year with her 3rd grade class and they loved it, so I just had to share again.  It’s the Nativity Scene (Joyfully Expanded) from Made by Joel.  Here’s a printable nativity scene for The Birth of Lord Jesus.  This one is a free nativity stencil pattern.  You can also download a free manger scene for Advent if you click here.  It’s from Sisters of St. Joseph/Good Ground Press and has a short form to fill out to access the download.

I don’t remember if I’ve shared this one or not, but it’s a DIY:  Make Your Own Nativity from Marloes de Vries.   Ministry-to-Children has this nativity playset.  You can click here for a fun Nativity Fold a House Craft.  “Build Your Own Nativity Printables” is a nativity based on basic shapes.  Last but not least, here’s a 3D manger.

I’d also like to let you know about a couple nativity printables in my stores.  I’m rather fond of them and the kids in my class have really enjoyed making and using them.  I hope that you’ll check them out.  First is the title, then the link to TPT, and then the link to Teachers Notebook.

Label the Nativity  TPT  TN

The Nativity Mobile  TPT  TN

Who Is Watching Baby Jesus? Game  TPT  TN

The First Christmas Story Wheels  TPT  TN

The First Christmas Do-A-Dots  TPT  TN

Nativity Write the Room  TPT  TN

That’s all that I have for you right now.  I hope that you enjoy all the free printable nativities and that you’ll check out my shops to see what I have to help keep “Jesus is the reason for the season”!!



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Cyber SALE!!

It’s time to prepare for the holidays and the best way to do that is a SALE!!

All 3 of my shops/stores will be on sale for 20%, so now’s the time to grab some great deals for now, the holidays, and into the new year!!

First, you can visit The Schoolhouse on Etsy.  Use code FRIDAY2MONDAY and get 20% off any purchase over $1 through 2 December.  To shop that sale, just click here.

Next, my shop on Teachers Notebook is on sale for 20% off from 29 November to 2 December.  If you use code PLUS15, you can get an extra 10% off!!  If you’re interested in shopping this sale, just click the banner below.


Finally, my store at TPT is on sale for 20% off.  My sale runs 29 November to 2 December, but you can get an extra 10% off 30 November & 1 December with code SMILE for a total of 28% off!!  If you’re interested in shopping this sale, please just click the banner below.


I always enjoy adding new resources during a sale, so keep your eyes open for any new items that you might need for the season!!  I truly appreciate you all and all that you do to help and support The Schoolhouse.  You’re what it’s all about!!

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Back-to-School Sale

It’s time for back-to-school andThe Schoolhouse is having a SALE!!

Back-to-School SALE 2

The sale will take place in both of my stores.  The sale is for 20% every item in my shops and I’ll be adding more products throughout the sale.  There’s also some freebies, with more on the way!!  Remember, I have Christian and educational printables….and I take requests.

You can click here to visit The Schoolhouse at Teachers Notebook.  The sale dates there are 4-8 August.

 You can click here to visit The Schoolhouse at Teachers Pay Teachers.  The sale dates there are 4-7 August.  If you use code BTS14, you’ll receive an extra 10% off for a total of 28% from 4-5 August.


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Christmas in July

Who doesn’t love a sale….and receiving a “gift” any time of the year!?!?

I know I do!!  Since I’m going to be busy this weekend with my parents surprise visit, I’ve decided to throw a “Christmas in July” sale in my shops.  Every product will be on sale all weekend long (18-20 July) and if you haven’t checked it out in awhile, you should because I’ve added some new materials!!

Christmas in July SALE button-blog

To get to “The Schoolhouse” at Teachers Notebook, just click here to find all the products on sale.

To see the sale on Teachers Pay Teachers, click here to find “The Schoolhouse” and everything in the shop.

Remember, I have educational and Christian printables available.  I have a couple FREEBIES  for download as well.  If there’s anything that you need, please don’t hesitate to ask!!  If I don’t have it, I just might be able to make it!!



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Grand Opening Sale at TN!!

The doors of “The Schoolhouse” are officially open at Teachers Notebook.  To celebrate, I’m holding a Grand Opening SALE!!

GrandOpening SALE1

My entire shop is on sale for 25% OFF for 1 week.  If there’s anything that you need to prepare for next year, now’s the time to get it!!  Don’t forget, I have educational and Christian printables available for all your needs!!

Be sure to follow my shop so that you know when I add more products….and I’ll be adding them all week long.  Also, you’ll find out when I hold other sales and offer specials, just for my followers.

To check out my sale, just click the button above and it’ll take you right to my shop!!


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The Schoolhouse

Not Back to School Blog Hop
Our school room is nothing special.  In fact, it’s our everything room!!

The Schoolhouse is not only our homeschool room, but it’s also our guest room and my office.  The closet also serves as storage for my religion class items that I purchase myself and hubby’s wardrobe.  There’s a futon that our guests sleep on when they come visit.  It also serves as a relaxing spot for reading or other light work.  At each end of the futon are a set of drawers.  Those hold all our craft supplies and many of our paper products. 

There’s also 2 desks in there.  And yes, they match!!  There’s one for Miss K and one for me.  We have all our needs in each of our desks.  We have a large armoire that stores all our supplies.  It has all our paper, pens, tape, and lots of other materials.  The the narrowest wall, we have a small bookcase that holds all our school books.  She has one shelf and I have another.  It holds my teacher’s editions and photography books.  Her books, tablets, and binders are there as well.  Above the bookcase is our white board.  On top of the bookcase is all our dry erase markers, erasers, and stuff like that. 

Since it’s such a small room, we like to keep it tidy.  We can’t stand it when it gets dirty and cluttered.  There’s just not enough room in there for mess!!

That’s it!!  I’m sorry I don’t have any photos, but things are crazy busy as you all can imagine.  That’s the total sum of our school room.  It’s our little Schoolhouse and we love it!!

I’ve linked this post up to the “NOT Back to School” Blog Hop and can’t wait to check out with other high school homeschoolers have in their rooms!!

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I’m Hosting a Give-Away

As many of you know, I split my blogs between family life and the Christian & educational printables that I create.  I was blessed in finding a store that I wanted to purchase some scrap kits from, so I contacted the owner to see if I could use her kits in the manner that I use them to give away my Christian and educational printables.  She told me that it wasn’t allowed, since she gets her elements from so many different locations.  Some of them allow it, but some don’t.  She suggested instead that she provide a kit to me to create a couple printables to give away on my blog.  She said she’d also provide the “grand prize” of a $10 gift certificate!!

You can read about my angel that’s sponsoring my first every give-away by reading my post, My First Give-Away.  Also, if you’re interested in participating in my give-away, you can do so while you read all about it and get your FREE printables as well!!  Hope to see you at The Schoolhouse!!




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My New Blog

I went and started a new blog today!!  I’m so excited and I feel great about this.  I’ve been struggling for awhile trying to find a balance between sharing my printables and just being able to blog about what I want.  When I only share my printables, my daily readers and photography buffs leave.  When I go on a rant, talk politics, or other such things that touch my life, my readers after printables leave.

So, I found a solution….I started a new blog.  It will be strictly for my Christian and educational printables.  This will the the place that I can share and help the kids.  I hope that you will follow me to my new location, as well as remain here with the Commotion from the Ocean of Life!!

I’m going to attempt to move my Christian and educational file folder game/printables pages to the new blog.  Then, I will add new stuff via blog posts.  I plan to share my first new materials tomorrow!!  So please, come check out….

Tomorrow will also be Foto Finish here, so come see what my latest photo project will be!!  This blog will be about my hobby….photography, and continue to just be about life.  So please stick around and see what happens next!!

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More Olympic Lessons, Part 2

I haven’t been really good about finding information or materials on China.  However, almost any site that I’ve listed has links for that.  With that said, I came on the “mother load” of Olympic materials today.  This will most likely be my last share on this topic since I have many others to get ready and prepared.  So, here it goes….

The latest pages at  Homeschooling have been posted.  You can find pages for boxing, sailing, rowing, cycling, equestrian, judo, hockey, gymnastics and handball on the site.  The other sports that have been added are conoeing/kayaking, the modern pentathlon and football (soccer).  Please keep checking back here or on the site for the remaining summer Olympic sports that will be completed by the time the Olympic games begin.  Updating these will probably be the only other sources I add on this topic unless I find something “spectacular”!!

One of the great sites I found with great Olympic resources is the Official Site of the 2008 Australian Olympic Team.  You must register here and then you will have access to all the educational materials that they have.  Registration is free and you’ll immediately be able to get a teacher’s guide.  Once you reach the a.s.p.i.r.e. log-in, there’ll be many other resources available in 3 age/grade levels.

Next is the Official website of the Olympic Movement.  The resources can be found here under “educational”.  There is all sorts of materials.  There’s teacher’s manuals, resources and information kit on the Olympic Movement and the Games.  Browse this section thoroughly.  There’s archives, great photos and so much more available on this site.

Finally, it dawned on me that if Australia has educational material available that surely the United States does too.  That led me on a search and I found USOC where you will click on “resources” and “U.S. Olympic Education” which is where you will have to register.  After that, you have access to all the teaching materials available.  **WARNING:  This is a very slow moving site!!**  Navigate the “U.S. Olympic Education” box on the left side of page.  The “Classroom Teaching Materials” takes you here which has materials on the torch relay.  There’s also links to 2 other educational items.  However, after hours of trying off and on, I never got the “upper elementary” or “athlete profiles” to work under Olympians for Life.  I may try again, or I may just give up because I do have more than enough materials now.  I was able to get all the PDF materials under  Olympic Week in America.  Back on the USOC site, the other main link “Materials for Teachers” has an “Educational Gateway”.  I found that all the lesson plans were the same.  However, there are additional materials in PDF that were helpful and did work, but once again were very slow.  The best resources are all the other links to information and background on the Olympics.  It can be used as lessons or have the kids read.

I think if you want to learn more about different countries, the athletes, Olympic history and so on, that you could search just about any countries Olympic team site.  For example, you can find Canada and Great Britain both have educational materials on the Olympics.

I hope that this is at least a little helpful.     

One other “piece of business”.  There’s another contest going on over at Momsational.  You can check it out here and if you leave a comment, you’re in the drawing to win the giveaway.  This time, it’s the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  Since it’s the 40th anniversary edition, it also comes with a cd.  Check it out!!


Vote for my post More Olympic Lessons, Part 2 on Mom Blog Network

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China and More Olympic Lessons

I found some more materials to use for this lesson today.  They’re great supplements and vocabulary.  There’s many printables to choose from. 

All of the following come from  First, there’s many printables here that cover Summer Olympics vocabulary with a word search, crossword puzzle, activities, theme paper and more.  There are printable for the Olympic sports of archery, fencing, basketball, baseball, athletics and badminton.  There also printables for aquatic sports like diving, swimming, and water polo.  Each of these sports has at least 5 pages of activities.  The site will also be updating with more sports all the way up until the Summer Olympics begin.  I recommend that you check the site to keep updated with the new sports printables.  However, I’ll also keep my blog updated with the new ones on a regular basis.

You’ll find an Olympic scrapbook cover, Olympic medals and Olympic rings lined paper at, along with other materials.  They have a black & white or color printable Certificate of Olympic Achievement as well.  For several coloring activities and other printables, you’ll want to check the site out.

For China related material, ActivityVillage has an Introduction to China as well as a China flag coloring page.  There’s also a blank outline map, map with borders or labeled map of China.  You’ll also find fun printables like the Chinese zodiac chart or zodiac poster, a Chinese calligraphy number poster, and 4 sets of Chinese calligraphy character cards and games.

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….And the Thunder Rolls

....And the Thunder Rolls

It’s a stormy day in OK!!  The thunder rolled through parts of the night, but no major storms.  Today, the thunder continues to roll, but so far nothing of significance in rain or storms.  However, there’s still a long day ahead!!  After all, this is the 5th season in OK!!

Does anyone want to come give the dogs a bath for me??  HAHA  I can throw the baby in the tub and have her clean in no time.  Her issue is cutting those crazy long nails!!  I suppose I’m going to have to pray she doesn’t break her legs off trying to get away from me and just get it done.  The big boy is tucked away under my desk hiding from the booms!!  I want him in the tub just to get rid of some of that winter coat.  We brush and brush, but he just keeps shedding!!  Vacuuming keeps me more busy than anything else right now.  SHEESH

On to more homeschool lesson plans today.  I have to see what materials I can find for pioneers.  If I knew exactly how long it will take us to read the book, I’d know more about how much material I need.  Since K love geography so much, I think I’ll give her a brief lesson on Minnesota, since that’s where On the Banks of Plum Creek takes place.  She’ll love that!!  I think I probably dread math the most.  It’s what she struggles with the most and although I took a bunch of it in school, it’s just not my favorite subject.  I know we’re going to do fine, but I still fret over it.  I’m really excited about this….we all are!!  I love the idea of tying all the subjects together and teaching her things that she just can’t get in a classroom.  I even found an oragami grasshopper for her to do in art!!  (That’s about 15 minutes worth of class time!!  HAHA)  HHMMMMM  I wonder if I can find something for music to tie in as well.  After all, Pa always did play the fiddle at night!!

Alright, it’s off to bathe the dogs that I go.  Let’s hope they get more of a bath than I do!!  And this time, let’s not forget the towels!!  HAHA


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Lesson Plans

I’m back!!  HAHA

Yesterday was incredibly warm.  It was actually very uncomfortable.  Most of that was due to high humidity.  I just didn’t have the energy or strength to do much of anything.  I took a couple naps and still felt as if I hadn’t slept a wink.  We were very tempted to turn the a/c on, but I flat out refused!!  It took me forever to fall asleep last night because I was so hot and uncomfortable.  Most of that just comes from being an old woman though!!  HAHA  (HUSH!!  Nobody had better comment on that!!)

Today I have started lesson plans for next year.  I’m mainly working on Language Arts, which consists of English, reading and spelling.  Our first book is going to be On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We’ll be reading it out loud together and she’ll do some independent.  Our science will tie in with this book with lessons on grasshoppers (life cycle, anatomy, etc.) and wheat (agriculture).  We’ll also discuss other insects that can destroy crops.  The book will also tie in with social studies where we’ll do a lesson on pioneers.  Her bonus spelling words will come from vocabulary used in both those subjects.

If you’re wondering why those particular topics are tied into the book and are being used in those subjects, I recommend that you read On the Banks of Plum Creek to find out!!  It’s a good book no matter your age!!

I’m still putting cd’s in books.  What a long process that has turned into!!  SHEESH  It’s getting there though and it’s worth it.  The cd’s are so much more organized and take up less space.  For those of you wondering, yes, they’re in alphabetical order!!  HAHA  I’m not being picky though.  All the a’s are not alphabetical within the letter, they’re just in there.  I did group all the same artists together though.  I learned the hard way with the dvd’s that alphabetical within each letter just wasn’t going to work!!

With that, I shall close!!  It’s about time to go get K and then there’s more cd’s to take care of while I help with homework.  Any ideas what to have for dinner tonight??

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