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Calling All D3 Secret Agents!!

  First, I have to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my little break from blogging.  I accomplished a lot and feel really good about everything that I’ve done.  This set of materials for VBS is no exception and I’m very proud of how it turned out.  I hope all of you are as well and will be using it this summer….or in the future!!


This year, I made 10 different things to go with the “Agency D3” them for LifeWay’s VBS this year.  They’re all secret agent related….and I think quite fun!!  Any printable that has the Bible verse use is the NIV (New International Version).  If you need a different version, please contact me and I’ll see if I can change it (no promises though).

AgencyD3 byElaine SAMPLE

Clipart © LifeWay and is used with permission.  Some clipart from the internet is believed to be public domain and is used for educational purposes and without profit.

Here’s a list of this years materials and suggested uses….

1.  Scanner Handprint Craft – Use paint or stamp pad to put each child’s handprint on this scanner.  It includes the Bible verse and is a fun simple craft.

2.  Agent D3 Badge – Fold where indicated and let the kids have fun with this secret agent ID badge.

3.  Secret Agent Card – You can place each child’s photo on the card or leave the “secret agent” image.  Print the daily symbols on sticker paper and place on the card each day the child is in VBS.  Plain paper could be used as well and then glued on each day or at the completion of VBS.

4.  Evidence Tag – Students can note what they learned (evidence) or it has many other uses as well.

3.  Evidence Report – Child can fill this out after each lesson/activity for what they learned.  An area at the bottom for the teacher/parent/counselor to fill out for “grading”.  This also has many other uses.

6.  Fingerprint Card – Use paint or ink and place each students fingerprints on this card.  They can then look at them under a magnifying glass to see how each one is different (God made us special and unique).  There’s other uses as well.

7.  Entrance Sign – Place this on the wall/door for kids to “scan to enter” their hand each day as they arrive or to enter each activity/room as they enter (if they move around during the day).

8.  Secret Agent Pass – Use these for students as they move from room to room or activity to activity.  Can also be used a snack/lunch pass, bathroom pass, and so on.

9.  Secret Agent Notepad (blank pages) – This comes with a “leather” cover and blank lined pages to take notes, copy Bible verse, draw, or many other things.  The lines are different types and sizes to use to suit the needs of the ages/grades of kids.  Also, there’s one blank page for drawing.

10.  Secret Agent Notepad (activities) – This comes with a “sleuth” cover.  All the pages inside have a variety of activities including a word search, daily maze, Bible verse games, and more.  There’s also a couple blank pages and note pages.

AgencyD3 SecretAgent Notepad byElaine SAMPLE

The covers for the notepads can be used for whichever notepad you want.  I just wanted to put one cover per notepad.  Also, the pages in the notepads can be combined and used as wanted or needed.  You might want the leather cover with 3 lined pages and 1 activity or 4 activities and 1 lined page.  Just fold the pages and staple for a complete notepad of your choice!!

To download any of these printable activities, just click the link in the title or description of each item.  I hope that you can use them and that the kids get tons of enjoyment from them.  Please share some photos of your children with the activities and I love your comments, so leave one on this post or use the “contact” button in the right hand column….thanks!!


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All activities, games, information, etc. on this blog are provided for free.  However they are ONLY to be used for classroom and personal use.  They may NOT be published on any websites/blogs or other electronic media, distributed in any manner, uploaded to any file sharing service/storage, or sold for profit.  If you know someone who would benefit from these materials, please refer them to this blog.  Do NOT share the materials that you download with them.  Copyright © 2008-Present.  All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.  This means that unless it is specified otherwise, all content within this blog and downloads are the private property of Elaine, Commotion from the Ocean of Life, and The Schoolhouse.  All materials on this blog and downloads are copyright (© Elaine, © The Schoolhouse, and © Commotion) and misuse or abuse is subject to legal action.

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