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Green Bay’s Playoffs End

Yesterday, we were so excited about the pending Packers vs. 49ers game.  We were bound and determined that the Packers were on the same route that they took to win the Super Bowl 2 years ago.  It just wasn’t so though.

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews, left, and inside linebacker Brad Jones sit on the bench during the fourth quarter of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013.Marcio Jose Sanchez — AP Photo

Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews, left, and inside linebacker Brad Jones sit on the bench during the fourth quarter of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013.
~Marcio Jose Sanchez — AP Photo

Ultimately, no matter what we (the Packers) did, it wasn’t enough.  We lost.  Despite what sports reports say though, we weren’t blown away.  We lost 45-31.  That’s 14 points….2 touchdowns.  That’s not a beating by any means.  Now if you’re talking 4 touchdowns, that’s another story.

One thing I am is a Packers fan….win or lose!!  I was shocked to see some “fans” bashing them right away.  That’s not what fans do.  There’s good days and bad days for any team.  Heck, I remember bad years for Green Bay.  These “fans” later said that they were blowing off steam, they were drinking, or other excuses.  I get some of that, but come on, it’s a time to unite.  It’s definitely not a time to tear them down, insult players, or a number of other things.

So, that leads me to a pet peeve of mine!!  HAHA  If you’re a real Packers fan, you know that their colors are green and gold, NOT green and yellow.  I can’t stand all this stuff people make that say green and yellow on it.  Or they say they bleed green and yellow.  Sorry, but I don’t know who you’re rooting for then.  I know that I bleed green and gold, just like the team!!

Our playoffs, run for the Super Bowl, and season have come to an end for this year.  Now it’s time to rebuild and look to next season (and for us to put our jerseys away for now).  We have some players that are getting old and some that aren’t as productive as they should be.  In the next year or so, we also have some contracts that need to be renewed in order to stay the caliber team that we are….and need to be able to advance further.  I think the off-season will be interesting and lots of stuff going on for this team.  Onward and upward!!

Go Pack Go!!  I will forever bleed green and gold!!

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The Champions: Green Bay Packers

We won!!  The Green Bay Packers are the NFL Super Bowl XLV winners and champions!!

I knew they could do it and I never once gave up on them.  Even when things looked bleak in the 3rd quarter, I believed in them.  At that point, even if they’d lost, I knew they gave it their best.  All I kept asking for was a good clean and fair game.  I think we pretty much go that.

The Lombardi Trophy is coming home… Titletown USA!!  It’s been a long time coming and it’s deserved.  The Packers came up from being the 6th seed team and played every playoff game on the road.  They won every one of those games against the odds and proved that they were championship material.  All that was left to do was to win the trophy and bring it back home to where it belonged.  They did it in style and with grace.  No matter how things looked, Green Bay persevered, just like they always do.

Aaron Rodgers justly won the MVP of the game.  His team loves him…..and the fans love him.  He’s no longer living in the shadow of a traitor.  He proved who he was and what he can do.  He brought a team together and they rallied!!  The Packers are the second youngest team in the NFL.  That means that we very well could be seeing more of them in championship situations.  They’ve come so far and they so much further that they can go together.

After all the smack-talking is done, the better….no, the best team won!!  Even the Steelers fans really can’t debate that we won the game because we topped them.  Big Ben was pretty much stopped.  Pittsburgh was pretty much held no matter what they did.  We scored first….and last!!  Even when it looked like the Steelers would come back, the Packers rose to the occasion.  I’ve never liked the slamming of other teams and I’m so proud to be a Packer Backer.  Through history, we’ve proved to be the classiest team.  It doesn’t matter if it’s players or fans.  I never understood the “thrill” of calling us cheeseheads.  Haven’t they ever noticed that we fans (and players) wear them with pride??  HAHA

You just can’t keep a good team….or their fans down.  Before the game, we printed out some of the games that I made and my score sheet.  Of course, since we’re true fans, we’ll use the games for more than just today.  They’ll be part of our fond memories for this season….and wishes for future seasons.  Did you use any of my printable games??  Here’s how our score sheet looked at the end of the game…..

We really had fun with this.  Just added another aspect to the big game.  We had so much fun.  We ordered pizza from Papa John’s that took 90 minutes to arrive.  Kiddo and I yelled so loud that they had to hear us down the road.  It was a blast!!  The house was definitely alive, even if it was just the 3 of us.  So what did you do today….did you watch Super Bowl XLV??  How’d you celebrate the win….or loss??  What did you think about those poor fans that were told their seats were unsafe and had to go outside??  I think even with a triple refund, I’d want that cash in my hand NOW!!  And what about the commercials or the half time show??  I thought the commercials were close to ordinary.  Halftime show….well, it sucked!!  Let me know how your Super Bowl Sunday was.  I’m sure you can tell how ours was!!

The Packers RULE!!  Green Bay…..Super Bowl XLV Champions!!  The Lombardi Trophy is heading home to Titletown USA in Green Bay, WI!!  GGOOOO PACKERS!!  We love you….always!!  Green and Gold forever!!

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers….you guys are the BEST!!

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Green Bay Packers (and Super Bowl XLV) Games

For all you Green Bay Packers fans and those of you that will be watching Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, I have some printable games to share with you.  These can be played by kids, as well as adults.  They’ll liven up any Super Bowl party and add some fun or they can keep the kids busy while you watch!!

Right now, I have Green Bay Packers jigsaw puzzles in various sizes and numbers of pieces.  I created a set of number strip puzzles featuring the Packers and Super Bowl.  These number strip puzzles are counting by 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10.

There’s also a HUGE set of Packers QB Memory cards that can be used for other games as well.  They could be used “Old Maid”, “Go Fish”, or other games.  There’s also a storage box for the cards.

I made a 4×4 Packers Sudoku game.  There’s 3 game boards.  You’ll also find Super Bowl XLV tic-tac-toe with a choice of 2 game boards and 3 tokens for each team.

Finally, there’s a Green Bay Packers Fun Pack.  This includes “Touchdown” (tic tac toe), “Packers” (checkers) and “Lambeau Leap” (bingo).  These are all meant to be laminated and used with a dry erase marker for use over and over.  This is really a FUN PACK for anytime!!

You can find all these Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl XLV games by clicking the button…..

I hope that you enjoy these fun printable games, and if you use my printables, please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it or if the kids enjoyed the activity. I can only create from the input that I get from those that use it most often!! Also, If you enjoy my blog, posts, or printables that I share, please click one (or all) of the buttons below or in the right hand column under “Rate My Blog”. Thanks!!

Childcare Topsites: Owned By Leah's Place Childcare

** UPDATE 1: I just added a Green Bay Packers Magnified game to the file.  Players use a magnifying glass to view the small images, then match the big image card to the small image they see.  Just click the “Download Now” button above to be taken to the folder to download this new printable game!!

** UPDATE 2: I’ve added Super Bowl XLV Time 2-part cards.  These cards are for 15 minutes.  They feature both teams along with the Super Bowl XLV logo.

** UPDATE 3: I just added Super Bowl XLV Scoring Graph to the file.  This can be used by adults and kids during the big game for keeping score.  Each line represents 3 points.


The information that is posted on this blog is general information. It is not intended to substitute for obtaining advice from your principal, church or DRE. It is for informational and educational purposes only. All activities, games, information, etc. on this blog are free; however they are ONLY to be used for classroom and personal use. They may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. If you know someone who would benefit from these materials, please refer them to this blog. Do NOT share your materials with them. Copyright © 2008-2011. All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.

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Pack Attack!!

What more needs to be said!?!?  The Packers did it!!  After all the smack by the Bears and their fans.  After the presidential endorsement.  After all the doubts.  Us tried and true fans came out on top with the BEST football team….the Green Bay Packers!!

It was a great game.  It got scary a couple times thinking that da Bears might make it back, but it never happened.  They couldn’t quite put anything together.  Although we seemed to be stopped on the field offensively, our defense came out in true form.  I totally disagree with a couple calls by the officials, but then again, I wouldn’t be a football fan if I didn’t.  I think the hit on Rodgers was unnecessary and showed just how desperate da Bears were.

I’d have to say the saddest part as a football fan was watching Chicago’s quarterback turn away from his team.  I don’t care what they try to say to cover it up in the days that follow.  That qb quit!!  He should be ashamed.  I’ve seen players hurt and I mean barely able to move hurt and stayed on that field.  Heck, as much as I dislike Farve, he did it!!  The qb leads the team, they don’t just pace the sidelines and act hurt when things don’t go right.  I say ditch the dude and keep that 3rd string qb.  He about ruined our day!!

Miss K was there the whole time with me.  We yelled and cheered.  A couple times, we thought we’d lose our voice!!  HAHA  My little Okie is quite the Packer Backer!!  I’m so proud.  HEHE  She wasn’t in her jersey yesterday though, but she did wear her Packer shirt she got for Christmas.  I’m quite sure come the Super Bowl, that Rodgers jersey is going to get a work-out though.

Oh man, I just love it.  NFC champs again!!  Never count a cheddarhead out!!  So just bring on the “puckers” and the “fudge packers” jokes.  We can take it!!  We know you’re just jealous that you’ll never be part of one of the BEST teams in the NFL or fans.  You can’t help it!!  Your jokes are old and they wore out long ago.  We’re going to Super Bowl XLV and even the Steelers can’t stop us now!!


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The Day After

The Cardinals can all us die-hard Packer fans all the names they want, because as this picture clearly shows, there SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PENALTY ON THE PLAY!!  Up until this moment, it really was a good game….no, a great game.  I enjoyed watching it so much.  I said through the entire game, don’t count Green Bay out and sure enough, they rallied back.  Although they gave up 45 points, but the final whistle, the Pack had also scored 45 points.  No that doesn’t win games, but it sure does make it interesting and fun to watch.

I probably wouldn’t have cared if the Cardinals won, if they hadn’t won on a bad call.  There’s just no excuse for calls….or no calls….for plays like that.  It’s dirty!!  It sure isn’t fair and if that’s what it takes to win, then I don’t need it. 

Rodgers had a good day.  The Packers had a good day as a team.  The defense, I’m not so sure that they showed up several times during the game.  I hope now that their season is over, they get to work on that.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen teams run right through them.  Yet, they ARE tough!!  It just wasn’t their day, but offense surely did it’s part.  I think we had a good chance of winning had it not ended on a bad call.  I have to give Green Bay credit though, the fans are complaining more about it than the team is.  Then again, it’s too late for them and it doesn’t matter now.

Oh well….



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More Olympic Lessons, Part 3

I was introduced to a web site with a few Olympic printables.  You can find 5 printable worksheets, including one for China.  There’s also 5 coloring book pages of Olympic sports.  They can all be found at the Reader’s Digest site.  Homeschooling has also updated their Olympic sports printables.  You can now download pages for softball, taedwondo and table tennis.

That’s all I have for you!!


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More Olympic Lessons, Part 2

I haven’t been really good about finding information or materials on China.  However, almost any site that I’ve listed has links for that.  With that said, I came on the “mother load” of Olympic materials today.  This will most likely be my last share on this topic since I have many others to get ready and prepared.  So, here it goes….

The latest pages at  Homeschooling have been posted.  You can find pages for boxing, sailing, rowing, cycling, equestrian, judo, hockey, gymnastics and handball on the site.  The other sports that have been added are conoeing/kayaking, the modern pentathlon and football (soccer).  Please keep checking back here or on the site for the remaining summer Olympic sports that will be completed by the time the Olympic games begin.  Updating these will probably be the only other sources I add on this topic unless I find something “spectacular”!!

One of the great sites I found with great Olympic resources is the Official Site of the 2008 Australian Olympic Team.  You must register here and then you will have access to all the educational materials that they have.  Registration is free and you’ll immediately be able to get a teacher’s guide.  Once you reach the a.s.p.i.r.e. log-in, there’ll be many other resources available in 3 age/grade levels.

Next is the Official website of the Olympic Movement.  The resources can be found here under “educational”.  There is all sorts of materials.  There’s teacher’s manuals, resources and information kit on the Olympic Movement and the Games.  Browse this section thoroughly.  There’s archives, great photos and so much more available on this site.

Finally, it dawned on me that if Australia has educational material available that surely the United States does too.  That led me on a search and I found USOC where you will click on “resources” and “U.S. Olympic Education” which is where you will have to register.  After that, you have access to all the teaching materials available.  **WARNING:  This is a very slow moving site!!**  Navigate the “U.S. Olympic Education” box on the left side of page.  The “Classroom Teaching Materials” takes you here which has materials on the torch relay.  There’s also links to 2 other educational items.  However, after hours of trying off and on, I never got the “upper elementary” or “athlete profiles” to work under Olympians for Life.  I may try again, or I may just give up because I do have more than enough materials now.  I was able to get all the PDF materials under  Olympic Week in America.  Back on the USOC site, the other main link “Materials for Teachers” has an “Educational Gateway”.  I found that all the lesson plans were the same.  However, there are additional materials in PDF that were helpful and did work, but once again were very slow.  The best resources are all the other links to information and background on the Olympics.  It can be used as lessons or have the kids read.

I think if you want to learn more about different countries, the athletes, Olympic history and so on, that you could search just about any countries Olympic team site.  For example, you can find Canada and Great Britain both have educational materials on the Olympics.

I hope that this is at least a little helpful.     

One other “piece of business”.  There’s another contest going on over at Momsational.  You can check it out here and if you leave a comment, you’re in the drawing to win the giveaway.  This time, it’s the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  Since it’s the 40th anniversary edition, it also comes with a cd.  Check it out!!


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China and More Olympic Lessons

I found some more materials to use for this lesson today.  They’re great supplements and vocabulary.  There’s many printables to choose from. 

All of the following come from  First, there’s many printables here that cover Summer Olympics vocabulary with a word search, crossword puzzle, activities, theme paper and more.  There are printable for the Olympic sports of archery, fencing, basketball, baseball, athletics and badminton.  There also printables for aquatic sports like diving, swimming, and water polo.  Each of these sports has at least 5 pages of activities.  The site will also be updating with more sports all the way up until the Summer Olympics begin.  I recommend that you check the site to keep updated with the new sports printables.  However, I’ll also keep my blog updated with the new ones on a regular basis.

You’ll find an Olympic scrapbook cover, Olympic medals and Olympic rings lined paper at, along with other materials.  They have a black & white or color printable Certificate of Olympic Achievement as well.  For several coloring activities and other printables, you’ll want to check the site out.

For China related material, ActivityVillage has an Introduction to China as well as a China flag coloring page.  There’s also a blank outline map, map with borders or labeled map of China.  You’ll also find fun printables like the Chinese zodiac chart or zodiac poster, a Chinese calligraphy number poster, and 4 sets of Chinese calligraphy character cards and games.

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