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Easter Write-the-Room

I’ve been working hard on activities for class this week. I like for my kids to have fun and understand the importance of Easter at the same time.  I’ll be doing a couple different posts of what we’ll be doing with the littles this week.

This first activity is a writing one.  In fact, it’s a write-the-room.  

My plan is to put the signs around the gym.  Then we’ll each take 2-3 kids and walk around telling them what each symbol on the card is.  The kids will then trace that word on the page.  After we go to each “station”, they’ll go back to their desks and color the pictures.  Note, this is for little ones that can’t write (only trace) yet.

Here’s a sample of each page….

Easter WriteTheRoom byElaine SAMPLE

Clipart © Kari Bolt and Ramona Majdis at Teachers Pay Teachers and it is used with permission.

If you’re interested in this write-the-room activity, just click to….

Download Expired

I also typed up a script that we’ll use at each “station” to describe the picture and symbol.  If you’re interested in those definition, just click here.  You can use it as is, or put it into your own words.

Come back again soon because I’ll be posting more for this week’s lesson!!

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Stations of the Cross

For many of us, we often focus on the Stations of the Cross during Lent.  I think it’s fairly hard to find materials that can be used for adults to meditate these, much less children.  I decided I was going to remedy that!!  I’ve created several printables to help with learning, as well as meditation for The Way of the Cross.  There’s a couple games and there’s some materials to take to church as you visit each station.

First is some 3-piece egg shape puzzles for each Station of the Cross.  I think these would be perfect in Resurrection Eggs or just as a learning tool.  There are 2 sets….one has the number of the Station and the other doesn’t.  Next is a set of Way of the Cross cards.  These can be used as memory match or for a number of other things.  These also come in 2 sets….one with the number of the Station and one without.  Both of these items also have a storage box for the puzzle pieces or the cards.

For learning materials or meditation, I made a set of cards….or they can be made into a book.  This is a spiritual devotion for Stations of the Cross.  They can be printed front and back for ease of use.  If they’re cut apart, they’re slightly smaller than half-page.  Finally, I’ve made an accordion book for the Way of the Cross.  This requires a little bit of  “work” to assemble, but I love how it turned out.  Once the pages are printed out, the pages are glued or taped together to overlap.  The pages are then folded in half along the dotted line and folded into the accordion book.  For each Station, there is a devotional.  I’m also working on another accordion book that will just have the Stations, without the devotionals.  This is more for children to learn what the stations are and give them a basis for it all.

All of these have different Stations images.  I was able to find many great images online and used a variety when creating these.  I think they’re all beautiful and I want to create until I’ve made something with all the beautiful images that I found because what Jesus gave for us deserves the best!!

Here’s a collage of just a single page from each item….

If you’re interested in these printables, please just…..

As always, if you use my materials, please leave me a comment so that I know I’m creating things that people need. I’d also appreciate your vote below by clicking one….or all….of the buttons!! This also shows your support for the items that I create. If you’re really into pushing buttons, you can click on any….or all….of the buttons located on the right under “Rate My Blog” to let me know what you think about my printables!!

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P.S.  Don’t forget to check back to this post for at least ONE more addition to these Stations of the Cross printable materials!!

UPDATE:  I found some beautiful pieces of art on the internet and knew that I wanted to use them for a Stations of the Cross activity.  It’s so hard to know what to do with them and have them be highlighted, but still “teach the lesson”.  Anyway, I chose to make an accordion book/cards with them.  There are 2 sets…..1 with words for each Station and 1 without the words (so it’s just the image).  These can be folded and used as an accordion book, or they can be cut apart.  Once apart, they could be used for memory (if 2 copies are printed) or they could be sequenced, or simply held up and used for review.  They could even added to a blank game board for skills/review.  Really, there’s so many options.  If you’re interested in these, just click the button above and they’re in a folder!!  There still might be more to come, depending on my time available to create, so keep a watch!!



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