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Paper Nativity

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the nativity.  It’s really what Christmas is all about.  I even have some nativities that stay out all year long.  There’s 2 of those, in fact!!  One is a music box and the other is a Native American nativity and I keep it in my curio since my house is decorated pretty much with southwest decor.

I try to pass the meaning of the nativity onto the kids in my religion class.  I encourage them to love Santa and the spirit of Christmas, but I also instill that there would be no Christmas without the birth of Jesus.  That’s the TRUE meaning of Christmas and that’s why we celebrate such a special day.  All the presents in the world don’t matter without what happened that night in the stable with the shepherds, 3 wisemen, and that wonderful birth of baby Jesus.

OurLittleBears WoodenNativityTonight, we have our class party.  This is the night for the kids to “let loose” and have some fun and eat some pizza.  However, I don’t let the night pass without some sort of lesson as well.  Our lesson will simply be doing a paper nativity craft.  My kids just love paper crafts!!  The one that we will be doing tonight is the Paper City Nativity Scene from Made by Joel.  It’s a beautiful one, but it’s simple for my kids to do tonight with the other party activities going on in class.  They can get it colored and cut-out with time to spare!!

My search for a paper nativity tonight led me to other great nativity paper crafts.  I’m going to share some of those links for you who might be looking just like I was!!  Some of them I might have shared before, but some of them were new to even me.  The first is another simple one and was my second choice for tonight.  It can be found at Kyrkkafe and was created by Susie Poole.  In case you can’t translate/read the page, scroll down to “Susie Pooles julkrubba” and click that link, which opens to the PDF file to download or print.  You can find a nativity scene at in GIF or PDF format and also colored or uncolored versions.  There is also this Paper Christmas Crib, which will need to be translated too.  To make it easy though, just click on each character and the pattern will open.

Over at the Making Friends site, they have a paper doll friends nativity scene.  It takes a bit of ink as it’s all in color, but they do have a bw variety using their making friends paper dolls and have full instructions for whichever you choose.  Here is a nativity scene that’s as simple as print and fold!!  ScrapbookScrapbook has a beautiful free printable Christmas nativity.  I’ve done this one before and it turns out great!!  There’s a fantastic set of paper dolls and nativity at Design Dazzle.  These are so versatile!!  They can be used to retell the story as puppets/paper dolls, on a felt board, on a cookie sheet, and many other ways too.  There are some Christmas nativity paper toys at Samantha Eynon.  (I didn’t find these where it says that they should be to download, so if you find them, let me know!!)

There is “no room at the inn” that’s a paper nativity scene, circa 1976.  My Little House several Christmas nativity printables to check out.  First, there’s a pop-up card in color or bw.  There’s also a Christmas coloring tract to make for yourself or share!!  He’s also created the town of Bethlehem into a paper toy (in 4 parts).  It’s amazing!!  Just as amazing is his paper toy for the nativity story.  Activity Village has several nativity printables that include a mobile, finger puppets, felt board story patterns, coloring pages, and more.  MakingLearningFun has a full set of nativity toilet paper tube puppets.  At the same site, you’ll also find a nativity felt board set, nativity stable hang up, nativity story retelling pieces and many more things.  Just type in “nativity” in the search box on the home page and it’ll give a long list, about 3 pages, of printable nativity pages.

Deviant Monk has a nice and simple paper nativity.  Nativity finger puppets can be found at Craftaholics Anonymous.  Over at Prepared Not Scared!, she’s shared things she made and used for The Nativity Play.  You’ll find the story packet and a complete nativity scene to put on chipboard, felt board, or many other things.  You’ll find mobiles and dioramas at Daily Coloring Pages.  Kids can make a paper nativity from Faith Kids Sunday School Bible Bytes and it comes in color or bw.  At Design You Trust, they have a pop-up nativity (which links to the original creator site to download here).  The Redheaded Hostess has nativity paper dolls that are so cute!!

There’s a great paper nativity card at Amy’s Free Ideas.  There’s actually 2 of them….a quick nativity scene card and a deluxe 3-D nativity card scene.  One that I know I’ve shared before is the printable nativity for kids using toilet paper rolls at Catholic Icing.  They also have a printable nativity Advent chain that would be a great project!!  There’s a make your own nativity set at Marloes de Vries and it can be printed in bw or color.  The Simple Home has a build your own nativity that’s using basic shapes and is great for all ages.  At Lucy Paintbox, they have several free nativity printables in bw to color or in full color.  You’ll find a Christmas picture and cards, a color and cut out one-page nativity, nativity figures and a couple other things!!  There’s an easy diy nativity set at Prudent Baby that’s meant to be used on printable fabric, but paper would work as well.

Simply Better at Home has an easy and fun magnetic nativity project.  She gives directions how to make the magnetic board and a link to the nativity characters that she used.  One of my favorite sites is and they have a printable nativity activity sheet.  There’s a nativity scene at Bob’s Crafts that has a skill rating of average for an adult and difficult for a child, but might be a great do-together project!!  This is a nativity color page and I know it’s not a paper craft, but I just really like it and it’s available in 2 sizes.  On the subject of nativity pictures to color, there’s 6 pages of them at NetMums, where you’ll also find a nativity scene Advent calendar.  Kids & Glitter has a nativity stable scene that will take some time to make and it will probably be a family project, but it’s something to be cherished for years.

Paper Crafts Square has a nativity set Version 1 and Version 2, which are linked to another site with the templates to download.  I think these have been previously shared, maybe in their original links, but still worth checking into.  The Wisdom of Gavroche has Christmas paperdolls for Mary (pregnant and with baby Jesus) and Joseph.  At DigiProp, they have a diy Advent calendar that’s a nativity scene and of all things, it’s made of match boxes!!  Sarah Jane has a nativity puppet theater that I’m just in love with!!  You’ll also find coloring pages and figures for the story, A Christmas Goodnight.  There’s a beautiful stained glass nativity here, here, and here….which were all inspired by each other.

If you’re looking to purchase, you can find these nativity paper dolls at Mo’s Digital Pencil TooBible Kids Fun Zone has lots of nativity printables, including a paper nativity craft on the membership site.  At Cottage Arts, they have a fold-out nativity project.  It recommends purchasing their kits, but it might also give you ideas to use things you have on hand or perhaps parts of the free paper crafts above.  Rainbow Resource Center also has an Easy-t0-Make Nativity Scene.  At Paper Model Kiosk, they have a variety of paper nativities for free and to purchase.  Over at Kiki & Company, you can get a free Paper Tots Nativity Set if you purchase the Christmas Countdown House.  On Etsy, you can purchase a nativity scene paper theater.

I think that’s about all the paper nativity crafts there is.  I did a lot of research on this looking for the right one to do with my class tonight.  I’m sure there’s more out there, but I don’t think that I missed very many!!  HAHA  I hope that you enjoy them and that you find one….or more….that’s right for you and your family or class.

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God Made Me and I Am Special

We’re finally done with creation and it’s 2-week lessons.  Now, we’re moving on to “God made me/I am special”.

This year, I wanted to do something really fun and special for this lesson.  I knew that if I was going to implement something new, I’d have to have it be our craft project.  I searched and I searched and I couldn’t find a thing that I wanted to do.  Finally, I clicked way back in the search results instead of what was right in front of me.  Low and behold, I found it!!  What I found was a handprint poem, but it wasn’t Christian based, so I knew I had to dig further.  Finally, I found it!!

I made a frame and put the Christian handprint poem in it.  I printed it on cardstock and was on my way to class.  I picked out 3 colors of paint to let the kids decide which they wanted to use.  I put a small amount of the paint on paper plates and they placed their hand on it and then on the cardstock inside the frame and above the poem.  For each student, I put the paint on the paper plate to avoid mess!!  I used the vertical one for my class, but have included 2 other horizontal ones and each features a different poem.

Here’s a thumbnail view of the framed poems…..

Poems are by “Unknown” and from an internet source.

If you’d like to download this handprint craft, just…..

I hope that you enjoy this craft project.  If I change anything ever in the future, it’ll be to add their name and date within the frame, however, I simply wrote it on the back so the parents can frame as is.  My class really had fun with this one!!

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