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Job Status

On a good note, hubby was informed that his job won’t be cut this time. However, 4 of the guys that he works with did lose their jobs due to budget cuts. His shop has gone from 300 employees to 85 in just months!! Hubby was informed that if there’s more cuts, he’ll be among them.

For now, our prayers have been answered.  I’m so thankful for that.  No matter how much you try not to worry, you can’t help it.  You wonder how you’re going to make the house payment and put food on the table.  Nevermind all the rest of the bills!!  I just appreciate all those that prayed for hubby’s job.  God is good!!  Now, we continue to pray for this country and the people running it that don’t give a crap about the rest of us.

Now onto my rant (of sorts)….

I wonder how much longer Obama and his administration are going to go on lying to the American people and them believing it!?! Look at all those people out of jobs, yet everyone on his staff makes in access of $100,000 a year. That pay for a useless position would keep several people on post in a job. He tells us that he supports the military and is making sure that they have jobs. Really….how so?? Practically every job on this post that has been cut because he can’t balance a budget is military or a family members. On this post alone, we’re talking a couple thousand jobs gone. That’s just here!!

Look at the unemployment numbers. Any little bit that it goes “down” is because people are running out of unemployment. They’re no longer part of the statistics!!

Cut the stupid spending. Bring jobs back to America. Quit taking vacations that taxpayers are paying for and can’t afford to take themselves. Pay for your own kids schooling. You don’t need secret service protection “for life”. Limit salary raises for Congress and let Americans vote on their pay raises….and set term limits. Get the illegals out and quit giving them more rights than we have and tons of freebies that taxpaying Americans don’t get.  Limit welfare and put an end to having kids for more money. 

Quit worrying about stopping flyovers at sporting events that promote patriotism.  Cutting that isn’t what’s going to help.  Get off the campaign trail and actually do something that’s going to help this country and bring some relief to it’s people.  Stop worrying about our guns and give more help to those that are disturbed and quit letting convicted criminals live high on the hog while behind bars.  Drill off the coast of CA or let them pay even higher prices for gas and find relief for the rest of us.

And those are the thoughts of just one fed-up American woman that loves God, her family, and this country!!

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My Election Decision

I’ve tried to be open-minded when it comes to this election.  I’ve never chosen a party….ever.  In every single election, I vote by the candidate, not the party.  I’ve voted Democratic and Republican.  Never have I voted a strait ticket.  That’s not what our system was set up for.  I swore that from beginning to end, I was going to listen to both sides and make the best choice possible.  I’ve stated before that this election has tested me and made me wonder.  Several things have irritated me.  I remained objective and refused to bring too much of it to my blog.  I didn’t want to lose possible friendships or turn people away from my blog.  But we’re all adults, have opinions and have the right to vote.  So now, my silence is ending.  I’ve had enough and I’m making it very clear that I’m voting for McCain/Palin and I’m proud to say it.

I can give so many reasons why I’ve made this choice.  Some may agree….some may disagree.  However, this is a vote that I believe is best for my family and for me.  I’ll try to give you a few of my reasons.  Some will be major and others won’t. 

1.  The liberal media – I’m so tired of Obama being pushed down my throat.  I’m tired of McCain and Palin being torn down and apart.  There has been NOTHING unbiased about the reporting by the major newspapers or networks.  The questions asked of Obama have never been as in-depth or twisted as the ones thrown at McCain and Palin.  The list for the media can go on and on.

2.  Sarah Palin – I like her!!  She’s smart, a family lady and she can hold her own.  She laughs at herself.  No matter what’s been said and done to her and her family since this process began, she’s held her head high and stood her ground.  Someone has gone to great lengths to make sure that this investigation in Alaska happened before the election so she’d look bad.  It didn’t work with me though.  I know that a Democrat was in charge of the investigation and don’t tell me that had nothing to do with the results. 

3.  John McCain – He’s a survivor.  There’s nobody else running that can survive what he has.  He’s strong and he stands by what he believes in.  I’ve read report after report and it’s been proven that the things he wants to bring to the White House can work.  I don’t care about his age, my dad is the same age and I know what my dad can do.  I believe McCain can achieve even more if given the chance.

4.  Democrats – The Democrats wanted and begged to be elected and they were.  2 years ago in fact.  Still, with control of Congress for that long, they’ve managed to achieve NOTHING that will help the American people.  Nancy Pelosi is reason enough not to appreciate the Democrats.  Let’s face it, Congress has more power in this country than the President does.  Nothing happens unless they approve….or disapprove it.  No matter what anyone says, they’re responsible for the condition of this country, not just the President.  Our economy happened on their watch and let’s not forget their pay raise!!

5.  Barack Obama – I can see right through him.  He’s suave and a sweet talker.  He says whatever he thinks the people want to hear.  I’ve heard him flipflop on the issues more than a fish out of water.  It’s sickening.  He’s got deep pockets.  He’s been bought and paid for.  Look at the campaign funds alone.  Do you think you or I gave him that money??  NO….big business and corruption did.  I don’t like who he associates with.  I’ll leave names out, but we know they’re his friends and he’s defended them and their actions.  As a lawyer, he protected the worst of the worst.  Another list of reasons that could go on and on.

6.  Experience – They say Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to take over in the case of John McCain’s death.  Excuse me??  She’s a governor of Alaska.  Have the Democrats forgotten that they elected the governor of Arkansas (a poor state) as President.  Come on!!  On top of that, they Clinton’s abandoned Arkansas and moved to New York so that Hillary could go for the White House herself.  Let’s not forget that Jimmy Carter was a governor prior to the White House as well as Woodrow Wilson and FDR too.  If she can run a state and keep it running, she can handle the job of VP and President if needed.  Obama hasn’t run a state or anything else, except his mouth….literally.  Look at his district in IL and what happened there and see if that’s the experience we need as President.  McCain’s experience speaks for itself!!

7.  Joe Biden – I’m sorry, but he’s an idiot.  He’s allowed to spew all kinds of stuff and nobody thinks any of it.  You constantly hear the new saying “he’s just being Joe Biden”.  Well if that’s Joe, then I don’t want him any closer to the Oval Office than he is.  He’s said this country will face challenges with Obama as president, but that was just another comment.  You can cover up what he’s said if you read it indepth.  There’s more, but that’s enough said for now.

I have other personal reasons like Obama says homeschool is alright as long as the federal government controls it.  We already know what a mess they make of the educational system.  They don’t need to be in my house more than they are telling how and what to do.  We’re about to be retired military.  We dont’ need any more benefits cut.  We don’t need a person in office that doesn’t believe in the troops and what they do.  We don’t need someone who thinks that we spend too much on the men and women who sacrifice everything to protect this country.  My parents are retired and I watch them struggle.  They shouldn’t be.  They should be happy and comfortable.  That’s the plan they had when dad retired and they were ready for it, but not any more.  Medical care is killing many right now and McCain wanting to open up state borders to get coverage is a good idea.  It makes competition.  If there’s competition, then some of these crappy companies that people are forced to use are going to have to step up or lose business.  Maybe big business doesn’t need any more tax cuts, but I can understand a plan to give then a break if they bring jobs back to the United States.  If they’re not given a reason to bring jobs back, we’ll never get them back and lose even more to countries that offer lower wages and breaks for hiring their people.

So now I’ve spoken my piece.  I hope you can understand and respect what I’ve said.  If you don’t agree with me and want to comment, that’s fine.  But keep it civil.  This is my family blog and we’re all entitled to our opinions.  I won’t argue with you, bash you or anything else and I expect the same in return.  I’m guessing that if you didn’t like my choice of candidate though, you probably didn’t take the time to read this far, but I hope you did.

My vote is in.  We vote by mail and I’ve never missed an election since I was old enough to cast a vote on my first ballot.  I’ve been wrong and right in my choices.  This just happens to be my choice this time.

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Debates and Politics

<climbing up on my soapbox>

I for one will be ssoooo glad when this election is over with.  I’m so tired of seeing this crap on tv.  Everywhere you turn, it’s something about elections.  City, county, state and federal level.  It’s overwhelming!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love being an American and having the right to vote.  I fully plan to implement that right.  I’m just tired of hearing about it.  I should note that nothing I state will be about any certain candidate or my choice or voting preference in any way!!

I’m especially tired of the news.  The news is trying to turn this election so badly that it’s not even funny.  They media will create a poll just to have a poll over crap that nobody should even care about.  The news is trying to make the story instead of letting Americans make the choice themselves.  My worst fear is that the people are listening instead of paying attention to what they should be….the candidates!!  I can listen to one man say something and watch the news or read the paper and the media will indicate that he said something else.  There is no such thing as fair journalism. 

I will also say that all these radicals that are trying to get my vote aren’t helping their cause any.  The more crap I hear, the more I turn away from their candidate.  I’m about voting records and who’s getting what done.  I don’t care about sex, race, religion or any of that.  I want to know who’s voted on what or declined to vote and who’s lying.  I don’t need manufactured lies.  I want some truth and not the way some party person or the media sees it.  For those that don’t know, you can easily access the federal web site and all voting records are a matter of public record.  QUIT listening to the speeches and the who says what….check out the facts!!  SHEESH

My other huge issue is all the babble over Sarah Palin.  I’m tired of hearing how unqualified she is.  She is running for Vice President, not the President.  I’m fully aware that she’d be second in command.  At least she’ll be voted in as VP and not assume that role like Hillary did through marriage!!  Anyway, I stray from my point, which is that 16 presidents were Governors before becoming President.  The Democrats didn’t seem to care when Billy Clinton was a Governor of Arkansas and became President.  What makes him any different than Palin??  I dare you to answer that honestly!!  Ronald Reagan, who was a Republican was also loved by Democrats.  Last time I checked, he was an actor turned Governor and then became President.  Let’s not forget Jimmy Carter.  Not much needs to be said about that.  One of the greatest President’s ever, F.D.R. was a Governor prior to being elected President a record 4 times!!  Again, I ask, why can’t you just accept that you’re terrified of Sarah Palin and know she has what it takes to be Vice President?? 

By the way, I’m not saying one way or the other who I’m voting for.  This is just a bit of the crap that I’m tired of hearing about.  I watched some of the analysis after the debate tonight.  They asked some college students their views after seeing the debate.  A few said they were swayed toward Obama because he’s the only one that mentioned education.  Let me just point out that he NEVER said he was going to help or do anything for education.  He merely said that he’d been to college…some good colleges and so had Michelle.  I don’t see how that says that he “talked about education”.  Did he ever serve a single day in the military??  Has he ever served the people in any way??  Ah yes, issues like this are of great irritability to me.  Let’s at least stay realistic and on FACT!!

Alright, I’m done with my rant.  Will it change anything??  NO!!  But I feel a little bit better.  HAHA  I’d just like to say that people need to realize there are many ways to get change.  If you want real change, don’t listen to just the speeches or debates.  Go to their state web sites and U.S. government web sites and check out voting records.  Look to see who’s changed their story the most.  Look to see who’s just saying what they thing people want to hear.  The media sure doesn’t know.  They only tell you what they want you to know and who they want you to vote for.  And for pity sakes, don’t vote by party.  The party vote is the worst thing you can do.  Not every Republican or Democrat is good.  Vote by the candidate that is most qualified and is going to do the most good.  A nice face or suave persona doesn’t make for the best person in office.  It takes a whole lot more than that!!

<stepping down off my soapbox>

Ah, I feel better!!  Nighty night all!!

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