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Electing a Pope

The process for electing a pope begins today. They will meet today to discuss when the conclave will begin.  The steps that go into The College of the Cardinals take to elect a pope are interesting and a great topic for religious education.  In the past couple weeks, I’ve gotten a couple great newsletters with some free items available to download.  I really wanted to share them so that you have access to use them at home or in your classroom.

Sadlier Religion has How the Catholic Church Chooses a New Pope here.  It includes….

How is a new pope chosen? This explanation of papal elections is written in child-friendly language as a way to explain the process of electing a new pope. Download and distribute to older children as a discussion guide, or use as a resource for explaining the process to younger children.

Download includes:

  • Beautiful custom artwork
  • Full-sized colorful worksheet
  • 2 small colorful worksheets
  • Optional black & white worksheets for quick copying

Phlaum Publishing has Electing a Pope here.  It is….

Resources for Teachers and Catechists

Who gets to vote? Where will they vote? How will we know when it’s done? The five fact sheets below provide answers to these and other questions students ask. Use them as handouts for older students, or as background information if you’re working with younger children.

Reproducible activities, for primary and intermediate grades, focus on the symbols and work of the papacy.

I also want to add this one that was shared with me from the Archdicese of Washington.  There are lots of resources here.  A synopsis says….

Catechesis on the papacy is an integral part of understanding Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign as Bishop of Rome, Successor to Peter. To assist with this, the Archdiocese of Washington has created catechetical materials and resources for use in parishes, schools and religious education programs. These resources have been created to support the work of pastors, teachers, catechists, youth ministers, RCIA leaders and homeschool families.

Be sure to check out all the other info and materials that are out there on this topic.  Should there be any more newsletters from the publishers that I receive, I’ll update this post so that you can check them out.

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