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Can a Child be Over-Churched?

One of my favorite sites for Christian materials for home and religious education is Ministry-to-Children.  The author is Tony Krummer.  It contains so many articles, printables, and just anything that you might need.  Last year, he even recognized my blog as one of the “Top 100 Children’s Ministry Blogs” and I was so honored!!

Recently, he’s been discussing children being over-churched.  This is a really touchy topic, but I think that he’s handled it well.  I’m pretty much in full agreement with everything that he’s said.  I know some of these over-churched kids and it’s as sad to see them as the ones who never go to church.  Some of these kids eat, drink, and sleep church.  That’s definitely over-churched.  I know families that think that because they basically live at the church, that it makes them “good Christians”.  Anything in access doesn’t make “good”!!

I find it very hard to talk to these families too.  I almost feel like they’re brainwashed because every part of every conversation has to revolve around God and church.  I say brainwashed because people often don’t understand my religion and don’t want to and often tell me that my faith is “wrong”.  I don’t know how it can be wrong just because one doesn’t understand it and I’m not the same thing that they are.  What I’m saying is, these kids are very hard to reach.  Probably because they think they know more than me or know it all.

In all honesty, I don’t think that’s what God expects from us.  Personally, I think being in church and religion classes that often causes you to lose something.  The real connection and purpose of it all.  There’s so many important aspects that happen away from the church and religious classroom that are as much a part of life as church is.  To fully experience life, they must have a balance of both!!

I highly recommend that you check out everything that Tony has had to say on the subject of over-churched kids.  It’s so well put together and I enjoy the way he puts his thoughts out there on this topic.  You can find out what he’s said all in one post with links to his stories and comments here.

What are you thoughts on over-churched kids??

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