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Pink Slip

Today, hubby was handed his pink slip.  We pretty much knew it was coming.  They’ve let so many people go and they’ve been holding regular meetings with those that are left.  It’s all due to the massive budget cuts.  I can’t believe this administration can keep spending money like there’s an endless supply, but can’t pay government employees and contractors.  It’s just ridiculous.

If the Obama administration got rid of some of his employees and quit taking million dollar vacations, the rest of the government employees and contractors would be working.  As is, DoD employees are going to be furloughed and that forces them to get much less pay.  Contractors are having to let employees go because even though the government signed contracts, there is no money.  Yet, Obama has the largest staff of ANY president and none of them make less than $100,000 a year.  That would pay 2-3 people at my husbands pay. 

Anyway, as hubby was handed his pink slip, he was told to head over to Human Resources.  He did that and was told that he got another job that he’d applied for, so he won’t be without a job.  However, he will be taking a $5 per hour cut in pay.  That’s absolutely huge for us, but at least he’ll be working.  Thanks to all the meetings, he submitted his resume early and was able to get this chance to move into another job. 

We’re very thankful that God watches over this family.  It is because he is so good that we’re going to be alright during this time when so many are suffering.  We’re thankful for what we have and will make it work for us and we’re praying for those that were let go the same time as hubby or are facing furloughs!!
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And the Catch is….

I told everyone that there was going to be a major catch with this stimulus.  There had to be!!  I was told no, we’re just going to see the money by less taxes coming out of the check.  Well people, think again!! 

Read for yourself how this stimulus is going to start effecting us next year when we go to file our taxes here

Oh yes, we will pay!!  I knew there’d be a catch.  And of course, that’s not the only one.  That’s just the one that we’re going to have to deal with first.  The major catch is in the years to come when my daughter and her kids are STILL paying for this stimulus.  Imagine what 4 years in office with budgets full of pork are going to give us.  SHEESH  It’s mind blowing!! 

I’m going to leave it this for now.  I would just recommend that everyone pay attention to what’s going on with the current stimulus and the future budgets.  It’s going to get worse….

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Debates and Politics

<climbing up on my soapbox>

I for one will be ssoooo glad when this election is over with.  I’m so tired of seeing this crap on tv.  Everywhere you turn, it’s something about elections.  City, county, state and federal level.  It’s overwhelming!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love being an American and having the right to vote.  I fully plan to implement that right.  I’m just tired of hearing about it.  I should note that nothing I state will be about any certain candidate or my choice or voting preference in any way!!

I’m especially tired of the news.  The news is trying to turn this election so badly that it’s not even funny.  They media will create a poll just to have a poll over crap that nobody should even care about.  The news is trying to make the story instead of letting Americans make the choice themselves.  My worst fear is that the people are listening instead of paying attention to what they should be….the candidates!!  I can listen to one man say something and watch the news or read the paper and the media will indicate that he said something else.  There is no such thing as fair journalism. 

I will also say that all these radicals that are trying to get my vote aren’t helping their cause any.  The more crap I hear, the more I turn away from their candidate.  I’m about voting records and who’s getting what done.  I don’t care about sex, race, religion or any of that.  I want to know who’s voted on what or declined to vote and who’s lying.  I don’t need manufactured lies.  I want some truth and not the way some party person or the media sees it.  For those that don’t know, you can easily access the federal web site and all voting records are a matter of public record.  QUIT listening to the speeches and the who says what….check out the facts!!  SHEESH

My other huge issue is all the babble over Sarah Palin.  I’m tired of hearing how unqualified she is.  She is running for Vice President, not the President.  I’m fully aware that she’d be second in command.  At least she’ll be voted in as VP and not assume that role like Hillary did through marriage!!  Anyway, I stray from my point, which is that 16 presidents were Governors before becoming President.  The Democrats didn’t seem to care when Billy Clinton was a Governor of Arkansas and became President.  What makes him any different than Palin??  I dare you to answer that honestly!!  Ronald Reagan, who was a Republican was also loved by Democrats.  Last time I checked, he was an actor turned Governor and then became President.  Let’s not forget Jimmy Carter.  Not much needs to be said about that.  One of the greatest President’s ever, F.D.R. was a Governor prior to being elected President a record 4 times!!  Again, I ask, why can’t you just accept that you’re terrified of Sarah Palin and know she has what it takes to be Vice President?? 

By the way, I’m not saying one way or the other who I’m voting for.  This is just a bit of the crap that I’m tired of hearing about.  I watched some of the analysis after the debate tonight.  They asked some college students their views after seeing the debate.  A few said they were swayed toward Obama because he’s the only one that mentioned education.  Let me just point out that he NEVER said he was going to help or do anything for education.  He merely said that he’d been to college…some good colleges and so had Michelle.  I don’t see how that says that he “talked about education”.  Did he ever serve a single day in the military??  Has he ever served the people in any way??  Ah yes, issues like this are of great irritability to me.  Let’s at least stay realistic and on FACT!!

Alright, I’m done with my rant.  Will it change anything??  NO!!  But I feel a little bit better.  HAHA  I’d just like to say that people need to realize there are many ways to get change.  If you want real change, don’t listen to just the speeches or debates.  Go to their state web sites and U.S. government web sites and check out voting records.  Look to see who’s changed their story the most.  Look to see who’s just saying what they thing people want to hear.  The media sure doesn’t know.  They only tell you what they want you to know and who they want you to vote for.  And for pity sakes, don’t vote by party.  The party vote is the worst thing you can do.  Not every Republican or Democrat is good.  Vote by the candidate that is most qualified and is going to do the most good.  A nice face or suave persona doesn’t make for the best person in office.  It takes a whole lot more than that!!

<stepping down off my soapbox>

Ah, I feel better!!  Nighty night all!!

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