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Double the Nativity A Day

Today is a double freebie since I was totally unable to post my Nativity A Day yesterday!!  I do apologize, but I expected at some time, life would step in….and it might not be over yet considering it’s the holiday season and all.

First up is the printable that I would have shared yesterday.  It’s a “Roll the Shepherd’s Nativity”.  The player(s) will roll a die and collect the pieces indicated for that number and assemble the nativity as they go.  This is the shepherd’s nativity or the angels telling the shepherds of the good news.

Nativity Graphics © Northumberland.

Here’s a thumbnail view of the pages in this activity….

If you’re interested in this nativity printable, please just click to….

My second offering, which is today’s Nativity A Day freebie, is “Nativity Word Strip Puzzles”.  The kids will assemble word strip puzzles featuring words associated with the nativity.  There are 10 puzzles in all, but 3 of them are for the 3 Magi/Kings/Wise Men.  That way, you can choose the nativity word puzzle for them depending on what you teach and your faith since they do vary.

Nativity graphics © Alice Smith prior to 1/21/10 with permission.

Here’s a thumbnail peek at some of the pages in this set of word strip puzzles…..

If you’re interested in downloading these nativity word strip puzzles, please just click to…..

If you use my FREE nativity printables, please leave a comment and let me know how you and the little ones like them….or don’t like them. I’d also appreciate it if you’d click the button below (as well as in the side bar under “Rate My Blog”). I love feedback and create by the input that I receive….thanks!!

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Nativity Arts and Crafts

I truly believe that Jesus IS the REASON for the season.  I’m not at all against Santa or any of those other traditional “fun” things that come along with Christmas.  I just think that there should be more focus on the Jesus and his birth, which is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.  With that in mind, I’ve gone on the hunt for great arts and crafts that can be done at home or school to celebrate the real reason for the season.  I hope that you enjoy all my nativity arts and crafts links that I found!!

First is the Terra-cotta Trio which is an easy 3-piece nativity made from small clay pots.  You can make your own nativity with this printable craft in b&w or color.  Here’s another clay pot nativity.  There’s a paper nativity that actually uses styrofoam cups.

If you’re up to trying to create your own craft, there’s nativity scene clipart to get you started.  This nativity scene is a relief made with plaster of paris.  Here’s a one that’s just as delicious as it is cute in the gingerbread nativity.

There’s nothing like getting the kids involved using their toys to make this Lincoln Log nativity.  You can put your safety pins and seed beads to good use in this manger scene.  Here’s a super simple baby Jesus.  This is the perfect homemade creche to put that baby Jesus in.

If you prefer felt stories or puppets, here’s some great patterns to get you on your way.  Danielle’s Place has a stick nativity scene that’s not quite half way down the page.  You can even make a 3D manger for baby Jesus.  There’s an adorable handmade nativity scene that the whole family or class can make or get involved in.  One can make a whole scene around the baby Jesus.  If you have some popsicle sticks, you can make this holy family picture.

And here is the jackpot of Christian and religious Christmas crafts for kids.  There’s also a good article with links to free nativity religious crafts for kids.  There’s some great articles, tips and so on, for nativity crafts.  Here’s some fun and easy preschool nativity crafts.

I did a blog post on printable nativity scenes last year, but I want to add some to this post as well.  Some of them are worth repeating!!  There’s a free printable nativity scene that’s just so pretty.  There’s also this printable nativity scene that’s just too cute.  A great item for class at home or school would be this lapbook, which is a great learning tool.

Well, I think that about covers it.  It should be enough to get your started, or even keep you busy making nativity crafts this entire holiday season.  I hope that you find something that you can use and that you and kids enjoy making your nativity and keep the REASON for the season thriving!!

As a “gift” to me, if you enjoyed this post or found some great crafts to do with your kids or class, please vote for my blog….thanks!!

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The Nativity Story

I have been looking for printable craft projects for kiddo and I to do for Christmas.  I also want an easy printable nativity scene to do with my religion class.  I started looking and I was amazed at how many I found and for the most part, they’re really good.  I plan on sharing all that I found in this post!!

The first is a stand-up nativity located in the right column.  There’s also many other Bible and nativity printables listed on this page.  They’d be a great addition to any religion class or at home.  There’s also a printable nativity for a children’s school and church craft project.  It will link you to here for the black and white printable that the kids will color themselves.  There’s the beginnings of the manger scene, but I couldn’t find any other parts to it.

Next, there’s a couple different nativity dioramas in black and white or color available.  There’s also a fun mobile that can be printed and colored as well.  If you have a spare toilet paper or paper towel roll, there’s a really cute nativity scene at MakingFriends.  You have a choice of printing out the color characters or using the “Bible friends” and coloring them.  I also found some nativity scene clipart that could be used to create a nativity scene. 

An idea for older kids would be to make this creche from pipe cleaners.  There’s also a nativity scene that’s more complex.  On the same site is an uncolorized version.  It’s also available in PDF if you prefer that format.  There’s also a fairly inexpensive nativity scene craft project.

There’s a make-your-own nativity scene.  I also found an online nativity scene that can be arranged and printed when it’s completed.  If you have some extra clay pots around the house, this makes a cute nativity.  Perhaps even some paper or styrofoam cups for this nativity.  Here you will find a very small nativity scene to print.   

Other possibilities ideas are to do a nativity lapbook.  For little ones, you could also do a felt board story or other activities.  There’s another felt board story here.  Finally, I found a site with lots of links for the Nativity of Jesus.  These links are for coloring pages, memory verses, plays, children’s stories and more.  There’s also several links for The Nativity Story here.

I didn’t even begin to touch on the coloring pages.  That’s another post all together!!  I hope that you can find a printable craft for The Nativity Story among all these ideas.  Maybe even one that’s not printable, but uses items you might have around the house.


Jesus IS the Reason for the Season!!

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