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Missing My Next “Nativity A Day”

I’m sorry to say that my Nativity A Day will NOT post today.  It was an incredibly busy day.  I had to get the kids in my class another Christmas present and fill their gift bags.  I was also working on a set of Christmas Flashcards for a request in my group.  She wanted flashcards with Christmas items and their words.  It was important that I worked on those and I not only worked on them, but I completed them as well!!  And of course, just general duties of being homeschool mom and domestic engineer.

I will do my best to post double tomorrow, but no promises.  I just might have to accept that I couldn’t do 24 days of nativity printables.  Even so, I’m not defeated because I’ve done alright so far and there’s still much more to come!!  When I do post tomorrow, it’ll be over at The Schoolhouse, so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for your understanding.  I have a little more to finish up tonight, then off to bed for me.  I can’t make it a late one tonight as that class Christmas party wore me out!!  HAHA


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Double the Nativity A Day

Today is a double freebie since I was totally unable to post my Nativity A Day yesterday!!  I do apologize, but I expected at some time, life would step in….and it might not be over yet considering it’s the holiday season and all.

First up is the printable that I would have shared yesterday.  It’s a “Roll the Shepherd’s Nativity”.  The player(s) will roll a die and collect the pieces indicated for that number and assemble the nativity as they go.  This is the shepherd’s nativity or the angels telling the shepherds of the good news.

Nativity Graphics © Northumberland.

Here’s a thumbnail view of the pages in this activity….

If you’re interested in this nativity printable, please just click to….

My second offering, which is today’s Nativity A Day freebie, is “Nativity Word Strip Puzzles”.  The kids will assemble word strip puzzles featuring words associated with the nativity.  There are 10 puzzles in all, but 3 of them are for the 3 Magi/Kings/Wise Men.  That way, you can choose the nativity word puzzle for them depending on what you teach and your faith since they do vary.

Nativity graphics © Alice Smith prior to 1/21/10 with permission.

Here’s a thumbnail peek at some of the pages in this set of word strip puzzles…..

If you’re interested in downloading these nativity word strip puzzles, please just click to…..

If you use my FREE nativity printables, please leave a comment and let me know how you and the little ones like them….or don’t like them. I’d also appreciate it if you’d click the button below (as well as in the side bar under “Rate My Blog”). I love feedback and create by the input that I receive….thanks!!

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The Natvity Around the House: Day 4 and Day 5

I missed a day, so I’m doing “day4” and “day 5” of the Nativity Parade.  Since these are my final 2 for this year, I’ve picked out a couple of my favorites.  I won’t be doing The Nativity Around the House tomorrow since it’ll be Christmas day.  I hope that you enjoy my nativities!!

First up is a special nativity.  I’ve had this one for 21 years!!  We got it our first year in Germany.  This is just a cute little set that I’m totally attached to.  Yes, there’s only 1 wiseman….and maybe that’s part of what makes it unique.  So here is the little German nativity….


The next nativity is a definite favorite of mine.  I’m one of those that fully believes that Jesus IS the Reason for the Season.  However, I also believe in Santa.  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that jolly man with the white beard and red suit.  There’s nothing wrong with receiving presents from a man that rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.  That just one of the fun parts of Christmas.  After all, Jesus received 3 very special gifts on the day he was born….and Santa delivers 3 very special gifts to our house.  Therefore, this nativity is the perfect balance of both!!  This is called “Kneeling Santa” and it is Santa kneeling next to the baby Jesus in the manger with a few of the stable animals.  So here is my “Kneeling Santa” and the most beautiful balance of both Christmas worlds….

Kneeling Santa

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my final 2 nativities for this year.  I have so many more that I could have done, but that just leaves next year for me to do this again!!  If you’ve enjoyed my nativities, just like reading my blog, or even downloading my printables, I hope that you’d consider voting for my blog by clicking the button in the right hand column under “Rate My Blog”.

Merry CHRISTmas,

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The Nativity Around the House: Day 3

I took yesterday off from displaying my nativities, but I’m back today!!  The nativity that I’m sharing today is….


This particular one has deep rich colors.  I don’t always think that photos do justice to certain items!!  HAHA  Anyway, it has a bronzing effect….or maybe it’s more goldish.  I’m not sure why it looks so white-washed, other than maybe the flash.  The part that caught my attention most about this nativity is that a tea light candle fits in the back and sets the whole thing gently aglow.  Here it is in candlelight….


So that’s my nativity of the day, so to speak.  I’m sure I’ll be back tomorrow with another one from my collection.  I told you when I started this that I had enough to do one a day….each day….until Christmas!!  That’s no joke, and I could do it again next year and NOT repeat!!  HAHA

Merry CHRISTmas,

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