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Rain Delay Becomes Race Cancelled

For most of the winter, we look forward to the beginning of race season.  We’re true NASCAR fans!!  Winter isn’t totally miserable because we do have the Green Bay Packers and they’re the ultimate!!  However, racing is a pure adrenaline rush and there’s so much hype leading up to opening day.

Now granted, we have had the Bud Shootout and the Gatorade Duals, but it’s still not the main event.  It’s not opening day of racing season!! 

For the first time in history, the Daytona 500 was cancelled postponed!!  It started as a rain delay and looked like the skies might clear.  As the hours went on, it didn’t look so good.  The dryers even made it out on the track when the skies opened up again.  Had it stayed clear, we could have had a night race because Daytona is equipped, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

With all the wild rides and excitement of the events leading up to today, the truck race and the Nationwide race, I can’t help but feel today was cancelled postponed for a reason.  Jeff Gordon took a wild ride at the Shootout.  There’s been crazy wrecks all weekend in the other racing events.  Today just had to be a way of God looking out for these race car drivers.  I know many will disagree with me, but I believe everything happens for a reason.  It just wasn’t meant to be today.

We should have a pretty fun and exciting Monday though!!  (Alright, so it’s not cancelled….it’s postponed.)  Let’s go racing boys….and let’s WIN Jr!!

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The Weekend

Time just seems to be escaping me lately.  With so much going on in homeschool this year for lessons, birthdays, doctor visits, and many other things, I’m just falling behind.  My poor blog seems to be suffering the most.  I apologize for not being around much.  Even this weekend, there’s plenty for us to do.

I should have put my call into the surgeon last week, but there was so many things with the party that I decided to wait.  I didn’t want to get caught up in appointments when I already had that going on.  I also need to schedule my regular 6 month appointment with my doc (diabetes and meds), plus I’m almost 2 months behind scheduling my eye exam.  Because of the diabetes, I’m supposed to have my diabetic eye exam every year.  This is aside from the regular eye exam which we don’t do this year because insurance doesn’t pay for it but every other year.

Rain has moved in, but allergies are bad.  Poor kiddo is just miserable.  It’s a combination of such a long hot dry summer and whatever this weather is bringing with it.  You can smell it in the air though.  Even hubby is sneezing and congested.  I keep checking with the post hospital/clinic to see if flu shots are being done yet.  So far, no word!!

Because of the birthday and everything going on, I haven’t lost any more weight.  I’m holding at a loss of 10 pounds.  That’s good though!!  I’d still like to lose more and hopefully as things calm down again I will.  I’m feeling good!!  I just wish that I could go to bed earlier and sleep.  I can go to bed, but I generally just lay there….and then I start to think.

I’m trying to create new things for my group and also post on my other blog (The Schoolhouse) as often as possible.  I’m just barely keeping my head above the water with that one!!  HAHA  Also, I don’t want to neglect this blog too much.  With having an almost all boy class this year, I’m hoping to share more of the activities that I’m doing with them.  I’m not using the all the same books and I’m moving away from coloring.  Not that we do too much coloring before, I’ve just really expanded on it and trying to let them use more things.  They seem to be enjoying it and I’m hoping to be able to share most of it here!!

In addition to all that, I’m really missing taking new photos.  The things that we’ve been doing and the places we’ve been going don’t really require bringing a camera along.  I can’t say I’ve missed any shots by not having it with me either.  Maybe a couple sunsets, but that’s about all.  With everything so dead from the summer heat, there’s just not many pretty plants and animals are out of sight looking for food.  I’d love to get back to doing some memes and posting some photos again….and even a couple photo memes!!

Oh, and how about them Packers!?!?  Going for a 5-0 start to the season tomorrow.  We even get to watch it!!  I can’t wait.  It should be a good day as we go racing in Kansas first.  Hoping that Dale Jr finally gets his first win this season.  If not, Jimmie Johnson or Jeff Gordon have to bring the in for Hendrick Motor Sports.  Then in the evening, the big game for the Pack against the dirty birds of Atlanta.  Yeah, I’ll be a tv (sports) watching girl tomorrow and kiddo will be at my side!!

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m out!!

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Dirt Track Racing

We ended the birthday party event in a special way for Miss K last night.  We took her to the local dirt track to watch some championship racing.  It was just so much fun and the weather was perfect!!  

We left about the time the gates open.  We remembered from a previous trip many years earlier, that they fill up pretty fast.  We paid our extra $1 so that we could sit in the actual seats instead of on bleachers.  As we waited, we watched the trailers getting to the track and setting up the cars.  The temps cooled off as the sun went down.  We had to give mom and dad coats of ours because we knew it’d be damp and chilly.  Good thing because it was the perfect night for dirt track racing!!

It started with trials in the different classes.  I couldn’t pick a winner to save my soul!!  Finally the last couple races, I had a couple that finished well.  At the half way point, all the guys that qualified the night prior came out and drew numbers for starting positions.  Then the big races started!!

By the time, the track was drying out and they were really sliding around the corners.  The dust would just hang in the air.  There was some really great battles.  There was races and they’d go quick.  The trials were 10 laps, but all the championship racing was at least 25 laps.  The little sprint cars were the fastest!!  We all thought that they’d wreck more, but they didn’t.  They just lapped and lapped.

The whole night, the guy on the flag stand was being questioned.  He really didn’t throw the caution as much as he should have.  He endangered some of those drivers.  They’re stalled out in the corners with cars coming right at them and dodging them.  Had all of us on our feet at times to see who was or wasn’t going to make it through.

Now, as I sit here recalling the fun from last night, I’m watching the big boys race around the track at Dover.  Oh how we all love some good racing….no matter how many days in a row or the type!!



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Labor Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Labor Day is always considered the last holiday weekend of summer.  If this weekend’s temperatures are any sign of it, then it’s true.  Saturday was in the 100’s, but then we woke Sunday morning to a cold front…a real one!!  The high temp on Sunday was 40 degrees cooler than Saturday.  It was amazing and it was great!!  The 80’s feel so good and I wouldn’t care if it was like this year round.  I know without a doubt though that the heat will be back because this is only the beginning of September.  Relief is great though!!

With the cool-down and lighter winds, the fire was contained on the Wildlife Refuge.  Most of the fire departments went home and there was just some smoldering left that they had under control.  Then the cool North winds blew Sunday and reignited the smoldering embers.  The Wildlife Refuge was once again ablaze.  They had to call in all the departments that were getting their first rest in days.  For the time that it was contained, the damage was at 20,000 acres and 10 homes burned.  Those figures will be changing.

The transformation of Miss K’s room is complete.  She officially has the room of a teenager!!  I must say, I really like it.  Things are arranged really nice and she’s got plenty of room.  The chair that we found at Kohl’s for a steal fits in there perfectly and it suits her.  That means that I got my rocking chair back and is now placed back in my room.  This time through, we’ll be able to use it!!  While kiddo was trimming down the things that she kept, we got rid of some things in our room as well.  I love it when I can see progress!!  I do believe that Miss K is thrilled with her room and that she’ll be happy with it for the time she has left at home.  The way it is now, it’ll continue to grow with her and she can move things to change the configuration of it.  It’s perfect for a growing girl!!

Sunday, we were all looking forward to a night race at Atlanta after church in the morning, but it was rained out.  Go figure that they don’t need rain and the East Coast has flooding from the hurricane.  Then they get more rain from Lee that we could have desperately used, but instead it goes East.  Anyway, after the rain delay, they postponed the race until Tuesday.  Should be interesting to get that in BEFORE school!!

Today, we were surprised by our good friends Tim and Dee.  We knew that they were supposed to come down soon to move her mom into their home.  We however, didn’t know that they were already here!!  She asked me on Messenger what we’d be doing and I told her nothing unless we went to the Refuge to see the fire damage.  We skipped that since it was on fire again.  Good thing because in the afternoon, the doorbell rang and there they were!!  It was awesome to see them and we’ll be taking them to dinner tomorrow night.

It was a great weekend and we enjoyed the extra time off with Lean Green.  Our family is truly blessed and it’s times like this that we appreciate the most.

What did you do for Labor Day or the weekend??

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Foto Finish: Travel Images

Foto Finish

Today, the theme for Foto Finish is “travel images”.  We don’t travel alot and I usually do most of the driving when we do.  That doesn’t give me much opportunity to take photos.  Just when I thought we were getting to a place when we could finally start taking some family vacations, the economy starts to crash instead of just nose-dive.  That’s a totally different topic though.

The one thing that we do travel for every year is to go down to Texas Motor Speedway.  This year, it was a night race and it was totally awesome!!  I played with my camera every chance that I got.  I tried to get some weird effects like I see others do and that I see when I go to other photo blogs. 

I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but these cars are moving at HIGH speeds.  I do like the effects from the lights though, so this is my “travel image” that I’m excited to share!!  And yes, this is my man and I took every opportunity that I could to snap a shot of him.  HEHE

Here’s my Foto Finish (click to enlarge)….

Do you have any photos of “travel images” ?? If you do, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish !!

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A Day of Winners

Today was a winning day in sports!!  I just couldn’t have asked for a better day to spend the afternoon watching a little afternoon sports action on tv.

At least one person held up a trophy today and that was JIMMIE JOHNSON!!  He won the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship.  He’s won it 4 other times previously.  Four times in a row, in fact!!  This one was by far the best though.  People have bad-mouthed him since his first win.  They say that he doesn’t deserve it, he cheats, he’s boring, and various other things.  Some things said about him aren’t nice at all.

I don’t understand that.  I’m not his fan by any means.  My dad is!!  But I recognize a good driver when I see one and the man is just THAT GOOD.  He’s a nice guy and races fair and clean.  Many can’t say that.  I was totally rooting for him to win today because Denny Hamlin’s just not the nice guy that Jimmie is.  He’ll do what he has to do to win and that even means taking the other guy out.  Now sure, rubbing is racing, but that whole Gibbs racing team takes it too far.  Not to mention, they’re poor sports!!  You’ve never seen Jimmie whine the way they do or slam things down and pout.  Just not good behavior.  So yes, I was all about JJ winning today!!

From there, we move onto football.  My Packers won!!  They beat the Minnesota Vikings.  Oh so sweet!!  I just love seeing Farve be put in his place.  He sucks for leaving the Pack and is getting what he deserves.  He’s a traitor, but I’m glad they have him now and not us.

We didn’t just win, we blew them away!!  It was 31-3.  That means that we’ve beaten them both times we played them this season.  Also, we didn’t just win at home, we won at their home!!  That’s even better.  I can only see the Vikings going downhill even more from here.  Brett even had a tantrum on the sidelines and refused to talk to his offensive coach.

Now all Green Bay has to do is finish off the season on this path.  What an awesome game!!  I’m just relishing all the great wins today.  Oh, I should mention that Jimmie winning the championship today makes 5 strait!!  That’s unheard of in NASCAR.  Others have as many championships, but not consecutive.  Yes indeed, a great sports day it was!!

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Rained Out!

Today was supposed to be race day down at Texas Motor Speedway.  However, we’ve hit a rainy patch and the race was called off.  The true NASCAR fans that we are, we waited it out just as long as we possibly could though.  Dad was getting achey and I had a chill.  We decided to call it a day.  We all got home and in dry clothes, had some hot delicious pizza, and headed to bed.  (I’m on my way there soon!!)  Tomorrow is another trip down to the track and I’m praying that God says we’ve had enough rain for now and that the race goes off without a hitch!!

And yes, we’ve learned to plan ahead.  We’ve been rained out one year previously and they held the make-up on Monday.  There’s no way we’re missing it, so we plan ahead and make sure we can make the extra trip if needed.  For those that don’t plan….your loss….can’t complain if you don’t try.  I just know that we’ll be there!!

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Daytona 500 and Olympics

I’d like to wish all my family, friends, and readers a Happy Valentine’s Day.  This isn’t typically a day that we celebrate (as we got married on a different “holiday”).  However, I received a beautiful card from hubby.  Of course, he showed me up because I had nothing for him….but my love!!  HAHA 

I don’t think that there could be a better day!!  We got up and I started the VCR to tape the beginning of the Daytona 500.  I wanted the pre-race show and all!!  Then we went to church and out to lunch with some friends that are more like extended family.  When we got home, we were all full and comfy, so we sat down to watch the race.  Other than a couple delays to repair a hole in the track, it was a great race!!  Take a watch at these final laps [you only have to watch 2 to 2 1/2 minutes worth]….and pay very close attention to my man (Jr. #88) coming up from 10th to 2nd in 1 lap to finish in 2nd place !!

It was another good day for the Olympics.  We’re (USA) still ahead in medal count.  Still lots of sports to come though.  Our women kicked some butt in hockey against China today.  We didn’t fair as well in pairs skating.  Here’s the medal count so far and we see a couple more countries entering the medal scene….

Overall Medal Count
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States 1 2 3 6
2 Germany 1 3 0 4
3 France 2 0 1 3
4 Canada 1 1 1 3
5 South Korea 1 1 0 2
6 Italy 0 0 2 2
7 Czech Republic 1 0 0 1
7 Netherlands 1 0 0 1
7 Slovakia 1 0 0 1
7 Switzerland 1 0 0 1
11 Australia 0 1 0 1
11 Norway 0 1 0 1
11 Poland 0 1 0 1
14 Austria 0 0 1 1
14 Croatia 0 0 1 1
14 Russia 0 0 1 1


More yet to come!!

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Four Strait

Well folks, Jimmie Johnson has done what’s never been done before.  He’s captured 4 NASCAR championships in a row!!

Need-less-to-say, my dad couldn’t be happier.  He’s been a Jimmie fan since Jimmie came on the scene.  He’s been with him through the good….and bad.  He had reason to cheer today. 

There are other 4-time champions, but none that are 4 times in a row.  What an amazing feet!!  Jimmie and his crew chief, Chad, just know how to go out there and get it done.  Even when things aren’t going good, they find a way to improve on it.  I don’t know if they can make it 5 in a row next year, but I wouldn’t count them out for widening that record!!

Also around NASCAR, Miss K’s driver, Jeff Gordon, placed 3rd in the championship race.  Not a bad finish at all to his year.  He was holding off Kurt Busch from breaking up the Hendrick-3.  Yes, Hendrick teams took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the championship race.  That’s a precident too!!  My JR was the only Hendrick car not in it.  I say he’s got a good chance next year though.  He’s so far improved this year with his new crew chief.

Cry baby Montoya took himself and Tony Stewart out of the race.  That dude is crazy!!  I don’t think black flagging him for 2 laps was enough.  There’s nothing wrong with some bumping….definitely nothing wrong with some rubbing….but you don’t take another one out.  They each bumped the other one time and it should have been left at that, but when Montoya came back on the track, he was right back after Stewart.  Such is racing!!

Congrats Jimmie on 4 in a row!!

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Saints and Talladega

So you might be asking what Saints and Talladega have in common.  Well, some of you might even be asking what Talladega is.  HAHA

First of all, today is a day that they both share in common this year.  Today is the race at Talladega Super Speedway and it’s also All Saint’s Day.


For Catholics, today is  day that we celebrate all the saints in Heaven.  We remember that we want to live as those saints did, not just today but every day.  In a way, it’s our own celebration of the “good” after Halloween.  There’s more to it than that, but it’s a very general explanation. 

For today, it’s also proof that God and those saints watch over NASCAR drivers. 


There is usually always one huge wreck at Talladega, know as “the big one”.  For this wreck, it usually takes a out a large number of the field because the cars are too damaged to get back on the track.  These wrecks are a HUGE excitement factor to the race.  Nobody ever wants to see a wreck, but you just can’t stop the thrill that it adds.  So this year, there really was no “big one”, but there was not one, but 2 major wrecks. 

The first involved Ryan Newman being flipped and landing on his roof.  Not just landing, but sliding on the roof.  He came out totally unharmed and safe.  Mark one up to God and NASCAR safety features.  The race resumes with  3 laps to go….known as “green, white, checkered”…..and there’s another wreck.  But not just a wreck, another flip.  This one was Mark Martin flying through the air.  He walked away.  Mark another one up to God and NASCAR safety.


Ryan Newman flips and lands on the roof



Mark Martin is upside down

Yep, God was looking after those NASCAR boys!!  It also says alot about NASCAR safety features.  I just wish they’d let them get out there and race.  Single file around and around is ssoooo boring.  It’s too bad that it takes “the big one” to make it interesting!!

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What’s Up With That?

Alright, I could have sworn that I blogged last night.  I can’t be totally losing my mind!!

So yesterday was race day.  It was an awesome race in Loudon, NH.  It’s like a short track, but it’s actually a mile track….which isn’t short.  Just when I start having tolerance toward Kurt Busch, he races dirty yesterday.  He was all up in Jeff on the restarts.  Then he went after Jimmie.  They tried to say it wasn’t on purpose, but if you watch his tires, he was turning into him and it put him back on the track.  Then there’s the other Busch, who I’ll NEVER have any tolerance for.  He caused a major wreck because once again he’s trying to tread the needle.  Everyone checks up but him and BAM!!  Can we say JERK!?!?  Then a stupid Toyota wins it again because of rain.  Give me a break!!  I’m so tired of rain ending the races this year.  All I can say is God was with us when we went to Texas.  It was cool, but there was NO rain!!

On a good note, Jr. had a car he could drive!!  He’s got communication with his new crew chief.  He’s got a crew chief that knows what he’s doing.  And, Jr. is actually driving again.  I love it!!  At one point, he was up in the front (not a race leader though) and looked like he could finish in the Top 10.  Alas, pits had to be taken….then the rain.  He never made it back up, but he sure looked darn good!!

Miss K’s room is done.  It looks amazing.  It’s much more grown up now.  The color is so her and she’s really put things where they belonged and got rid of a few things.  A few is a start!!

Today was an odd day around here.  We just didn’t get much accomplished and I don’t think we tried that hard.  I guess you could call it a “lazy day”.  I even took a nap today!!  I can’t watch tv because I’m so tired of hearing about Michael Jackson.  Yes, he was good (maybe even great) at one time.  Something went wrong with him and he’s never been the same.  He’s definitely NOT an idol or hero.  We have some of his music….the old stuff.  It’s good, there’s no doubt.  But let it go for pity sakes.  There’s REAL news out there happening. 

Then, Billie Mays dies.  That was another strange one.  They said it was heart disease and not the hit to the head.  Still seems strange to me that he and his wife didn’t know he had heart disease.  Yet, he’s hit on the head and “off” because of it and that wasn’t a factor in the death.  Yeah OK!!  How much did the airline pay for that to be covered up??  Maybe it was heart disease….maybe it wasn’t.  Still strange!!

It all leads back to my title today….

What’s up with all that??

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Weekend Mix

It’s been an intereting weekend.  I can’t say it was extremely busy.  It was relaxing and we did have a few things to get done.

Saturday started with us all sleeping in.  I woke up about 10am and hubby woke up shortly after.  Kiddo woke up after 10:30 when my parents called.  We haven’t slept that late in ages and it felt great!!  We took it pretty easy all day and just did some chores around the house.  We didn’t get to any of the big tasks, but that’ll come.  We did watch “Marley and Me” today.  Excellent movie!!  If you love dogs at all, it’s a tear jerker at the end.  We also watched the All Star Race.  It was awesome!!  Kyle Busch was his typical jerk self.  One day, he’s going to hurt somebody, then NASCAR will have to control “wild thing”.  As it is, he does what he wants on the track and I doubt his car is ever inspected.  But, I won’t let that jerk ruin a good race.  I have to say we were all pretty happy in this house with the results!! 

We did hit Wal-Mart to buy our new “pet” a home.  I guess I haven’t really blogged about our newest addition.  The Man rescued a turtle from the middle of the main road close to our house.  He came home and said he just couldn’t let the poor thing get hurt.  Kiddo and I spent Friday trying to find out what kind it was and how hard it’d be to take care of it.  He’s some sort of box turtle.  Between asking a store and searching the internet, we decided on ornate, Louisiana, or Florida box turtle.  They all resemble the one hubby rescued.  I had to check on the laws here and it’s not illegal to have it, as long as it’s not hunted (or something like that).  Which, it definitely wasn’t.  We also found out that it loves the yellow lines on roads.  For now he’s ours and in 2 weeks we’re going to have to decide if we can care of him and not hurt his life by keeping him, or send him home with my parents when we see them.  He’s also native to their area and could make a home there and possibly find a mate.  They have the woods and the pond and all those acres to roam on.  I know deciding on that type of life or life in our aquarium isn’t much of a choice, but we really have gotten quite attached to him.  I make him a salad everyday to eat.  His favorite is strawberries, but he also likes spinach, apples, pears, turtle pellets, and carrots.  Tomorrow we’re going to try some hard boiled egg (with shell for calcium).  Oh and he’s an eater too!!  Here’s a picture of our newest family member addition….


Today was a fun bowling birthday party and then run a couple errands.  Miss K had a great time bowling again and she did pretty good.  She got to see her bff, so that made it all the better.  After that, it was home to fix the garage door.  The spring on the opposite that my dad fixed quite awhile ago finally broke.  I heard a loud thud-type noise the other night, but we couldn’t find where it came from.  When we went to raise the garage door today, we found what it was!!  Anyway, The Man fixed it right up.  Hopefully it’ll last as well as the repair on the other side.  We really don’t want the expense of a garage door anytime soon.  UGH  We still have a tree to cut down!!

Alright, I’m out!!  So what did you do this weekend??


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