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Macro: Mushroom



It’s time for another macro for Monday.  I went back in time for this one.  This is about 2 years old and was taken at my parents house.  They’d been having a rainy year, so there was all kinds of mushrooms all over their yard.  

Check out this brightly colored mushroom….

Macro - AR Mushroom byElaineG

Be sure to check out the other macro photography here….

studio waterstone

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Macro: Ant on a Mushroom

Shine the Divine


I recently took a trip to my parents house and they had every kind of mushroom imaginable growing in their yard.  They were quite interesting and kept me busy getting shots of ALL of them!!  This particular one was nibbled on my a deer overnight and the ants were starting to move in by the light of day.

Here’s my Macro Monday and I Heart Macro (click to enlarge)…..

Ant on a Mushroom - Macro byElaine

I hope that you enjoy my Macro Monday and I Heart Macro!! If you do, please check out this week’s I Heart Macro and Macro Monday 2 participants for more great photography!!

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Macro Monday: Fungi

For today’s Macro Monday, I’ve chosen a fungi (mushroom) that was growing in a potted tomato plant in my mom’s greenhouse.  I loved the color and texture of it.  You can see it growing right along with the tomato plant….

And you can see the soft, yet rippled texture of the mushroom cap…..

And finally, you can see a new cap emerging from the ground at the base of the large fungi and the tomato plant and it even has a water drop on it….

I’m always fascinated by things like this.  It’s amazing how they just grow where you least expect them to.  Mom removed the mushroom right after I took my photos.  She didn’t want it to interfere with the growing of her tomato plant.  Still, such interesting things one can find under the roof of a green house!!

If you enjoyed my Macro Monday, please leave a comment.  Then, click on the Macro Monday at the top of my post and visit other great macros from all over.  I know I love browsing them every Monday!!

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