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Flashback Friday: The Final Countdown

It’s been forever since I posted a Flashback Friday, so I thought it was time to get started again. I hope that you enjoy it!!

Flashback Friday 3button 2x2

This one is going to focus on “The Final Countdown”.  In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a song by the Swedish group Europe in 1986.  It was their third album and became a #1 hit in 25 different countries.

Europe-the_final_countdown So why am I talking about this song and this 80’s group??  Well, because they’ve revived this song in a new Geico commercial.  Hubby and I can’t help but to laugh every time we see it.  It brings back so many memories.  Hubby really gets a chuckle out of it, but part of that is because of the guy in the commercial too.

It’s good to see some “old” things revived like this!!  In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video to the commercial….

I hope that you join in the Flashback Friday link-up and share your flashbacks.  What do you have good memories of??  Link up and let me know!!


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Flashback Friday: Errol Flynn

For my Flashback Friday, I’m choosing to do Errol Flynn (20 June 1909-14 October 1959).  His birthday was this week, so it got me thinking about him.  He had quite the life and I think he lived it with no regrets!!

He was born Errol Leslie Flynn in Australia in 1909.  He describes his parents as “seafaring folk” and this could be where he got his love for the sea and boats.  He was expelled from his grammar school for fighting and allegedly having sex with the laundress.  He was also expelled from other schools in Tasmania for various reasons.  At the age of 20, he moved to New Guinea, only to have a couple of failed businesses.  In the early 1930’s, Errol headed for England.

Errol Flynn 1935


Errol got his first acting job in 1933.  He not only performed on stage, but in movies as well.  He was discovered by Warner Bros. through one of these films and was signed to a contract.  Errol then emigrated to the United States and became a naturalized citizen in 1942, just eight months after America entered WWII.

Errol Flynn 1943


He became an instant success with Captain Blood in 1935 and was quickly typecast as a swashbuckler.  In 1938, he got is most celebrated role as Robin Hood and his first Technicolor movie.  Errol performed his own fast-paced sword scenes.  He also starred with Olivia de Havilland in 8 films.  Although there was an attraction by Flynn to de Havilland, they were said to remain platonic friends.  Although he and Bette Davis had a strained relationship on-screen and they often quarreled, they were paired up 2 times for The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex and The Sisters
The Adventures of Robin Hood
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex

Errol Flynn tried to join every branch of the military after he became a US citizen.  It was his way of showing that he was grateful for his fame and wealth.  However, Flynn was turned down each time due to health problems that included and enlarged heart with a murmur, recurring malaria, chronic back pain (which he self-medicated and took drugs for), tuberculosis, and several venereal diseases.  He was declared 4-F and unqualified for military service for not meeting minimal physical fitness standards, despite his athletic roles and physical beauty.

Errol Flynn 1947


By the 1950’s, Errol’s alcohol and drug abuse had started to show.  He was bloated and prematurely aged.  Because of this, he got less roles, yet won acclaim for his role in The Sun Also Rises.  By this time, Flynn also had 2 failed marriages and was married again.  He had 4 children (1 son and 3 daughters) with his 3 wives.  He’d also been accused of statutory rape in 1942.  He was cleared of all charges and it increased his reputation of being a ladies man.  He was the focus of gossip for friendships with Carole Lombard, Dolores del Rio, and Marlene Dietrich.  Marlene flaunted her relationships and del Rio supposedly fell for him instantly, but Carole had met Clark Gable and was in love with him although she enjoyed Flynn’s company and invited him to parties.

Errol Flynn 1950s


In the late 1950’s, he’d met and courted a 15-year old Beverly Aadland.  According to her, he planned to marry her and move to Jamaica.  It was while on a trip to Canada with her that Errol started feeling sick while at a party.  He said that he was feeling ill and would return and retired to the bedroom.  A half hour later, Aadland checked on him, only to find him unconscious.  He died on that day in 1959 of a heart attack at age 50.

All photos and images from internet sources and believed to be public domain. Any watermarks, etc. remain in tact.

What’s your favorite time-honored thing or favorite classic actor/actress??  To find out what Flashback Friday is, check out this and link up below to join in!!

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Flashback Friday: Shoes

Welcome to the 1st edition of Flashback Friday!!  If you’d like more information on Flashback Friday or the “rules” on how to participate, please go here to check it out and to get the button code to link up.

One of the things that I love most is shoes!!  Buying new shoes always makes me feel good.  I feel great if I’m wearing a great pair of shoes.  The shoes that I love most are vintage shoes!!


Today, the heels are too high and they’re uncomfortable.  Most of the shoes that women wear are just impractical and I don’t think that they’re all that pretty with the sky high heels and thick platforms.  However, vintage shoes were pretty and functional.  Wearing them, the women didn’t just look like women….they looked like ladies!!

Here’s a few of my favorite images of vintage shoes….


Here’s a couple vintage shoe ads….

The classic shoe store experience….



All photos and images from internet sources and believed to be public domain.  Any watermarks, etc. remain in tact.

What’s your favorite time-honored thing??  Link up below or comment and let me know!!

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Blogiversary #4

I can’t believe that my blog is 4 years old today!!  I composed my first post on 14 April 2008.  It sure has been a learning process.  A changing one too!!

Commotion started off as my everything blog.  I had my printables and just about everything else here.  Now it’s pretty much my family life blog and a place for me to share my photos.  I started another blog just for my printables so that those that weren’t interested in them wouldn’t have to sift through my posts.  I still find myself sharing quite a few of my Christian ones here.  That’s probably because my religion class is such a big part of my life and I love talking about my kids and what we do in class.

I’ve had features like “Army Life” and “Homeschool 101”.  Neither of which I post about any longer.  They just didn’t seem to capture that much attention and I didn’t feel like I was benefiting anyone just rambling on about those parts of our life.  I also used to participate in a lot more memes and have quizzes or participate in them and post my results.  Those are gone too!!  I still do try to hold onto a few photography memes.  The days of blog awards are gone too.  There’s several that go around teacher blogs, but none on the few blogs that I actually have the time to read. 

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe time is the issue.  I just don’t go around reading blogs any more.  I can barely keep up with my own.  I know that I have some great readers and followers, because I’ve seen their blogs.  I just can’t find the time to write on regular basis, much less read.  When time is short, blogging is one of the things that I sacrifice!!

Well, I ramble and really all a blogiversary means for me is a couple days from being another year older!!  HAHA  Can’t have that now, can we!?!?  Before I give you a bunch of useless facts and statistics about Commotion, let me just say THANK YOU to all those that do take the time to read and follow this little blog.  I know it’s not much, but some of your are so loyal and I truly appreciate it.  And for those that give that little extra to comment, you make my day!!  You’ll never know what just a little comment does for me.

Now, for some worthless facts about Commotion….

Akismet has protected your site from 81,642 spam comments already.

244,698 total views.  3,865 views on the busiest day of 23 March 2011.

692 posts.  2,964 comments.  26 categories and 1,386 tags. 

37 blog followers, 18 comments followers, 80 Twitter followers, and 25 Facebook fans.


Comments per month: 12
Total comments: 2,964
Most active recent day: August 9, 2010
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Search Engines   26,551   2,048   1,737   1,447   910 740

And there you have it.  That’s what this little blog is all about!!  I know it’s not much, especially compared to many blogs out there, but I’m not out here to be the best or the biggest.  I’m only there to just be ME and share a little bit of my life, my photography, my faith, and maybe help a few people along the way!!


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Merry CHRISTmas

To all my family and friends….
To all my readers and followers….
I want to wish you all a very Merry CHRISTmas and hope that you all are blessed by the true spirit of CHRISTmas and that you keep Jesus in your heart as we celebrate his birthday today.




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