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40 Days of Lent

I know this is rather last minute, but I have a free printable for you to use at home or in your classroom for Lent.

40DaysOfLent ColorByNumber byTheSchoolhouse 1SAMPLE

I’m calling this a color-by-number, but it’s not really that.  LOL  Once space is colored in for each day of Lent.  Certain spaces are specific colors.  When completed at the end of Lent, it’ll be a picture that represents Lent/Easter.  There is a key so that you know what color each space should be colored.

If you’re interested in downloading this, please just click the cover image above!!



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Lent Lessons: Ash Wednesday

I had to do my Ash Wednesday lesson last week.  The reason for that is because tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, we’ll be in mass for class.  I like the kids to know ahead of time what it’s all about and what to expect at mass.  While I was planning my lesson last week, I came across some great materials that I’d like to share with you.  I’m going to start with the first lesson for Lent with Ash Wednesday.  Then, I’ll do one for Lent itself and then I’ll do one for Holy Week, and I’ll conclude with Easter.  So if you need lesson helps….stay tuned!!

There’s a Bible study lesson for Ash Wednesday.  You might also want to know that they have them for each cycle, in case you want to use them in the future.  You can find a great coloring page at and if you browse around, you’ll find more materials that can be used in class or at home.  There is also a spirit of Ash Wednesday coloring page to print out.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Ash Wednesday to enhance your lesson or give more information to the kids, go to Associated Content to find several related articles.  Find out What is Ash Wednesday? from and get answers to some of your questions or questions from the kids.

There are a couple of great coloring pages, including separate ones for a girl or boy receiving their ashes.  You can find lots of great printables to use at home or in school too.  There’s no lack of coloring pages!!  You can find another here.

I can’t totally leave Lent out of this section though.  Since Ash Wednesday is the 1st day of Lent, you might be interested in some of these resources.  I found this great printable Lenten calendar for children.  The same blog has one other activity to start at the beginning of Lent for almsgiving.  You can also find some crafty Lent preparation ideas.  There’s also a fantastic Lenten path available to print in color or b/w.

One can find a Lenten Prayer Challenge or Lenten Activity Calendar for mission that could suit many purposes.  Finally, there’s no way to leave Laura off a list of resources!!

There really is so much out there for Lent if you look.  And when you do find something, they have so many possibilities if you don’t just look at the obvious.  One of my favorite searches was all the calendars for Lent.  They can be made in so many ways and of so many things.  So many great family and kid projects!!

What you find here is just a small portion of the resources available.  Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of looking to find them.  Maybe this can be the year that we take a stand and make it “cool” to go to dinner with ashes on your forehead or sacrifice something that means the most (to them)… cell phones!!

More to come to make a great Lent season!!

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