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Water Miracles

This post has been updated after we did the project!!

Tonight, my lesson is on the miracles of Jesus.  I’m focusing on “Jesus Walks on Water” and “Jesus Calms the Storm”.  I had a few activities in my books to do with the kids.  I’m sure that they’ll like the variety.

These are just a few suggestions that I have to help enhance your lesson.  After we read the story, we did this page.  This is great for littles and has a lesson for one of these miracles.  I’m a huge fan of Rainbow Publishers and have the book that these crafts come from.  I was going to do one of them, until I came up with my own.  

I wanted to do a special craft project with the kids though.  I decided to do something versatile and fun.  What I ended up making could be used with either miracle.  I’m sharing the project with you in hopes that you all can use and enjoy it.  I’ll be sure to let you know what my kids think of it too!!

What I plan on doing with the kids is to tear or cut shades of blue tissue paper.  We’ll glue them down to blue or gray construction paper.  While that dries, the kids will color the pieces of this craft (boat and Jesus) and cut them out.  We’ll then glue them on top of the sea waves (tissue paper).  With this printable, I’ve included some water waves that can be printed on cardstock if you don’t want to mess with cutting/tearing tissue paper and gluing it down.

Here’s a sample that I made to show the kids of how to assemble theirs tonight….

Jesus Walk Water - Calm Storm SAMPLE byElaine

The clipart (boat, disciples and Jesus) was drawn by my husband.  The water waves are from the internet and is believed to be public domain.  It’s used for educational purposes and without profit.

If you’d like to make this craft project, just click to….


If you use this project, please leave me a comment or use the “contact” button in the right hand column.  I love to see what other’s do with my projects, so please share your completed craft so that I can see how they turned out!!

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