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I Am Special Activity

Last year, I did a really fun activity with my kids. They loved it then and they really loved it again this year. So, I just had to share!!

IAmSpecial ActivityPage byElaineG@TheSchoolhouse SAMPLE

In the big open space, they draw a picture of themselves. They need to see what makes them special like the color of their hair, skin, eyes, and so on. Of course, they’re little ones, so they’re far from perfect, but they sure are fun!!

There’s also an area to put stickers down with their name on them or glue letters down. There’s also a blank line for them to write their names. On the side, there’s a cute poem about being unique. Finally, on the side, they can also put their fingerprint under the magnifying glass. Why??  Because each of us has a fingerprint that is unique to only us!!  To do this part, we just used an ink pad.

If you’re interested in this activity page, just click to….


Here are some photos my kids in action with this page this year.  You’ll notice that I forgot my stickers at home, so we made due and used letter beads!!

I Am Special

If you use this page, please leave a comment and let me know if your kids enjoyed it as much as mine did!!



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God Made Me

The lesson for tomorrow is “God made me” and “I am special”.  I generally talk about Joseph and how he wasn’t only special to his dad, but how he special he was to be chosen by God and everything that he did for the people.  This year, I wanted to sway away from that.  I wanted to shift my focus to how God created us and how special we really are.  Now I normally do this, but I mean in the sense of our bodies and stuff.

The main project that I’m doing with the kiddos is this worksheet that I made.  It’s a cut and paste page!!  First we’ll do our discussion of course, then they’ll color it.  After that, we’ll go through each body part and glue them in the appropriate space on the page.  After that, we’ll go through the sheet and glue how each part helps us share God’s creation.  

Here’s a thumbnail of the worksheet….

GodMadeMe-HisCreation cut&pasteworksheet byElaine SAMPLE

The coloring image is from an internet source and is believed to be public domain and it’s used without profit for personal and educational purposes.

I’m really happy and excited about this worksheet.  If you are too and you’d like to use this page with your kids, please just click to….


I’d love to hear what you think about this worksheet and if you did it with your kiddos.  Please leave a comment below or use the “contact me” button in the right column.  I truly create by the input that I receive, so let me hear from you!!

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I Am Special

It’s my intention to post my CCD/religious education lesson that I did with my students tonight.  However, my knee is killing me and I’m trying to keep it wrapped nice and warm under a blankie.  Plus, I’m pretty tired.  Please stay tuned for me to update this post tomorrow and share some of the stuff I worked on with my class tonight.

I also apologize for not replying to comments today.  It was a busy homeschool day and then CCD tonight.  I promise I’ll get back to you all as soon as I have a free minute tomorrow.  Your comments mean alot to me and I cherish all of them.

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WOW!!  I can’t believe that I missed Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen!!

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So, for my I am Special/God Made Me lesson, the kids really had fun.  The first thing that I do is pass a mirror around and have each student look in it.  I then ask, “what did you see?” and “do you look like anyone else?” and I get varied answers. 

One of the worksheets I use is All About Me from Crayola.  They color it to match their hair, eyes and skin.  I even try to get the to color their clothes to what they’re wearing for that class.  We practiced the “I Am Special” song found here and here, about half way down the page.  It didn’t take them long to get the actions down because it’s fairly simple and a tune that they know.  We then went to sing to the Primary II (1st grade) class next door.  They loved it and then did a song for us and had us join in.  Next, we went over to the office and sang for DRE and her assistant.  They did great!!  They even got a lollipop for their performance!! 

The final thing that we did was to do im-thumbody-special craft project.  I put a line on the top of the page for each student to write their name.  I also copied this to an off white/tan paper for skin tone.  I then had the kids put their thumb on an ink pad.  They made their eyes and nose with their thumb print.  Then they picked a color for the mouth and I stuck the whole side of their pinkie on the ink pad.  They laid that on the paper and it made a smile.  After that, we took the paper back to the table and colored our hair and earrings for girls that had them. 

Finally, I tie “I am Special/God Made Me” to Joseph.  Joseph was special to his father and that’s why he receieved the Coat of Many Colors.  That’s also why his brothers were jealous and tried to kill him.  However, Joseph was special to God as well.  That’s why he survived it all and became a strong figure in Egypt.  Joseph became a man of power because of his belief in God and being chosen by God.  There’s many books that have the story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors.  Last night, I used Bible Stories to Draw and Tell.  We also did a hidden picture and maze from one of my many workbooks.

The kids really loved the lesson.  I could tell because they were so happy and asked for more!!  I think the thumb print craft was their favorite.  They all went home with a bit of an ink stain, but it was worth it!!

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