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The Commotion

So I know, you’re wondering just where I’ve been.  Well, I’ve not been sitting idle, that’s for sure!!

Kiddo has taken a “break” from her volunteering at the animal shelter.  The schedule of working with Doc has changed and it just doesn’t work with us homeschooling through summer.  We’re enjoying having a little more time on our hands though.  Then again, it’s not in our hands….it’s spent in the books!!

Homeschool is going well.  So far summer has mostly been spent on Geometry.  We also have some science labs planned, but we’ll handle those after Miss K’s last summer visit to see my parents.  She’s also working on Latin, but I’m just not much help.  I know teaching her, I should be, but I never liked foreign language.  All’s not lost though because my Dad happens to be great at Latin, so she gets a lot of work in then!!

My weight has been stable for going on 2 years now.  I’m still walking when I can.  It should be more often, but it is what it is.  At least I’m getting some activity in!!  I’m very happy with where I’m at and I know those final 10 pounds will come when it’s time.  The one thing that I haven’t done much of is photography and I’m really looking forward to getting behind the camera again.  I miss it and just haven’t taken as many opportunities as I should to get photos.  

I’m happy to say that my shops are doing alright.  I’m trying to keep them stocked with new printables.  Don’t forget if you’re in need of educational or Christian printables, be sure to check out my stores (the buttons are in the left-hand column)!!

So what else can I tell you!?!?  Other than that, life is just busy.  We’re always doing something and trying not to let things slip through the schedule.  Unfortunately, my blog does seem to suffer a bit.  It always picks up once school starts, and that’s just not far off any more.  RE is just around the corner.  Can you believe it’s July already??  I’m thrilled though because the heat is on!!

How’s your summer been??  What have you been up to??



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Man, It’s HOT!!

“Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.”

Do you remember that line from the movie Biloxi Blues??  It’s one of the most famous lines from Matthew Broderick in that movie.  It stands true for the land of Okies today as well.  We’ve hit our summer “peek” and let me tell you, it’s HOT!!  I kept an eye on my Weather Pixie yesterday and she peeked at 107 degrees.  The forecast is for the same thing for the next 5-7 days.  In fact, our forecast for today is 105 degrees.  That just means that we’ll probably be hotter.  Yes, hotter!!  Our “coolest” days are supposed to be tomorrow and Sunday with a high of only 100 degrees.  SHEESH  Oh yes, you just have to love the “dog days of summer”!!  We have a burn ban, heat advisory and the mold count is high.  That sure makes for a miserable day for anyone outside. 

Oh yes, did I mention that lean green is outside in this!?!?  Everyday this week, he’s taking the poopies (privates) to the range.  FULL gear!!  Let me tell you, if this week doesn’t prepare these boys for Iraq, nothing will.  Last time hubby was there, he saw 120 degrees.  HA!!  Let me just state, that was 120 degrees in the shade!!  I just can’t help but to worry about him though.  He’s too old for this crap.  He’s so busy taking care of the poopies that he forgets to take care of himself.  He’ll walk them over to the water buffalo and keep them hydrated, but that crazy man will walk away and not even think of himself.  I’ve had to keep talking to him and reminding him that he’s on his last leg.  He’s done his time and it’s alright to pass the reigns over to someone else.  But no, he’s still in charge!!  I love him for that, but it just drives me nuts!!  (And trust me when I say, I don’t have far to go!!)  Anyone want to wager a bet that he just comes home tonight, kicks his boots off and crashes where he is??

By the way, I just want to mention that this picture was taken in my backyard just for this post.  I was looking and looking for pictures of the hot sun, but nothing struck my fancy.  I said to myself, “well, why don’t you just go out there and get exactly what you do want”.  (See, I told you I didn’t have far to go.  Now I’m talking to myself!!)  I did just that!!  I might go out and try to take some more, but I was struggling.  I didn’t have sun glasses on and my eyes were watering and the glare was terrible.  I happen to think it turned out rather well though!!  HEHE

If you want to keep track of just how hot it is in Oklahoma, just keep track of my Weather Pixie on the right hand side of the page.  She updates regularly!!  So tell me, how’s the weather where you are??  Just how hot is it??  Leave a comment and let me know what the weather is like around the world!! 


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