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Blessed Thanksgiving

Our cornucopia runeth over this year.  It’s been such a good year so far and we’ve been so blessed in so many ways.  For this Thanksgiving, my parents are “out of town” and because of the “new” job, we weren’t able to go see hubby’s parents.  When a couple of our friends found out, they invited us over to spend the day with them and their family and friends.  It was such an amazing feeling to feel that warmth and know that they cared so much.  We made the decision early when we realized that my parents wouldn’t be here or us there, that we were going to spend the day alone as a family.  The one holiday that it seems that we always missed when Lean Green was in the Army, was Thanksgiving.  We thought that it’d be great to just spend it the 3 of us….our own little family.  We haven’t had much chance to do it with him either gone, parents here or there, or us inviting other Army families over so they weren’t alone.  So this is a new one for us and we’re so looking forward to it.

From my family to you and yours, we wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving!!  I appreciate all my readers and hope that I can continue to give you the things that you enjoy about my blog, as well as me loving what I put into it.  I’ve made so many friends online and they’ve each given me so much in very different ways.  My personal friends are near and dear to me because they’ve all taken me and my family for what we are.  I still marvel in my family because God truly gave me the best.


Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving,

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Sticky Post

Daisypath Thanksgiving tickers

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Independence Day


I just have to wish all my American readers a very HAPPY 4th of JULY!!  What a great day this represents for the United States.  Today is all about our freedoms that our forefathers ensured for us.  It’s also a day to NOT forget the men and women who give their lives to protect this country and keep it free.  Without them, we have nothing!!  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA…..Let Freedom Ring!!

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It’s All About MOM


When I woke this morning, I knew it was going to be a great day!!  I had cards waiting for me and I was being offered breakfast and everyone was all smiles.  We had to head of to church though, so not all of it came to be.  I did get to see Miss K as alter server though today.  Ah yes, that’s what today is all about!!

Becoming a mom is the best thing that ever happened to me.  For the longest time I wondered if Mother’s Day would even apply to me.  It was ssoooo worth the wait though.  Miss K is a true blessing and has enriched my life in so many ways.  She’s yet another part of what forms me to be the person that I am.

The other main part of me being who I am is my own mother.  Boy, we’ve had some battles.  We’re very different people and I didn’t always want the same things that she did.  She was a strong women in her own right.  She had her own opinions and was very down-to-earth and at times, old fashioned.  Today I realize that she’s just a simple person.  She wants very little, but gives so very much.  Back in March, she gave me a scare but I know that I was there for a reason.  I’ve never doubted that.  I guess for me, it was a dose of reality.  I’ve known for a long time that one day, my dad will go.  That day, I realized that mom will too.  I guess I just sort of expected her to hang around and be who she is forever!!  I can’t help but think about the small wars that mom and I had sometimes.  I can’t help it because I’m having them with my own daughter now!!  Life truly does come full circle.  It’s all so much easier though when you have a mom like mine.  NO MATTER WHAT, she’s there for you.  Sometimes, I swear she’s taking me by the hand and other times, I feel like I’m stumbling badly.  I know that’s ok though because she’s helped to form me into the person that I am and especially the mom that I am.  Things will just turn out the way they’re supposed to because life really is that simple, just like mom always knew.  So now, I’ve learned to take a little and hopefully, I’m giving alot back!!

To my mother…..

And to all my lady friends and family that read this….


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I can’t believe that it’s already February.  I remember when it was New Year’s and we were going “WOW, it’s 2010!”.  Now we’re done with the first month and moving right along.

This is a month that’s full of holidays.  Some mean a day off and some are just fun days!!  There’s Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.  The last one is a day off!!  There’s also Ash Wednesday which starts off Lent.  It seems like it’s so early this year.  Lent concludes on Easter Sunday. 

Then there’s all the appointments this month.  We ALL have dentist appointments.  We’re also scheduled to go to Capital Day, which is a huge thing for OK homeschoolers.  There’s a couple photography classes this month, pending the weather.  There’s also other things, but I’d have to look at the calendar and then I’d just be wore out thinking about it all!!  HAHA

So what’s planned for your February??

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I’d like to wish all my family, friends, blog readers and visitors a very HAPPY and BLESSED NEW YEAR!!  I hope that 2010 brings you the best year ever.  I’m sure it will bring many surprises and many expected events along with the struggles and joys of everyday life.  I know I’m looking forward to each and every day and hope that you are too.

HAPPY 2010!!

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