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The Braces are Off!!

It’s been 23 months since Miss K first had her braces put on.  But, let’s start from the beginning….

We went to one orthodontist and he just treated us like crap.  His patients while we were there seemed to be very snobby and his staff most certainly was.  We knew that fixing kiddos teeth was going to be a lot of work.  We were prepared.  However, this ortho wouldn’t even talk to us.  I asked him what he was going to do and what he expected and he said he didn’t know.  They did all the prep work and told us to come back.  We went to our next appointment and the ortho still wouldn’t talk to us.  When we went to leave, we commented that we were active duty, but only for about another year.  The receptionist jumped up and said “you’re retiring?” and we said “yes”.  She started freaking and said, “well that changes things and we’re going to have to charge you MORE”.  We couldn’t believe it.  She had us pay something and said that when we came back, she’d have the new amount.  Next appointment, the ortho didn’t want to talk to me to discuss the treatment for kiddos teeth.  In fact, he’d never seen her….only his dental hygienists had to this point.  When we left, we weren’t happy and I told the receptionist that we’d let her know.

A while later, we went to our dentist for our regular 6 month cleaning.  We told him what happened, so he contacted the orthodontist.  The jerk told him that we refuse treatment!!  Are you kidding me!?!?  I told the dentist about the money and about how the ortho had never seen Miss K, much less explained treatment to us.  He told us to forget this ortho and go to another one here in town and said that he was just as good.

Being treated the way she had been, kiddo had no desire to go back to get her teeth fixed.  We continued to have our regular 6 month cleanings and our dentist just kept reminding us that her teeth really needed to be fixed.  We knew this, but it never was an issue for her.  Despite how messed up they were, she just kept on smiling.

Moving ahead about 2 years after our first orthodontist experience, Miss K mentioned that she thinks she’s ready to get work done on her teeth.  Our dentist again tells us about another one here in town.  We schedule an appointment and go… be greeted by the nicest staff there was!!  They did x-rays and we talked to the ortho immediatey.  He said that he didn’t think that he didn’t think he could do what we needed.  Luckily, we had an appointment with our dentist very shortly after and we told him.  He said that he’d talk to the ortho because he knew that he could do it.  He was young and have new methods to help her teeth.  Not long after that, the ortho office called us and said that he has agreed to see us, so we scheduled the first appointment.  We were greeted immediately and they even remembered our names (remember, we weren’t patients yet)!!  The orthodontist told us what he planned to do, as long as we understood that her teeth wouldn’t be “perfect”.  We agreed, so financial came in and told us the cost, how much insurance will pay and how much we’re left with.  She explained that the ortho does take monthly payments and that we could pay it off in a year, which was half the treatment time.  

We never had an issue with payments, staff, or anything else!!  One time, they accidentally took a double payment out and called to let us know and asked if we wanted a check or some other method to get the money back.  I had a check in 3 days!!  The entire staff was always nice and friendly, answered any questions that I had, and kept us updated.  Now here we are 23 months later and the braces have come off.  Miss K’s teeth are beautiful!!  Forget not being “perfect” because they look great and they’re perfect to us.  He told her that she was a great patient, having never broken a wire or bracket…..and didn’t have “stained” teeth when the braces came off.  That means that she kept them nice and clean!!

So why are we so happy??  It might be shocking when you see what it was as compared to what they are now.  Take a look at the before and after…..

Before & After Braces

Click to Enlarge

Miss K’s teeth were messed up….period.  She’s got the ideal smile now and her smile is just as beautiful as she is.  We got her retainer today and go back in 6 weeks to check it and if there’s any tooth movement.  We’re expecting nothing unusual because she’ll take care of them.  We just can’t thank the orthodontist enough.  He has forever changed Miss K and we’re all so happy and thrilled with the results.

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The Schoolhouse

Not Back to School Blog Hop
Our school room is nothing special.  In fact, it’s our everything room!!

The Schoolhouse is not only our homeschool room, but it’s also our guest room and my office.  The closet also serves as storage for my religion class items that I purchase myself and hubby’s wardrobe.  There’s a futon that our guests sleep on when they come visit.  It also serves as a relaxing spot for reading or other light work.  At each end of the futon are a set of drawers.  Those hold all our craft supplies and many of our paper products. 

There’s also 2 desks in there.  And yes, they match!!  There’s one for Miss K and one for me.  We have all our needs in each of our desks.  We have a large armoire that stores all our supplies.  It has all our paper, pens, tape, and lots of other materials.  The the narrowest wall, we have a small bookcase that holds all our school books.  She has one shelf and I have another.  It holds my teacher’s editions and photography books.  Her books, tablets, and binders are there as well.  Above the bookcase is our white board.  On top of the bookcase is all our dry erase markers, erasers, and stuff like that. 

Since it’s such a small room, we like to keep it tidy.  We can’t stand it when it gets dirty and cluttered.  There’s just not enough room in there for mess!!

That’s it!!  I’m sorry I don’t have any photos, but things are crazy busy as you all can imagine.  That’s the total sum of our school room.  It’s our little Schoolhouse and we love it!!

I’ve linked this post up to the “NOT Back to School” Blog Hop and can’t wait to check out with other high school homeschoolers have in their rooms!!

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Freshman Curriculum

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Much to my dismay, Miss K is already a Freshman this year!!

We’ve always followed a pretty structured curriculum since we started homescooling.  Right from the start kiddo was attracted to BJU Press.  She loved the way it was set-up and I knew without a doubt that I could teach it.  That’s what we’ve stuck with all this time.

So, the majority of our 9th grade curriculum is BJU Press.  This is what we’re doing…..

Writing & Grammar 9

Vocabulary – Level C

Cultural Geography

Physical Science

Fundamentals of Literature


For electives, Miss K is doing…..

LifePac Family & Consumer Science (Home Ec.)

Drivers Ed through

We’re also debating on another elective from LifePac that’ll just be a one semester course.  We’re undecided though and have plenty of time to make that choice.

Kiddo and I also exercise daily for 20-30 minutes.  Then at night, we do the aerobic stepper for 10 minutes.  Gotta keep the fitness up!!

Yes, she’s even old enough to take driver’s ed.  I can’t believe that!!  She start the online portion now and by March, she can get her permit.  In OK, you have to be 15 1/2 to do that and this online course is approved by the state.  Believe it or not though, she’s in no hurry to drive!!  I think it’s funny because I couldn’t wait and most teens just want behind the wheel.  

Everything that we do now is all for the future.  We’ve even done some planning for next year.  I keep records with Homeschool Tracker.  I’ve used that from the start and absolutely love the program.  It’s easy to use for me and for kiddo.  Something new that I invested in this year is the 4-Year High School Planner from Home Educating Family.  It’s perfect for us as it goes from 2012-2016.  After reading the reviews and looking at other planners, we thought that this was the one for us.

I also won a lifetime membership to after I signed-up to renew my Treasury Membership.  I was so excited!!  Along with it, I got a lifetime membership to as well and a gift card to and I just can’t wait to use it all!!  Miss K doesn’t like journals, and I find that notebooks are great alternative and they have them for every subject and a variety of uses.  I got the on a great deal through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op and it’s a great source for homeschool materials….and deals.

Religious Education is going to be at church again this year.  Miss K will go through Confirmation in May 2013.  It’s such an important event in her life and for our faith.  She’s really excited and is thrilled that her 3rd grade teacher has agreed to be her sponsor.  She’s always wanted it to me Ms. Lori and we’re honored that she accepted.

Well, that’s it for us!!  I know, it’s nothing exciting since we’re pretty traditional and used a structured curriculum.  It’s what works for us though and we’ve really enjoyed it this far.  I think our only change might be in Science next year, but first we’ll see how this year goes!!

I’ve linked this post up to the “NOT Back to School” Blog Hop and can’t wait to check out with other high school homeschoolers will be doing this year!!

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