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Tagged With: Happy Birthday

It’s My Birthday!!

Yes, that’s right….today is my birthday!!  I got a great birthday card from my parents in the mail yesterday and today, The Man and Miss K have my day all planned for me.  I also got a card from my in-laws yesterday, which was nice.

I’m supposed to start the day with breakfast in bed….french toast and bacon, with a big glass of milk.  Yummy!!  Lunch will be take-it-as-it-comes.  For dinner, hubby is going to grill steaks.  Kiddo is making macaroni salad and corn on the cob.  MMMM  I can taste it all now!!  Later in the evening, we’ll have some cake.  I haven’t seen what my cake looks like yet because The Man tried to sneak it in the door when he came home, but I’m sure it’s good.  He “surprises” me with one almost every year.  He gets it from a local bakery and they’re delish!!

Sunday, we’re going to church for Palm Sunday Mass.  Afterward, we’ll run by Sam’s and get some sliced meats that they have so we can make homemade subs.  We’ll also have to get some provolone and I think we have everything else we need for them.  By the time we get home, ‘Dega will be starting.  Ah yes, NASCAR at the super speedway.  Nothing better!!  Well, almost nothing… and in-person at TMS is about the best!!  HAHA

I truly am blessed.  I know that I’m going to have a great weekend.  As much as I really don’t need to get any older, it doesn’t matter when I’m with Lean Green and Miss K.  They make my day the best there is and well, it’s all worth turning another year older!!

So there you have my birthday weekend.  What are your weekend plans??

Yes, it’s my birthday, but I still have a gift for you, my readers!!  I hope that you all will be able to use it and enjoy it too, because I sure did have fun making it!!  My gift to all of you is an interactive prepositions book.  It features adorable circus graphics from AnnieThingsPossible and they’re perfect for this book.  The kids (or adult) will cut out the circus clowns.  They will then answer the question, “Ringmaster, Ringmaster….Where is the circus clown?” by placing the circus clown in the correct location for the preposition used.

Here’s a collage of a couple sample pages from the book….

If you’re interested in this my birthday gift to you, just…..

If you use these FREE printable gift, please leave a comment and let me know if you liked it or if the kids enjoyed the activities. I use your input to create from and need to know if I’m making what’s needed and being used!! Also, if you enjoy my blog, posts, or printables that I share, please click one (or all) of the buttons below or in the right hand column under “Rate My Blog” to vote for me. Thanks you very much!!

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