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Candy Corn and Jesus

It might be Fall Break here, but I have a new FREEBIE to share today!!  This one celebrates Jesus and Halloween.

CandycornJesus byElaine1

There is a coloring page for the kids to do what has the colors of candy corn and how they remind us of Jesus poem on it.  There’s also a Bible verse on the page.  Also included is a poster with a colored candy corn, the Bible verse, and candy corn colors poem.  This makes for a great little activity to talk about how we can both our faith and Halloween.

Clipart © The Itty Bitty Teacher and it is used with permission.  The cover frame © KB Konnected and the cover background and used with permission.

If you’re interested in this activity, just click to….

Download button 1

If you use any or all of these freebies, please leave me a comment.  I love to read your comments and input….and know how you use them.  I truly create by the feedback that I get!!


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Some of you might ask, what should we do on Halloween?? Well, this is how my family celebrates Halloween.

This year, hubby had to work….yes on Saturday and Halloween.  (But it’s alright…’s overtime!!)  After he got home, he and kiddo went to Sonic to pick up dinner.  We’ve eaten at Sonic any year that Miss K didn’t go trick-or-treating.  That’s been most of them, but not because we wouldn’t let her.  It just was never that big of an issue to her.  We also didn’t let her go if it was cold or nasty. 

While we’re eatting dinner, we watch a movie.  Usually something suspense or thriller.  None of us are really horror fans.  This year, it was “Jurassic Park”.  We’d actually watched the first one last weekend, so we watched parts II and III tonight!!  It’s a favorite of mine and you can’t tell me that some of those dinos aren’t scarey!!

We sit all curled up on the bed watching the movie and enjoying time together.  We generally don’t have trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  Even when kiddo was little, we usually went someplace else to get candy.  This year, the doorbell rang twice.  I felt so bad not having anything to give, but we just don’t get kids here.  Plus, the parents weren’t very fair to those kids sending them up to any house.  It’s common practice to only visit house with the outside lights on.  It’s always been that way!!  Anyway, at least it was only twice!!

So, that’s how our family generally celebrates Halloween.  Not very spook-tacular, but fun for us!!  How does your family celebrate Halloween??

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