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Our Thief of a Gremlin

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am at my wit’s end with our gremlin.  And that lil sucker really seems to love to mess with me!!  Oh I’m so frustrated I could scream. 

It’s tweezers and nail clippers.  My reading glasses.  Now, it’s my good scissors.  I used them yesterday when I had to ship a box to my brother.  Everyone in this house saw them sitting on the livingroom floor with the tape and maker I wrote his info on the box with.  Remember, this is just yesterday!!  This afternoon, I needed them and couldn’t find them.  I think “no big deal, I’ll just use something else”.  So, I do and get done what I needed.  But tonight, K asks me for them so that she can use them.  I tell her I don’t know where they are.  Hubby says “well, of course, they’re still on the livingroom floor where you left them”.  I send Miss K after them, but she yells back “they’re NOT here!!”.  What??  What do you mean they’re not there, don’t make me have to get up.  So I get up and sure enough….they’re GONE!!  Every single person saw them sitting there last night or this morning.

Why does this gremlin have it on for me??  GGRRRR  Yep, we’re going to go ’round and ’round!!  I’m going to rip him apart limb by limb….IF I ever find him!!

There’s things that have never shown back up.  Then there’s things that show up a week or so later.  There’s even times you’re walking past something and there sits something you were just looking for.  It sure isn’t where it belonged.  Nobody has used it.  It’s just moved to some “odd” location.

{walks off stomping my feet} 


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Brain Lock and Riding the Waves

I can’t think of anything to blog about today.  I usually write last thing before bed, which is late, so it goes for my “next” day.  Last night, I was exhausted and had nothing.  Woke up this morning and still had nothing.  It’s now getting late afternoon and there’s STILL nothing.  ARG  True brain lock has set in.  I’ve decided perhaps I’ll just tell you about my day.

I woke up and was glad to see that K wasn’t up yet.  I love her to death, but I wanted a few minutes of “alone time”.  That didn’t last long when the doorbell rang.  I instantly thought I was a day off or someone else was a day off.  Ed is normally here on Friday’s and with the end of summer, he’s been coming over to play with K on Thursday as well.  So I peeked out my bedroom window to see a white Ford truck backed into my driveway.  Well, I wasn’t expecting anyone, I didn’t recognize it and I was still in my nightie, so I ignored his ringing the bell 6 times.  Yes, 6 times!!  This woke K up and she asked if Ed was here on the wrong day and I said no, so she sat down next to me.  About that time, I look back toward the window and the black man from the truck is putting our old front door in the back of his truck.  Just like that and he left.  The man took our old front door!!  Can you believe it??  It was propped up against our fence because the man was going to remove the glass and take it down with his cans to get money for the aluminum.  That fool just walked away with our door because we didn’t answer the door.  What made him think he had a right to it when we didn’t even answer??  He never even looked back.

I’m still amazed at how brazen that move was!!  SHEESH

Miss K has a huge red mound on her arm where she got her shot yesterday.  I don’t like the look of it at all.  She says it hurts and it surely looks like it does.  They didn’t tell me anything about “an adverse reaction in the location of the injection” yesterday.  It’s never happened before.  It’s red, it’s hard and it’s hot!!  Not my idea at all of what it should look like and as I said, it’s never happened before.

Our thieving gremlin is back to work.  I can’t find my reading glasses.  I went to Sam’s to buy a 4 pack just so I wouldn’t be losing glasses.  I read something in one room, then move to another room and need them and they turn up in a totally different room.  So, I buy the multi-pack to avoid this.  Need my glasses to make a phone call and have to look in the phone book and a business card and the glasses I just used are gone.  I swear if I find that gremlin me and him are gonna go ’round and ’round!!

Moving on….

I blindly make my phone calls.  Miss K and I already have dentist appointments in August that have been scheduled 6 months ago.  I call for our eye exams and they get scheduled the day before the dentist appointments.  I think this is cool….I’ll get it all knocked out before the Schoolhouse starts.  Goodness knows I don’t need any distractions with that!!  Next, I call the OB/GYN on post hoping that I can get in while K is gone next week.  Oh h*ll no, that ain’t gonna happen.  The only day my good ole doc has open is the day after the dentist.  I ask for something else….she says “sure, if you want to wait another month”.  {rolling eyes}  Now mind you, I’m already at least 3 months late on this.  I’ve done my best to procrastinate.  Heck, I ain’t got the goods any more anyway.  I just want the refill on the hormones, which have lasted this long because I don’t take them every day.  Plus, now I’m going to have to decide what to do with K because an appointment on post for the doc can be a day long adventure.

So recapping my schedule, Miss K is gone next week of which my house will be far too quiet because she won’t be here AND she’s going to be gone longer than usual.  Then she comes back and I have the mad dash to make sure my lessons are ready for the Schoolhouse and my religion class.  Then, we have an eye exam with a dentist appointment a day later.  The day after that is my all day adventure for an on post OB/GYN appointment.  I’ll have a weekend and the Schoolhouse will begin.

Throw in whatever the man comes up with, usually with last minute notice and our retirement briefings.  Man oh man, I love my crazy life!!


And now, we know why it’s called…

commotion from the ocean of life!!

Riding the waves of this crazy life!! 

Riding the waves of this crazy life!!






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