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My Lent Calendar

After doing my post about Lent, I spent much of the day wondering and planning out making one for myself.  I wanted one that my religion class kids could do at home and return to me after Easter.  I also wanted one that would be of interest to my daughter.  That’s a huge age gap to cover to keep everyone happy!!  However, I think that I did it.

I made a “My Lent Calendar” that can serve many purposes.  It can be colored or marked off each day.  It can have stickers placed on it for each day as a reward or just to mark the day off.  Other special days that occur in the family can be included on the calendar if one chooses.  It’s very basic, but it has lots of possibilities!!

If you’re interested in “My Lent Calendar”, just click the thumbnail…..

Also, I’m working on a Lent worksheet that could be used along with or separately from the calendar.  Please come back to this post to see when it’s uploaded.  I’m working on it now, but it probably won’t be ready until sometime tomorrow.

If you use “My Lent Calendar” or any of the other printables that offer here, I’d appreciate if you’d leave a comment or vote for my blog.  You can vote by clicking one or all of the buttons below, as well as going to the “Rate My Blog” area in the right hand column.  Your comments and voting let me know that what I create is needed and used!!

Update 1: I just created “Almsgiving for Lent”.  It’s a chart to insert coins or use as a countdown to Easter chart.  It also includes an envelope to put the coins in on Easter Sunday to donate.  I’d also like to note that the chart itself should be printed on legal size (8.5″ x 14″) paper.  If you’re interested in this activity, just click here the thumbnail above and it’ll take you right to the folder to download!!

Update 2: I’ve created a “Merciful Cross” for sacrifices and works of mercy done during Lent.  I got this idea from Pondered in My Heart, but I tweaked it a bit to suit my needs.  This is what I’m sending home with my kids tonight after mass.  After discussions with them, they don’t always do the right things.  Although they know it, they don’t change their ways no matter how I talk to them, so this might be the incentive that they need.  I used 2 cross coloring pages that I found….simple and decorated, so there’s a choice in which to use.  The cross is decorated with flowers and butterflies for sacrifices and works of mercy during Lent.  One could also decorate the cross for each day of Lent and use it like a calendar.   If you’re interested in this project for your kids, just click here the thumbnail above to download it!!

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