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Today was another doc visit with the surgeon to see check my progress.  I wasn’t looking forward to it, as I was going to have to see the same one that gave me such a hard time last month.  However, I was sort of pleasantly shocked!!

She entered and asked how I was doing and I told her great.  This time, she wasn’t negative.  She said she could see (on paper) that I’d lost more than just a couple pounds.  I told her “yes” and that I was happy with that.  She talked to me for awhile and asked quite a few questions.  I don’t remember what they all were.  I do remember feeling like I just wanted to get out of there.

I know she wasn’t completely happy, but didn’t have reason to complain either.  With my additional weight loss, I’m .1 lb. from reaching my first goal.  To that, she said, “let’s just call it goal made”!!  I was thrilled with that.  It means that I’ve now officially lost 50 lbs. and have hit my first major step in this process. 

I still have 20 to 30 lbs. to go, but I’m well on my way now!!  She was either satisfied enough or just didn’t want to deal with me, but I don’t have to go back again until January.  She said seeing me on my 1 year anniversary will be good enough because I’m going down at a steady rate, despite it being SLOW.

I’m just so happy so glad that I’ve made this first goal.  This was huge!!  I know it’s been slow and it might not make her happy, but I’m happy and that’s all that matters.  I didn’t get this surgery for super fast or easy weight loss.  I knew I was going to have to work at it and working at it, I’m indeed doing!!

Onward I go!!


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Down Again

Miss K and I have debated for a long time about changing the day that we weigh in.  It seems like Tuesday is here before we know it and it seems so soon after a weekend.  Today we finally made the change!!

One of the reasons that we want to weigh in on Wednesday is because the only days we don’t work-out are the weekends.  on Tuesday, we’re back on schedule, but sometimes still have weekend weight.  I’ve always weighed less on Wednesday then on Tuesday.  It’s been that way since the surgery.  I always weighed on Tuesday, then my appointments were always on Wednesday.  Each time, I weighed less at the appointment.  

I haven’t been keeping accurate tracking for a little while.  We’re having issues with the scale recording the changes from weigh-in to weigh-in.  My record sheet has disappeared and I just haven’t taken the time to find it.  I finally found it and am back on track today!!

With that, I’ve lost another pound.  Yippy!!  That puts me closer to that 50 lbs. mark.  I’m so tired of telling people “almost 5o pounds”.  HAHA  Only 2 more lbs. before I hit a huge mark on the scale too.  I’ve set this goal and thought I’d reach it sooner, but it’s close now.  I feel like once I hit this mark, it’s all downhill!!

On another weight loss note, Miss K lost this week too.  I’m so proud of her!!  She’s working at it hard and I see her putting effort into it.  I know she struggles with this and has done a great job maintaining.  She’s a great kid and I love seeing this sort of spirit in her!!

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Bedside Manner

I don’t know what the last update was on my weight loss.  My original surgeon changed duty stations and I ended up with this great replacement.  He was taking such awesome care of me.  He was working with me on the weight loss and trying to fix my UTI.    Then I found out at my August appointment that he was leaving the very beginning of September.  That left me with all these crazy emotions and fear of what my new temporary doc would be like (because my doc is returning after his deployment is over).

That brings us to my September appointment.  I arrive at my appointment to find that my doc has been detained in surgery and I need to come back about 2 hours later.  I go do some grocery shopping and return as told.  I’m the first one back and I’m checked in.  I wait close to an hour when another lady shows up and just as the doc returns from surgery, another man shows up.  We’re all called back at the same time and I wait in my room a good hour more.  I can hear the doc in the room next to me with the man that showed up last, fully knowing that my appointment time was before his.  It’s on a Wednesday, so I tell the nurse that I have to leave.  We’re talking already very late in the afternoon and I still have to get ready for my religion class.  I go to the front desk and schedule my October appointment and she can’t believe that I wasn’t seen yet.

Finally, we’re at my October appointment yesterday.  I’m there my 15 minutes prior, which is required to be seen.  If you’re not, they can and will cancel your appointment.  I waited about 45 minutes past my appointment time to be seen.  I was weighed and put in my room.  I waited some more.  The doc walks in and asks how I’m doing and I tell her “great”.  She says “oh really, well you didn’t lose much weight”.  Now mind you, she’s well over an hour late for my appointment by this time.  She informs me that I’d lost 2 lbs. since last month and that she’d discussed it with the OCS student with her.  I’m wondering why she’s discussed this with him before even seeing me and why she’s judging me without so much as talking to me.  This was my introduction to this doc…..missed my appointment last month and late to this one!!

This lady starts telling me that I haven’t lost enough weight and I inform her that it’s about the norm for me and my other doc hasn’t been worried about it in the least and that it’s been slow and steady.  I tell her that my activity and weight loss are keeping up with each other and I don’t have any huge pockets of hanging skin, of which I’m proud.  Her reply was, “let me tell you, we all get sagging skin as we get older”.  Then she shows me this chart that she drew on my medical records to show the OCS student how I’m not losing enough weight and in her exact words to me, “you’re not going to succeed and you’re eventually going to put it all back on”.

Can you imagine!?!?  What if I wasn’t as strong as I am??  What if I was having serious issues??  You can’t just talk to ANY patient that way, but especially a weight loss patient.  She’s a total freak!!  I don’t even want to discuss what a disaster my fill was.  Let’s just say that it hurt worse than any I’ve had so far and if I have may way, she’ll not do another one!! 

I just want to know who these docs think they are.  They have no right to talk to anyone that way….ever!!  Thank goodness for my supportive family and my own personal strength.  She really could have gotten in my mind and caused me to fail with words like that.  I intend to prove her wrong and rub her freak face all in it!!  What a crazy witch!!

By the way, to date, I’ve lost almost 50 lbs. now.  I’m down a full 6 sizes in clothes.  Yes, it’s been slow, but it’s also been steady.  I hit a plateau early and I’m losing again.  Surgery or not, everyone will hit a plateau.  It’s the nature of the body.  She didn’t even bother to find out that I’ve had a hysterectomy and I do NOT take hormones.  And yes, that does slow the weight loss down.  DUH!!  So I’m proud of me and I can see such huge changes and so can everyone else….all for the better.

My recommendation is that she goes back to school and learns some bedside manner and stays far away from weight loss patience!!

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Diabetic….NO MORE!!

So as many of you know, things have been pretty busy around here.  I’m happy to say that we’re slowing down and that we’re pretty much back to “normal”.  We had so many appointments, it was starting to drive me mad!!  The only one I have left is next week for my pancake exam….and of course, there’s always my monthly fill check in a couple weeks.

One of the doc appointments that I had last week was my 6-month diabetic check.  The blood drawn for that was done right after race weekend, me drinking sweet tea, and having birthday cake.  Hey, I do get to celebrate now and then!!  Anyway, even after all that, my blood tests were in the “safe” range.  That means that I’m officially off my diabetic meds!!  WooHoo  I haven’t really taken then since after surgery because I watch my numbers at home.  However, having the doc say this makes it official.  Now we’ll see if I can get off the high bp meds too.  I don’t have too much hope in that with family history, but anything is possible.  Also, my cholesterol is good and he lowered my dose to half on that.  This is mainly a precaution since I can’t take my low dose aspirin everyday because it deteriorates the lap-band.

There was no weight loss this week.  More importantly, there was no weight gain either!!  I’m almost down another full size.  It all depends on who makes the clothes and where I got them from.  I’m about ready to say “good bye” to plus size and “hello” permanently to regular misses sizes!!  Plus size stuff now tends to just….fall off.  I think my top half will always be a plus size, except for full cut regular sizes.  The chest has gone no place, even with this weight loss!!  HEHE  Back to more regular exercise with the schedule calming down and I’m actually looking forward to it.  The weight loss will resume and balance out again then!!

Tomorrow night is the last night for religious education.  I want to use summer to really revamp my curriculum and add some new materials.  Hopefully I’ll have another class as crafty as this one was.  They finished up their Fruits of the Holy Spirit mobiles last week and they were a huge hit.  Even the parents commented!! 

So tell me….how are all of you, my readers and followers??  Can you believe that today is the first day of yet another month??  It just shouldn’t be May already!!

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Week in Review

I’ve had a great week….and pretty interesting one too.  I decided it’d be a great time to get caught up and do some blogging!!

The race was rain delayed on Sunday and was supposed to happen on Monday at noon.  However, it was later announced that they were going to go for a 7pm race time.  I’ve gotta say this was a Daytona 500 that will go down in history!!  It was the first time in 58 years that the race had even been rain delayed.  Then the action during the race was crazy and bizarre!! 

Jimmie Johnson was wrecked on lap 2.  Jeff Gordon lost an engine.  There were some pretty big wrecks.  Oh, and let’s not forget the red flag that stopped all the cars on the backstretch!!  Juan Pablo Montoya was coming off pit road and hit one of the jet dryers on the track.  It caused a huge fire.  Once they finally got it put out, they had to repair the track.  I think it was about a 2 hour stop.  The funniest part of the whole thing was that Brad Keselowski was on Twitter and taking photos during the red flag!!


The very best part of the race is that Dale Jr finished in 2nd place!!  He had an awesome win and I’m so happy.  It was exciting to see.  Matt Kenseth won the race, which is just fine for that WI boy.  It’s going to be Jr’s year though!!

Photo by Rainier Ehrhard

In other news, I lost 3 lbs. this week!!  I’m feeling so awesome and I’m really happy.  I didn’t realize I felt “bad” until I felt so good!!  Yesterday, I started having serious digestion issues.  Then tonight at dinner, I just couldn’t eat at all.  Every bite I took, it got stuck in my throat.  Suddenly I had to RUN and it all came up.  I puked 3 times!!  It’s the first time since I’ve had the surgery that it happened.  My thought is that I have a stomach virus because my whole stomach is upset.  Not something I want to do again though and I must say, it wore me out and I’m so ready for bed now!!

Religion class is going great and I’m hoping to get some of our activities posted soon.  Just so much to keep up with right now.  If you’re looking for things for Lent though, please utilize my “search” feature in the column on the right.  I’ve shared many things over my blogging time and it’s all still available for you to use.  I want the kids to benefit from the things that I’ve used or found over the years!!

I guess that’s all for now.  More to come soon.  Have a great weekend!!

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At One Month

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of Earth. I’m just taking full advantage of every day and now that I feel so good, I’m even more busy than I ever was before.

So now I’m at one month post-op.  I go in tomorrow for my first fill.  I’m a little nervous about the needle, but I know it’ll be alright.  At my one week appointment, I’d lost a total of 20 pounds between the liquid diet and the surgery.  Over the next 3 weeks, I put on 3 pounds and got very frustrated because I wasn’t losing anything.  I knew in my head that I had to give it time, but my heart was breaking.  Today when I weighed myself, I’d lost all 3 of the pounds that I gained, just this week!!  I’m so happy and I can see where I’m going now and what it’s going to take.

I eat about 4 ounces of food at 3 meals and I generally have one small snack.  I never eat more than the 4 oz., but I sometimes do have less.  If I’m really not hungry, I’ll revert back to something on the liquid diet so that I do have some protein intake. 

I also exercise 4 days a week for 30 minutes each day.  Lately, I’ve really amped it up and have sweated my butt off.  Kiddo works out right along side of me.  We really have fun.  Then on Wednesday’s, we walk the mall.  There’s a walking route in there and if out walk the outside perameter of the inside of the mall, you’ve walked 7/10 of a mile in one lap.  If you walk one and a half laps, you’ve walked a full mile.  I haven’t made it that far yet, but considering 2 months ago I didn’t even walk, that’s HUGE progress!!  Hubby and I also intend to walk every other Saturday in the mall.  I really enjoy it because I don’t have to worry about weather, dogs, and anything else associated with walking the streets….and here, there’s no sidewalks.  Generally, Saturday and Sunday are my days of rest.

I’ve done a ton of work around the house.  Things that I’d been lacking just because I didn’t have the energy.  I can’t wait to tackle even more projects and I just don’t spend much time at all on the computer any more.  That alone feels great!!

I’ll try not to wait so long before I blog again.  I’d really love to get some of my photography up.  Maybe once I get work in the house done, I can even go out shooting and see what I can get now that I move so much better!!  So, I’ll catch you soon and in the mean time, be healthy!!

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One Week Post-Op

It’s hard to believe that my surgery was already a week ago.  It seems like now that I’ve gone this far, that it’s all a blur.

So my surgery went fine.  I had it on Tuesday morning….early.  By the afternoon, I was up walking around the halls.  Hubby was allowed to spend the night with me.  Wednesday morning, I had to swallow this nasty stuff for an upper gi to make sure that my opening was enough for things to pass through.  I was released Wednesday afternoon.  There was a delay because there was a mix-up with my paperwork.

I literally slept most of the day Thursday.  I walked around the house on my few waking moments, then back to sleep again.  I got so little sleep in the hospital.  They were waking me up for one thing or the other.  It’s been steady progress since then with only one breakdown because I just wanted some warm homey food!!

I had my one week follow-up appointment today and the surgeon said I’m right on schedule and making great progress.  I’m down over 20 pounds already.  Next week, I’ll start my puree diet.  I’ll be on that about 2 weeks.  My incisions are healing and I’m finally starting to sleep on my side a little bit.  Sleep is my biggest issue right now.  I just can’t seem to sleep through the night, no matter how tired I am.  And being on a liquid diet, I have have to get up and potty at least once a night.  However, the past 2 nights I’ve at least stayed in bed and not gone to the couch.

That’s about all that I have for now.  I just thought it was really time for an update for all my readers.  I know that you’ve all been following along and waiting to see how things turn out.  I’ll definitely be posting some updates and hopefully I can get the blog moving along again soon.

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2 Days to Go!!

I can’t believe it….there’s only 2 days to go until my surgery.  Actually, there’s one day and a wake-up!! 

I kept meaning to post for an update, but things have been crazy busy getting ready for this.  I’ve had something going on every day since last Thursday.  I even have an appointment to get the dogs shots tomorrow so that they’re taken care of.

So let me get you caught up.  My scale was perfectly correct!!  I have lost 10 lbs. on the liquid diet.  My sugar is down to 106-112 every single day and that means that I’m down to just one pill for the diabetes.  That’s already a huge improvement!!  However, I’d never stay on a liquid diet for those numbers.  I’m so hungry, but not as often as I was when I started it.  It’s just such bland and boring food.  It’s repeating the same things over and over.  Plus, there’s nothing warm and comforting on a liquid diet.  The only warm liquid is broth or bullion.  That’s alright though, my personal size blender with it’s 4 serving cups is out on the counter.  Just one week after surgery, I can start to try purees and that’s going to mean warm foods and flavor!!

I had my pre-op on Friday.  That was lots of blood drawing and such.  I actually had to spend 4 hours in that hospital.  I had to get a chest x-ray.  I couldn’t go to anesthesia because they were going to lunch, so I went down and pre-admitted myself for my surgery day.  Then it was more blood and back up to anesthesia.  The people I dealt with were so nice and caring though.  That section of the hospital truly cares about you and they like their job.  It really shows!!

I also found out from an LT or CPT that works in the nursing wing where I’ll spend the night that I should have no problems going home the next day.  He said that actually in many hospitals you go home the same day, but this one holds you overnight.  I’m ok with that because then I know I’m ready.  He said the only way you stay is if there’s complications.  I don’t plan on that happening!!  HAHA

Well, I think that’s about it.  I’m super excited and still a little nervous.  I won’t have any updates until I can sit at my desk with my legs hanging and not have to worry about blood clots.  For some reason, they’ve stressed that more with surgery than any other one I’ve had.  And I’m following doctors orders because I’m not letting that happen on my end of it!!

Oh, and I don’t get my surgery time until tomorrow after 1pm.  So I’m still waiting to see what time I go in and stuff.  I’m sure it’ll be somewhat early though.  I just hope it’s not 6:30am because I have to shower immediately before with some special soap that they gave me.  I’d have to be up WAY too early!!  HAHA

For those of you that pray, I’d appreciate prayers for the surgeon and the nurses that they are guided by God’s hand for this surgery and that they don’t forget that I’m NOT just a number.  Throw one if for me too, if you’re so inclined.

I shall return and be on the road to recovery and a new healthier me!!

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