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James Garner

As soon as we got home from church, we saw that James Garner was trending. It was sad to find out that he’d passed away of natural causes.


He starred in over 50 films, but he’s best known for his television roles in “Maverick” and “The Rockford Files”.  James was born James Scott Bumgarner in Norman, OK on 7 April 1928.  He was married to Lois Fleishman Clarke in 1956 and at his passing, they were less than a month from their 58th anniversary.

RIP James “Maverick” Rockford” Garner!!  You’ll be missed by many for your charisma, comedy, handsome looks, and so many other things that made you who you were!!




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Little Man – Big Presence


RIP Joseph Yule, Jr (23 September 1920 – 6 April 2014)!! Better known as the boy-next-door, Mickey Rooney. At just 5’3”, he leaves behind a legend in classic Hollywood that can never be matched. Mickey was paired with Judy Garland 10 times and starred in 14 Andy Hardy movies, along with a career of more than 200 films. He was married 8 times and had 9 children.
Godspeed Mickey!!
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RIP Million Dollar Mermaid

Esther Williams

Esther Jane Williams was born 8 August 1921 and was a competitive swimmer who won 3 U.S. National championships by the age 16 and had a record-breaking time in the freestyle. She signed a contract with MGM in 1941. Esther achieved pin-up status because the number of swimsuit photos that she appeared in. She was married 4 times and had 3 children (with her 2nd husband). Esther died in her sleep on 6 June 2013 at the age of 91.

RIP Esther Williams!! Another one of the classics is gone….there will never be another million dollar mermaid.

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The “Iron Lady”


Margaret Hilda Thatcher (13 October 1925-8 April 2013) was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990. She holds the honor of holding the office for the longest period of time in the 20th century and being the only woman to hold the office. A soviet journalist gave her the nickname of “Iron Lady” because of her leadership style. In 2007, she was the first living British Prime Minister to be honored with a bronze statue in the House of Parliament.

R.I.P. The Right Honorable, The Baroness Thatcher!!

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Good-Bye “Mouseketeer” Annette

annette funacello

RIP Annette Joanne Funicello (22 October 1942-8 April 2013).  Annette was an actress and singer, and she rose to prominence as one of the original “Mouseketeers” on the Mickey Mouse Club.  She transitioned into “beach party” genre in movies along with co-star Frankie Avalon in the 1960’s.  In 1992, she announced that she’d been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the 1980’s and died from complications of that illness.

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A Blessed Easter Day

I’d like to wish all of you a…..


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R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine

Ernest Borgnine died today of renal failure in Los Angeles, CA. He was born Ermes Effron Borgnino on 24 January 1917. Ernest won an Oscar in 1955 for his role in the movie Marty and was on tv in shows like McHale’s Navy (1962-66) and Airwolf. Borgnine served in the US Navy and was discharged in 1941, but re-enlisted when the US entered WWI and served until 1945. His military decorations included the American Campaign Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, World War II Victory Medal, American Defense Service Medal with Fleet Clasp, and the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal. Ernest’s movie career included films like Bad Day at Black Rock, The Dirty Dozen, Ice Station Zebra, From Here to Eternity, and The Wild Bunch. He was also a character actor on many tv shows from The Love Boat, Little House on the Prairie, ER, Touched by an Angel, and many others.

I’m truly going to miss Ernie. It was comforting to know that he was around and still entertaining us. He attended TCM events and his presence was felt whether you saw him or not. R.I.P. Ernie…..thank you for your contribution to part of my childhood and memories…..Godspeed!!

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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Wednesday I got the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor died.  I was very sad and even had to cry for awhile.  I have finally come to my senses that she is happy now, she’s with her family and friends now up in heaven.  Elizabeth whom I call “Lizzie” was like a friend of mine.

She was my favorite actress and was the most beautiful.  To say I have a favorite film of hers is hard, but I think it is Giant. I like Giant because she plays a superb ranchers wife in racially hard times.  I really can see the chemistry in the movie between her and Rock Hudson.  My 2nd favorite performance from her would probably be Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. She plays Maggie the Cat so well I couldn’t see anyone else play the part. I think she should have won an award for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”.  In “Who’s Afraid of Virgina Woolf” she plays a wonderful part, that really went out of her comfort zone.  Now I know why she won that award.

She has a very sultry look to her.  When I watch Cleopatra or any of her other movies for that fact, she dares you to look away, but it’s impossible.  She put so much work into her movies that you don’t really feel as if she is acting.  She graces around the room like an angel.  I totally believe she should have won more than 2 awards.

What I most respect her for is her compassion for always being there for her children.  There are so many pictures of her with her children.  A lot of people say well “how can she be out with so many guys that she takes care of her children.”  I don’t know, but what from I can tell is that she LOVES her children.  I also love her for her AIDS humanitarian work.  She never gave up without a fight.  She had the courage to stand up for, what some people couldn’t talk about.

About a month ago I started a book called “Elizabeth”. It is a very good book and I recommend this book to anybody who is a fan of Elizabeth.  Anyways, back to it, I’m doing a book report on her.  I thought I should do a book report on her since she is my favorite actress and there is a lot to learn about her.   After all I am a huge fan of her and have over 700 pictures on my computer of her.

Here is my favorite quote from her:  “I don’t entirely approve of the things I’ve done, or am, or have been, but I’m me .  God knows I’m me.”  ~Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth, you are truly loved and God Bless you!!

RIP Lizzie!

You made the world a more beautiful place.

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No More Pain

Tonight, after watching some tv as a family and doing a few chores, I came into the computer room to check my e-mail.  The first news item that I saw as I logged in was the headline “Patrick Swayze Dies at Age 57”.  How sad and what a loss.


The way I wanted to remember him was with a smile. To me, he had an infectious smile. One that could make you believe again and give you hope. One that told you that he was truly happy. That’s something that’s hard to find around Hollywood.

He put up such a battle with cancer, but in the end, still lost.  One has to believe that he’s now at peace.  That there is no more pain.  I can’t even imagine what the last days might have been like.  As I searched for a picture displaying his smile, it was sad to see what he’d become.  He was skin and bones and barely looked like himself.  That’s not a picture that I can post.  However, I can post a later picture of him and his wife, Lisa Niemi.  They were a couple that was in love and didn’t fall into the Hollywood trap. 


Rest in forever peace, Patrick.  You’ll be missed.  I’ll see you in the movies!!

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A Young Life….Lost

Hubby received an odd text message at work and he couldn’t wait to get home to show me and check on it.  He thought it was some sort of joke….a horrible joke.  After a phone call, we found out that it was NO joke.

When the Man retired, he had a young commander.  He was only about 28.  A very bright man.  I remember his exact words to hubby the night of the retirement party at the unit.  He had the utmost respect for my husband.  He had such kind things to say and most of all, he truly meant them.  He was full of respect.  It meant so much to me because in the Army, officers think they know it all and don’t rely on their NCO’s.  Usually NCO’s have in much more time and have worked the trenches, but the officers have a degree!!  This young man wasn’t like that.  He said that he learned what it was like to be a soldier from hubby.

That man lost his life today.  He’d been to combat in Iraq.  He’s even trained the Iraqi’s to defend themselves.  He was a good commander and had recently changed command.  But that’s all over now.  When we saw him at the retirement party, he was on crutches and his foot was in a cast.  He was out of the cast and off crutches trying to rehabilitate that foot and leg.  Last night, he was out riding his bicycle when a van hit him.  We really don’t know more details than that.

From our understanding, his spine was severed and there was head trauma.  He was life flighted to OKC, but was pronounced brain dead.  Sometime today, life support was turned off.  In many ways, he’ll go on though as he was an organ donor.  He left behind a wife that’s a nurse (I believe) and one daughter.  It’s so sad to know that a soldier survived combat, only to be killed in an accident and on a bike no less.  Hubby plans on going by the unit to drop off some money to donate toward flowers, a card, and whatever else they put together.  I’m sure we’ll go to the memorial service if it’s not during the Man’s work day.

Very sad and so hard when it’s someone that you actually know.  You know that they’re a good person and deserved a good life.  But, God had a plan for this young man.  Now his time here as ended and he’s moved on. 


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Tragedy has Struck

Miss K and I had eye exams scheduled for today.  Because we’re up late watching the Olympics, we both slept in until the last minute.  I’m frantically trying to get dressed when K comes in my room “we have to go to Wal-Mart”.  Then, I realize she’s crying.  Half dressed and tripping over my bottoms, I ask what’s wrong.  She says through her tears “Sam died”.  My face drops and I hug her.  I tried to explain that fish have short lives and she spoiled that little goldfish rotten while she had it in it’s short year long life.  (Oh yes, I forgot to mention, the tragedy was a precious goldfish dying.)  She bought it and 2 others {one is a sucker fish} along with an aquarium with her birthday money last year.  These are some fat spoiled goldfish!!  But alas, Sam has died.  As we left, I saw it tangled in the purple fake plant in the tank.  She started to cry again, so already late, I scooped the goldfish out of the tank and placed her (gross) shrivled body in a cup for proper burial later.  Off we went, but I heard twice as we passed by Wal-Mart that we should stop and get a replacement before the other goldfish gets lonely and dies from that!!  I had to explain that we need to wait and make sure nothing is wrong with the tank or other fish before we introduce a new one.  So for now, there’s peace.  (And this child is almost 11 and wants to be a vet!!  Heaven forbid!!  Does she realize how many animals she’s going to lose!?!?)  God bless her and that’s one of the reasons you can’t help but to love her when you meet her.

R.I.P. Sam the Goldfish!!

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