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Tagged With: Commotion from the Ocean of Life

I’m 6 Years Old!!

Alright, so it’s not me….it’s the blog!!


Commotion is 6 years old today.  I can’t believe that!!  Time has gone so fast.  

I know that I blog a lot less than I used to, but I still enjoy it.  I feel like I’ve finally taken ownership of it made this blog all mine.  That means that I had to give up on the idea of having lots of followers and readers, but it was a sacrafice worth making.  It allows me to blog about whatever I want and not just stick to one single topic.

Normally, I’d give you a bunch of stats from the past year.  I can’t do that this year, as I moved the blog to a hosted domain.  My stats only count from that point on.  That is by far, the biggest event on the blog in the past year.  The move was a lot of work, but it was well worth it.  I’m still working on moving files and making sure that links work.  In addition to that, I still get plenty of visitors on the old blog looking for my printables.  Despite signs and notes that I moved, they haven’t found there way to this new location yet.  I have hopes though!!

What has your year been like??  What do you like or dislike about the “new” blog??  What do you want to see more of….or even less of??  Let me know your thoughts on Commotion, as I always love to hear from my readers!!


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My New Blog

I went and started a new blog today!!  I’m so excited and I feel great about this.  I’ve been struggling for awhile trying to find a balance between sharing my printables and just being able to blog about what I want.  When I only share my printables, my daily readers and photography buffs leave.  When I go on a rant, talk politics, or other such things that touch my life, my readers after printables leave.

So, I found a solution….I started a new blog.  It will be strictly for my Christian and educational printables.  This will the the place that I can share and help the kids.  I hope that you will follow me to my new location, as well as remain here with the Commotion from the Ocean of Life!!

I’m going to attempt to move my Christian and educational file folder game/printables pages to the new blog.  Then, I will add new stuff via blog posts.  I plan to share my first new materials tomorrow!!  So please, come check out….

Tomorrow will also be Foto Finish here, so come see what my latest photo project will be!!  This blog will be about my hobby….photography, and continue to just be about life.  So please stick around and see what happens next!!

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