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Vacation Bible School

I’ve been making VBS (Vacation Bible Schools) printables for the past several years.  I do it especially for a lady that’s in one of my Y!Groups.  I think I’ve only missed one year, and I just go too busy and ran out of time.   I believe that was last year for 2013.  I’m once again working on stuff for this year!! 


This is a list of all the posts that I’ve done for my VBS printables.  They’re all related to LifeWay VBS themes.  Here are all the VBS posts….

Round Up for VBS with the Saddle Ridge Ranch theme

VBS:  NYC – Big Apple Adventure with the Big Apple Adventure theme

V.B.S. – Amazing Wonders Aviation with the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme

V.B.S. – More Amazing Wonders Aviation with the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme

I’m also working on the Agency D3 theme for this year.  I’m hoping to have them uploaded and posted very soon.  I’m happy with how they’ve come so far and can’t wait to make them available to my group member….and all of you, my readers.

If you use any of these printables, please leave a comment or use the “contact” button in the right hand column of this blog.  I love to hear from those that use my materials and find out how they are used in class!!


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Fun Way to Enforce Behavior

Quite some time ago, I made a behavior game called Behavior Slides and Ladders.  There was recently a need for this game again, but I wasn’t happy with the appearance of my original game.  It’s something that I’d made very early in my creative days!!

Anyway, I’ve since re-worked it and am ready to share it again.  There’s really not much difference, except all the clipart and graphics look better.  I also changed the slide.  I like the looks of the new slide so much more!!  You can find the “new” Behavior Slides and Ladders here.  This game is played pretty much just like the old original Chutes and Ladders that most of us grew up playing.  This version just deals with actions and behavior.

I hope that you’ll be able to use this game as a re-enforcement to behavior actions.  It can make it so much for fun than just saying “this is right” or “that is wrong”!!  I also plan on making a version of this game for “how to get to Heaven”.  So, come back often for when I get that posted!!

The information that is posted on this blog is general information. It is not intended to substitute for obtaining advice from your principal, church or DRE. It is for informational and educational purposes only. All activities, games, information, etc. on this blog are free; however they are ONLY to be used for classroom and personal use. They may not be published on any websites or other electronic media, or distributed in newsletters, bulletins, or any other form or sold for profit. If you know someone who would benefit from these materials, please refer them to this blog. Do NOT share your materials with them. Copyright © 2008-2010. All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted.

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I’ve decided after debating with myself back and forth, that I’m going to start to upload my creations to 4Shared.  I’m doing this because my space is limited here on WordPress.  I’d rather use that space for things like pictures and other things that pertain to my day to day life.  Basically, things that I blog about!! 

As it stands right now, each of my creations that’s on the “Printables” page takes up room in my WordPress storage.  They’re all in PDF format, so they’re fairly large in size too.  4Shared will let me store up to 5GB in materials for FREE!!  That’s a ton of room and means that I can share even more stuff. 

So, from now on when you click on a link on my “Printables” page, you’ll be going to where that printable is stored on my 4Shared area.  The best news is, this will allow me to share more material, so please check back often.  In case you don’t already know it, my “Printables” page can be found on the right side of this page under “Pages”.  Just click it and it’ll take you to the “Printables” page and you can see what I’m sharing!!  Here, you’ll find most file folder games (ffg), but you’ll also find things like tracers, puzzles, worksheets, mini books and more.  So take your time and browse around!! 

On another note, if you join my groups, The Creative Kingdom, you’ll have access to even more materials and it’s all in DOC format.  Being in DOC format allows you to use MS Word and adjust it to suit your needs.  Not only is my materials posted in these groups, but so is lots of great stuff made by Laura and Debbie.  If you like my stuff, you’ll love theirs!!

Either way you choose to download my ffg and other stuff, I hope that you do download it and use it.  Mostly, I hope that the kids love it!!

OOHHHH!!  I forgot to mention, my newest ffg, Frosty the Snowman, is listed on the “Printables” page.  This is my very latest in hopes that it keeps the kids busy, entertained and having fun over Christmas Break.  There’s a version for little ones and for older kids too.  Enjoy!!

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Pumpkin Patch (Parable) FFG

This is a game that I created a year ago for my groups.  Everyone wanted a Christian “Halloween” game and this is the first thing that came to me.  I knew of the book by Liz Curtis Higgs called The Pumpkin Parable.  In case you don’t know, she has a wonderful series of “parable” books that’s great for younger kids.  So I had to find out what the book entailed and my creative process began.  I couldn’t use Liz’s exact words, so I searched out other varieties.  I found some totally adorable quotes, prayers and poems.  I mixed and matched until I came up with one of my own.  The game grew from there.

Players move around the board in the direction of their choice.  When they land on a space, they say the prayer (poem) for that piece and remove it from the (Biblical) jack-o-lantern puzzle.  When I played it with my students, I even bought a bag of pumpkin seeds and gave each student a few of them to remove for the “insides” of the jack-o-lantern.  To light the jack-o-lantern, the players slide a piece of bright yellow paper behind their puzzle so that it “lights up” and shines through.

Below, you will find a JPG of each section of the game.  There is a game board, prayer (poem) cards and the (Biblical) jack-o-lantern.  There is also a cover, tab label and directions, along with player tokens and a cute poem to add to the folder.  The jack-o-lantern that is with the cover set shouldn’t be used.  It’s an incomplete version and I can’t figure out how to remove it.

The Pumpkin Patch (This is the entire game!!.)

Click on each image to see the full size image.  You can then save it to you files. You’ll need to print out as many jack-o-lanterns as needed so there’s 1 per player.  It’s intended to for personal use only.  If you know anyone that could use this game, please send them to this post to get the game.  I love to share my materials, but I put many hours into creating these items.  Please don’t share or distribute this game without permission.

I hope everyone gets as much fun out of it as my kids did!!  Enjoy!!

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