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Christmas Printables

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’m sure you all think that I’ve dropped off the Earth.  That’s not the case though.  I’ve been pretty busy and I type up a blog post late at night, save it as a draft and say I’ll proof-read it in the morning and post it.  Problem is….I never do!!  HAHA  I do still have some saved and I’ll try to post them so that you all know what’s been going on.  I do return bearing gifts though!!  I’ve created several winter and Christmas printables.  I’ve uploaded them to my 4Shared and am sharing them with you!!

The mini-book “Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Baby….What Do You See?” is loosely based on the Jan Brett book, Gingerbread Baby.  Great to read alone or as a supplement.  Gingerbread Lane is a file folder game that is played much like the board game, “Candyland”.  There are 2 versions, but the only difference is the background.  The directions, movement tokens and player tokens are the same for either version.  This is a fun family game for the holidays!!  I’ve made 2 “Say & Write” mini-books.  The first is “Say & Write the 12 Days of Christmas” and the second is “Say and Write the ABC’s of Christmas“.  Both of these books are a fun way to learn how to write numbers, ABC’s, and other words.  “Shadows Under the Star” is a nativity shadow match game.  “Santa’s Bag Pattern Match” is a card game with storage box where player match the pattern on Santa’s suit to the the pattern on his bag loaded with presents.  I also made 2 strip puzzles counting 1-10.  The first is Christmas Pageant and the second is the Nativity.  These puzzles are assembled by placing the strips numbered 1-10 in order.  “Christmas Snow Shadows” is a ffg where several items that Santa needs have been covered by snow and the only way Santa can make his Christmas Eve trip is if all the items are matched to their snow shadows.  I also made 2 shadow match games using Christmas cookies.  These are fun games where the cookies are matched to their shadow on the cookie sheet.  The first is “Baked to Perfection” and the second is “Ready for the Oven”  The final item that I’m going to share today is some snowglobe puzzles for The Nativity Story.

I hope that you enjoy all these printables.  I’ve had so much fun making them and I hope that kids get just as much pleasure playing them.



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