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A Lesson of Thanksgiving

This week, our lesson is on Thanksgiving.  Before I get to that, I just wanted to let you know that I do have a blog post about last week’s lesson.  It was on the Bible and I created a craft for it using images that I’d found, but I’ve been waiting for hubby to draw me some so that I could share it.  He’s now completed those drawings for me, so hopefully by this weekend I’ll be able to get it posted….and it will still be dated for last week since that’s when I did it and saved my draft post.

Now, onto this week’s lesson!!  I simply love doing the Thanksgiving lesson.  I teach very little, except to tell them that they should be thankful and why.  I then open the class up to telling me things that they’re thankful for and why.  Sometimes, it turns into a “competition”, but in a good way.  They start to realize all that they have at such a young age and when someone says something, they almost have to match it.  The reason why I like that part of it because they are so young and sometimes don’t realize what they do have for what they’ve been blessed with.  It turns out to be very enlightening!!

Here’s a thumbnail view of 2 of the activities that we’ll do in class….

The first activity is a coloring page with the pilgrims praying.  It has the Bible verse for Colossians 3:17 on it as well.  If you’d like to download this activity, just click to…..

The coloring book image comes from Calvary Baptist Church Online and is © Calvary Kids Pages.

The next activity is a coloring/drawing one.  The page says “I’m thankful for….” and the kids will draw something that they’re thankful for.  Then, I’ll have them write what it is on the line.  There is also one without the line for those that don’t want to have their kids write (or the kids can’t write quite yet).  If you’re interested in this thankful activity, just click to….

Clipart © Laura Strickland at My Cute Graphics and used with permission.

I hope that you enjoy these printables.  I’m sure hoping that my class does, but not too worried as they love busy work!!  I love comments and knowing that you’ve used my free printables at home or in the classroom, so please leave a comment or use the “contact” form in the right-hand column.

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A Day Off

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last did a blog post.  WOW!!  Where has time gone??  We had a rather busy week and things just sort of got away from me.  I’ve been trying to lower my stress level and just let things happen as they come along.  I feel so much better now that I’m doing that, but at the same time, I feel like it’s a waiting game.  I think more than anything, we’re looking forward to a weekend off.  We’ve been on the go every single weekend and that’s just not us.  We’re not one of those families that plans things constantly and is rarely home, so this is driving us nuts and we feel tired!!

Kiddo did get her CPR re-certification done this week and hubby had jury duty.  He made it through the first phase of being picked for a jury and was supposed to show back up on Tuesday.  However, Friday afternoon he received a call that he wouldn’t be needed.  He was actually a little disappointed as he’s never had duty before.  He was always active duty military and couldn’t do it.

Anyway, today IS a day off!!  It’s Columbus Day.  Lately there seems to be alot of controversy over this holiday.  Now I know Christopher Columbus was no angel, but we have no problem celebrating other days, so this day just needs to be left alone.  It is what it is and it’s part of our history.

I know that I also have several Canadian readers from my groups and just readers in general.  Today is the day that you celebrate your Canadian Thanksgiving.  Last year, I enjoyed reading up on the history of it.  I found out that it’s similar, yet very different from our version of the same holiday.  Obviously, there’s a difference as to when it’s celebrated as well.  If you don’t know the history of the Canadian Thanksgiving, look it up….it’s interesting!!

Whether you’re working, or have the day off…..have a good one ya’ll!!

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