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Dirt Track Racing

We ended the birthday party event in a special way for Miss K last night.  We took her to the local dirt track to watch some championship racing.  It was just so much fun and the weather was perfect!!  

We left about the time the gates open.  We remembered from a previous trip many years earlier, that they fill up pretty fast.  We paid our extra $1 so that we could sit in the actual seats instead of on bleachers.  As we waited, we watched the trailers getting to the track and setting up the cars.  The temps cooled off as the sun went down.  We had to give mom and dad coats of ours because we knew it’d be damp and chilly.  Good thing because it was the perfect night for dirt track racing!!

It started with trials in the different classes.  I couldn’t pick a winner to save my soul!!  Finally the last couple races, I had a couple that finished well.  At the half way point, all the guys that qualified the night prior came out and drew numbers for starting positions.  Then the big races started!!

By the time, the track was drying out and they were really sliding around the corners.  The dust would just hang in the air.  There was some really great battles.  There was races and they’d go quick.  The trials were 10 laps, but all the championship racing was at least 25 laps.  The little sprint cars were the fastest!!  We all thought that they’d wreck more, but they didn’t.  They just lapped and lapped.

The whole night, the guy on the flag stand was being questioned.  He really didn’t throw the caution as much as he should have.  He endangered some of those drivers.  They’re stalled out in the corners with cars coming right at them and dodging them.  Had all of us on our feet at times to see who was or wasn’t going to make it through.

Now, as I sit here recalling the fun from last night, I’m watching the big boys race around the track at Dover.  Oh how we all love some good racing….no matter how many days in a row or the type!!



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The Party

Today was the day of Miss K’s birthday party.  It was small as expected this year, but it was good.  The people that matter the most and love her were all here.  It also made for a slower relaxing day for all of us.  I didn’t have to constantly be on the go and keep food full.

Her best friend was here.  They played and laughed all day long!!  My 3 goddaughters were also here and they just adore Miss K.  My parents were here and with a smaller crowd, they spent more time with her.  The food was great as “mother” put together some awesome Mexican food for us.  There was tomales, flautas, spanish rice and beans.  Of course, there was a fruit tray and veggie tray too.  There was plenty to accompany the food too!!  We finished it all off with a huge marble cake.

She got pretty much everything that she asked for this year along with some monkey gifts.  That’s already in an envelope and ready to deposit.  She kept very little for herself.  Miss K knows she needs the funds for her future!!

I know this is short, but the party was small and we just all enjoyed the day.  Now, we’re on our way to the second half of her party day.  That means more to come later!!

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Happy Birthday, Teenager!!

Today, the teenager advances a year into the teens and leaves us wondering where time has gone and why it’s gone so fast.  It’s been great though and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world!!  Miss K is the most amazing kid and she makes me proud everyday that she’s mine.

We really pulled one over on her today!!  She knew that I had to get up early to go rent my mom’s space for the craft sale.  She told me to call her and wake her up on my way home and she’d get ready and we’d go to the mall.  Today is an official holiday from homeschool, so no worries there!!  Anyway, I had other plans as Lean Green took the day off without telling her, so he went with me.  On the way home, we picked up Chic-Fil-A for breakfast.  It happens to be her favorite!!  By my not calling, she was still sleeping when I got home.  I walked in and told her to wake up, that I’d gotten breakfast for a surprise.  I got the biggest bestest smile I’d ever seen!!  When her eyes where open, I told her I had another surprise and I went to the hall and brought Lean Green into her room.  Another giant smile!!  She stretched and yawned and got out of bed and we all ate breakfast together.

We then asked her what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to go to Wichita Falls.  I was really tired, so I said I’d take a nap and see how I felt for the drive.  When I got up, we knew that we weren’t going to make that drive and I said let’s go to the mall.  Ended up being a great trip!!  She got some new shoes, a skirt, and a new dress.  We ended our shopping trip with some frozen yogurt at the new shop.  It was delish and she was happy!!

Before the nighttime television shows started, we took her out to dinner.  It was her choice and she made a good one!!  We all enjoyed it and it was a cozy evening at home.  Later, my parents called and sang to her, which was just so darn sweet!!  She said it was the best birthday ever!!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!  We love you so much and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for you.  You’re truly precious and we were blessed the day you entered our lives!!




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Another Year Older


It’s time once again for me to blow the candles out on my birthday cake.  I can’t believe how it just seems to come around so fast.   It won’t be long before the candles on the cake light the whole thing on fire!!  HAHA 

The Man surprised me with a birthday cake and card.  I would have had a certificate for the full hair treatment, but my beautitian wasn’t there when he went by to pick it up.  Kiddo made me a special card and my parents are here to share in the day with me.  My cake was even marble, which happens to be the best of both worlds. 

I’m just so blessed and getting “old” isn’t so bad when you’re blessed with a life like I have.  It was a great day and the race is still to come!!

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Back to “Normal”

Things today began to get back to “normal” now that the big party is over with.  I typically get busy before K’s parties, but this one just really seemed to slam me.  I was so exhausted last week and I felt like I was getting further and further behind.  Now that it’s all over with, I can breath a sigh of relief.  It all went off without a hitch!!

Hubby’s parents arrived on Friday and went home Sunday.  My parents arrived on Thursday and went back this morning.  We had a couple close friends at the party and 2 of K’s best friends were there as well.  We’ve yet to find out where one missing friend was.  Her ex-teacher wasn’t able to come because she’s sick.  So, it was a smaller party than some years, yet a good sized one.

After all that, it was back to the Thrift Store today.  Got up early to take the Man to work and saw my parents off.  I took a little nap before the Thrift Store with Miss K.  She’s not feeling well.  Just allergies, but it sure does make her miserable.  We’ll be watching close to make sure pneumonia does NOT settle in because of the allergies this year.  Found a couple goodies at the Thrift Store, but it was fairly quiet there today.  Too many “bosses” though!!  ARG 

Anyway, it was back home to lay on the couch and watch Open Season 2with kiddo.  She needed to rest and so did I.  Not much teaching got done, but that’s alright.  We’re in good shape right now as it is.  The movie was pretty funny, but I missed some of the original voices not returning.  It’s too bad really, but that often happens.  Funny just the same!!

Alright, off I go!!  I’ve been typing this on commercial breaks, but time to head back to CSI:  Miami.  Out….

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The time has come for all the final birthday party preparation.  It also means that it’s time for family and friends to start to come out of town or by the house to wish give kiddo birthday wishes.  As if the business isn’t bad enough, I need the car 4 out of 5 days this week.  That means up and on the road by 6:30 am!!  For those that know me, I’m not a morning person….at all.  Heck, half the time I’m just going to bed around 2am or so.  That doesn’t leave much time for sleep!!

Tomorrow I’ll be at the Thrift Store and then Thursday, we have a luncheon for the Thrift Store.  It’s sort of an appreciation thing.  I have my typical religion class on Wednesday, but on top of that, we have a field trip in the afternoon.  What a bad day for that!!  HAHA  Thursday is another double with the luncheon and photography class for kiddo.

I have a couple stops at various stores this weeks for birthday supplies and food to feed the family.  There’s going to be Hobby Lobby, Sam’s, Card and Party Factory, and probably Wal-Mart or something to pick up a few odd things.  That’s not mentioning the birthday give that I still have to go buy!!  I never have time away from her and now that I don’t have a car, it’s worse.  OYE!! 

I shall survive and probably love every minute of it.  Nothing better than a little chaos in life!!  So, if I’m not here everyday, you’ll know why!!  In the meantime, enjoy this glorious weather and be kind to each other!!  Peace….

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Weekend Mix

It’s been an intereting weekend.  I can’t say it was extremely busy.  It was relaxing and we did have a few things to get done.

Saturday started with us all sleeping in.  I woke up about 10am and hubby woke up shortly after.  Kiddo woke up after 10:30 when my parents called.  We haven’t slept that late in ages and it felt great!!  We took it pretty easy all day and just did some chores around the house.  We didn’t get to any of the big tasks, but that’ll come.  We did watch “Marley and Me” today.  Excellent movie!!  If you love dogs at all, it’s a tear jerker at the end.  We also watched the All Star Race.  It was awesome!!  Kyle Busch was his typical jerk self.  One day, he’s going to hurt somebody, then NASCAR will have to control “wild thing”.  As it is, he does what he wants on the track and I doubt his car is ever inspected.  But, I won’t let that jerk ruin a good race.  I have to say we were all pretty happy in this house with the results!! 

We did hit Wal-Mart to buy our new “pet” a home.  I guess I haven’t really blogged about our newest addition.  The Man rescued a turtle from the middle of the main road close to our house.  He came home and said he just couldn’t let the poor thing get hurt.  Kiddo and I spent Friday trying to find out what kind it was and how hard it’d be to take care of it.  He’s some sort of box turtle.  Between asking a store and searching the internet, we decided on ornate, Louisiana, or Florida box turtle.  They all resemble the one hubby rescued.  I had to check on the laws here and it’s not illegal to have it, as long as it’s not hunted (or something like that).  Which, it definitely wasn’t.  We also found out that it loves the yellow lines on roads.  For now he’s ours and in 2 weeks we’re going to have to decide if we can care of him and not hurt his life by keeping him, or send him home with my parents when we see them.  He’s also native to their area and could make a home there and possibly find a mate.  They have the woods and the pond and all those acres to roam on.  I know deciding on that type of life or life in our aquarium isn’t much of a choice, but we really have gotten quite attached to him.  I make him a salad everyday to eat.  His favorite is strawberries, but he also likes spinach, apples, pears, turtle pellets, and carrots.  Tomorrow we’re going to try some hard boiled egg (with shell for calcium).  Oh and he’s an eater too!!  Here’s a picture of our newest family member addition….


Today was a fun bowling birthday party and then run a couple errands.  Miss K had a great time bowling again and she did pretty good.  She got to see her bff, so that made it all the better.  After that, it was home to fix the garage door.  The spring on the opposite that my dad fixed quite awhile ago finally broke.  I heard a loud thud-type noise the other night, but we couldn’t find where it came from.  When we went to raise the garage door today, we found what it was!!  Anyway, The Man fixed it right up.  Hopefully it’ll last as well as the repair on the other side.  We really don’t want the expense of a garage door anytime soon.  UGH  We still have a tree to cut down!!

Alright, I’m out!!  So what did you do this weekend??


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Another Year Older


Ah yes, there’s a definite smell of birthday cake in the house as I grow another year older.  MMMM  It was chocolate!!  HEHE

I had a totally awesome day today.  When I woke up, hubby had a card for me sitting on my keyboard.  When I opened it, I found a gift certificate to get my hair done.  Not just a cut, but a wash and style too!!  WooHoo  Now I know that may not seem like much to some, but it was everything to me.  With our budget cuts, one of the things that kiddo and I have given up is getting our haircut every single month.  That’s a savings of $40!!  So just the other day I complained that I can’t do anything with my hair.  I mean it’s horrible right now!!  So low and behold, the man got me the perfect gift!!  I know some of you would be upset at a practical gift, but not me.  I’ll take what I need any day over something I’m just going to throw in a closet or hide.  That includes appliances….if I need it, give it!!  HAHA  But anyway, I’m looking forward to my hair appointment, that is, whenever I have time to set it up now!!

Kiddo made me breakfast and gave me a beautiful card.  She’s such an amazing kid!!  I just loved the card and that one may never get put away.  My dear online gal pal, Debbie, sent me a birthday message.  That meant alot to me and in turn it sent other wishes my way.  I also got a call from a long-time friend that we haven’t heard from in ages, not to mention Suz called to have a chat.  My in-laws sent me a card and some $$!!  WooHoo  My parents sent a card and they called.  Of course, they used that time to remind me how old I am.  They didn’t quite fall for me being 21 and having my first drink tonight!!  HAHA  Hey, that reminds me….I never got a drink!! 

Hubby made his famous chili dogs for dinner.  They’re to die for and oh so sinful!!  MMMM  Don’t get too close….I have onion breath!!  HEHE  After that, we relaxed and had some chocolate birthday cake.  With that, the day was over and now I’m just another year older!!

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Last night was the birthday party/sleepover of Miss K’s friend Miss N.  Miss K has never been on a sleepover so Miss N’s mom graciously invited me to sleepover too.  Her mom and I are friends anyway, so I knew this would be a great time for the girls to be girls and the moms to have some adult conversation.

We did a fun craft project.  We made cute little cat pin cushions.  It was such a neat project for the girls to do.  There was 4 girls total.  It kept the busy and they were able to bring home the cutest best project.  I thought it was such a good idea.  I always do a craft project too, but I never do one that indepth.  She handled it like a pro and everyone had something to show this morning.

Miss N and another girl stayed up until 6am.  Us moms only made it until 2am and then we’d had enough.  Miss K went to bed with me.  She said she was tired and needed to go to sleep.  It was an eventful night and there was lots of food and cake.  They had homemade pizza that was absolutely delicious.  There was fresh fruit salad and chocolate covered strawberries.  They were to die for!!  She had a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was even the shape of a cat!!  It had chocholate in between the layers.  Goodness!!  Talk about drool!! 

We had such a good time.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I even got to feel like a kid again myself!!  It was an awesome party and a fun sleepover.  I couldn’t ask for more and I’m so glad that we’ve become friends to be able to share times like this.

So when was your last sleepover??

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