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Macro: Mushroom



It’s time for another macro for Monday.  I went back in time for this one.  This is about 2 years old and was taken at my parents house.  They’d been having a rainy year, so there was all kinds of mushrooms all over their yard.  

Check out this brightly colored mushroom….

Macro - AR Mushroom byElaineG

Be sure to check out the other macro photography here….

studio waterstone

Be sure to come back here on Saturday and join in Foto Finish, where you can link up and share your favorite or best shot of the week!!  To find out more about Foto Finish, just click here.



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Foto Finish: Spring

Foto Finish

The theme for this week’s Foto Finish is spring.  Perfect timing for this once since spring does start this week!!  Spring is definitely in the air, but not much sign of it around my house.  My flowers are starting to sprout through the ground, but they’re still way too small to have blooms on them.  We do have a tree in front of the house that’s got blossoms on it, but until we went to my parents for Spring Break, I didn’t even know what kind of tree it was.  We always thought it was a cottonwood like the huge tree in front of the house, but come to find out, the one with blossoms is actually a dogwood.  Learn something new every day!!

With such a great topic though, it left me bewildered about what photo to share.  Being me, I couldn’t pick just one!!  HAHA  So, my submission for Foto Finish this week is spring times 3!!

Here’s my Foto Finish….


Cardinal (male) in the Tree Line

Blossoms on the Dogwood Tree

Do you have any photos of spring??  Maybe you have some birds in your yard or you garden starting to grow.  Whatever you have, just post your photos and click the button above to join in on Foto Finish!!

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Autumn in Arkansas

Kiddo and I decided at the last minute to go out to Arkansas this past weekend.  We kept talking about how we wouldn’t have to get Edward from school and how much we enjoy this time of the year out there.  The trees are usually such beautiful colors.  There’s nothing like it!!  So, we packed our bags and headed out.

Being at my parents house is like a science experiment of life.  Their land is full of things to explore and discover.  On this trip, K found 3 bird skulls.  Each of them came from a different type of bird.  One of them is even complete with the teeth still attached.  This is hard to find because they fall out so easily, especially when it starts to breakdown.  She also found the skelaton of a squirrel.  She kept a couple of the vertebret and a complete leg.  I’m going to put it out in the sun to dry it out.

I asked K to go with grandpa and find some rocks in the driveway.  I wanted about 12 samples of different rocks.  They should have had different textures, colors and so on.  I ended up bringing home about 50 different rocks.  Talk about some added weight!!  Some of them we’ll just put in K’s rock polisher, but others will be chipped and examined under the micorscope.  They’ll be used for an upcoming lesson on rocks and minerals and there’s no doubt that we have enough specimens!!

The trees were in full color up on the mountain.  It was cool on the land, but it got mighty cold up in the high elevations.  It was what just was needed to get the leaves turning colors.  I snapped some pictures, but there’s no telling how they turned out.  I hope I was able to pick up some of the beautiful colors. 

With that, I’m off.  It’s time to curl up under the blankies and get a good night’s sleep!!

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The rain has cleared today and it’s a whole lot cooler today.  It’s just beautiful, in fact.  This is just a sample of what it looked like during some of the Ike rainfall though. 


After church, we went in search of wildflowers, vegetation and anything else we could find around my parents home.  I didn’t get any pics of the birds because I’m fascinated with the hummingbirds this year.  I’ve included a couple more pics of the hummingbirds below.


Much to our amazement, we found all sorts of forms of fungi on my parents property.  Most of it was mushrooms, but much of it, I can’t identify.  I hope some scientist reads my blog and can inform me as to what some of these forms of fungi are.  I hope you’re as amazed as I was!!  This is just a small portion of the photos I took of the fungi and mushrooms, so enjoy the slideshow.

There were also many wildflowers and other “critters” out.  I’ll share pictures of all those other wonderful sights later.  That about sums up our time here!!  We’ll be on the road and heading for home.  Hope you enjoyed as much was we did!!

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Wordless Wednesday: Creek in Arkansas

This was taken with my cell phone along a winding country road in Arkansas on our way to Hot Springs.


Do you have a picture that doesn’t need words??  If so, please click Mr. Linky below and join others for Wordless Wednsday!!

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