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Vacation Bible School

I’ve been making VBS (Vacation Bible Schools) printables for the past several years.  I do it especially for a lady that’s in one of my Y!Groups.  I think I’ve only missed one year, and I just go too busy and ran out of time.   I believe that was last year for 2013.  I’m once again working on stuff for this year!! 


This is a list of all the posts that I’ve done for my VBS printables.  They’re all related to LifeWay VBS themes.  Here are all the VBS posts….

Round Up for VBS with the Saddle Ridge Ranch theme

VBS:  NYC – Big Apple Adventure with the Big Apple Adventure theme

V.B.S. – Amazing Wonders Aviation with the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme

V.B.S. – More Amazing Wonders Aviation with the Amazing Wonders Aviation theme

I’m also working on the Agency D3 theme for this year.  I’m hoping to have them uploaded and posted very soon.  I’m happy with how they’ve come so far and can’t wait to make them available to my group member….and all of you, my readers.

If you use any of these printables, please leave a comment or use the “contact” button in the right hand column of this blog.  I love to hear from those that use my materials and find out how they are used in class!!


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V.B.S. – More of Amazing Wonders Aviation

I’ve finally found the time to create a couple more printables for the VBS theme of Amazing Wonders Aviation.  Before I send you to find them though, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who’s left me such wonderful comments about my VBS materials.  I’m so glad that you can use them and that the kids will benefit from them.  This time up, there’s a blank file folder game for you to add your own skill, a shadow match game, and memory verse cards.   If you’re interested in using these items at home, school, church, or your VBS, just visit my printables blog, The Schoolhouse, to check them out!!

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