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All the Saints in Heaven

I meant to get this posted last night, but time just slipped right away.  There’s still plenty of time to use it though on Hallow’s Eve or on All Saints Day!! AllSaintsHeavenWithJesus papercraft byElaineG SAMPLE I have to say that this paper craft was a huge hit with my kids!!  They simply colored the 2 clouds, then they each picked out 4 saints to color.  The clouds are slightly overlapped and glued together and then the saints glued to the large cloud.  After that, we decorated them with cotton puffs and glitter!!

There’s a sample on my Instagram if you click here.  You’ll notice that the sample, we glued to a piece of construction paper.  If you don’t glue on construction paper, print the clouds on cardstock and the saints on regular paper.

If you’re interested in this craft, click here to….

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This idea originated from 3 ideas that I found on the internet.  Credit is given for each of them in the document.

If you use any or all of these freebies, please leave me a comment.  I love to read your comments and input….and know how you use them.  I truly create by the feedback that I get!!  


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Easy Night

Tonight was a really easy night for religious education.  I printed off a couple things to be done in class, but I knew we probably wouldn’t get to them.  The high school students did a presentation for the entire religious education program.

They were set up with 2 students per station.  One person led each class around to each station.  The 2 students at the station gave a presentation on what a saint was and information on certain saints.  At each station, the kids were given a page to put in a book at the end.  When completed, they had a complete little book of saints.

This worked out really well and the kids enjoyed it.  It’s a great way to introduce the students to All Saints Day and have the older kids do “community service”.  At the end, they were each given a big bag of candy and sent back to class.  That left just enough time to say prayer and put one of the pages in their folders for homework.

The end of class and the night.  Doesn’t get much easier than that!!

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