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the Army

Foto Finish: Hands


The optional theme that I picked for today was actually a hard one for me.  This week’s optional themes is HANDS.

I had the choice of several hands to photograph.  I ended up picking the hands that have held my heart for over 25 years.  They’re the hands of a strong man.  These hands served this country for 20 years.  They held our baby and still comfort her.  They are the hands that pat and love the dogs as soon as they get home.  These hands often have extra work to do around the house.  They’re steady hands as they build a model.  These are the hands of a kind and loving man.  They’re hands that have done much in life and have so much more life to go through.

These are the hands of my wonderful husband….

If you’d like to read more about Foto Finish, please click here to read all about it.  Next week’s optional theme will be TREES.  If you’d like to join in Foto Finish, just link up below.

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I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but I promise that I have several drafts saved and just need to upload files or make thumbnails.  Then you’ll be all caught up on what’s been going on around here and have access to my latest printables!!

MC_MonkeyReward_05I want to let all my readers, and especially my followers (by e-mail) know that I’ve changed clients.  If you currently follow me via e-mail, you’ll have to re-sign up to get my newsletter.  I’m no longer using the one that comes with WordPress and have switched over to MailChimp.  

I’m sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause.  However, it’s my hope that this will make it easier for everyone to keep up.  The new newsletter is set to be released every evening at 9pm on any day that there’s a new post.  I was going to go for a weekly newsletter, but I figured that I don’t post that often, so daily (or whenever I post) will work for everyone.  Also, it’s only a snippet and you’ll have to click on the article to finish reading it.

Please sign up for my new MailChimp newsletter updates to follow my blog via e-mail by using the form in the right hand column to “subscribe”.  I appreciate it and look forward to you following along!!

If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please leave me a comment or use the “contact” button in the right hand column.  I love to hear from my readers and followers!!

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Today marks a very special day for me….

and hubby.


We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary!!  That’s right, we’re silver!!

Our life together so far has been an interesting one, to say the least.  Twenty of those were being married to the Army.  There’s no part of that time that I’d do over.  I’m so very happy.  I’ve been so very blessed in so many ways.  He’s my high school sweetheart, my best friend, the love of my life…..and so much more!!  I can’t wait to see what else life has in store for us as we grow “old” together.

Honey, Happy 25th Anniversary!!  I love you forever and always!!

For all the rest of you…..


May the luck of the Irish be with you and yours has it has been with me and mine and may God bless you as richly as he has us!!

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Pink Slip

Today, hubby was handed his pink slip.  We pretty much knew it was coming.  They’ve let so many people go and they’ve been holding regular meetings with those that are left.  It’s all due to the massive budget cuts.  I can’t believe this administration can keep spending money like there’s an endless supply, but can’t pay government employees and contractors.  It’s just ridiculous.

If the Obama administration got rid of some of his employees and quit taking million dollar vacations, the rest of the government employees and contractors would be working.  As is, DoD employees are going to be furloughed and that forces them to get much less pay.  Contractors are having to let employees go because even though the government signed contracts, there is no money.  Yet, Obama has the largest staff of ANY president and none of them make less than $100,000 a year.  That would pay 2-3 people at my husbands pay. 

Anyway, as hubby was handed his pink slip, he was told to head over to Human Resources.  He did that and was told that he got another job that he’d applied for, so he won’t be without a job.  However, he will be taking a $5 per hour cut in pay.  That’s absolutely huge for us, but at least he’ll be working.  Thanks to all the meetings, he submitted his resume early and was able to get this chance to move into another job. 

We’re very thankful that God watches over this family.  It is because he is so good that we’re going to be alright during this time when so many are suffering.  We’re thankful for what we have and will make it work for us and we’re praying for those that were let go the same time as hubby or are facing furloughs!!
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Job Status

On a good note, hubby was informed that his job won’t be cut this time. However, 4 of the guys that he works with did lose their jobs due to budget cuts. His shop has gone from 300 employees to 85 in just months!! Hubby was informed that if there’s more cuts, he’ll be among them.

For now, our prayers have been answered.  I’m so thankful for that.  No matter how much you try not to worry, you can’t help it.  You wonder how you’re going to make the house payment and put food on the table.  Nevermind all the rest of the bills!!  I just appreciate all those that prayed for hubby’s job.  God is good!!  Now, we continue to pray for this country and the people running it that don’t give a crap about the rest of us.

Now onto my rant (of sorts)….

I wonder how much longer Obama and his administration are going to go on lying to the American people and them believing it!?! Look at all those people out of jobs, yet everyone on his staff makes in access of $100,000 a year. That pay for a useless position would keep several people on post in a job. He tells us that he supports the military and is making sure that they have jobs. Really….how so?? Practically every job on this post that has been cut because he can’t balance a budget is military or a family members. On this post alone, we’re talking a couple thousand jobs gone. That’s just here!!

Look at the unemployment numbers. Any little bit that it goes “down” is because people are running out of unemployment. They’re no longer part of the statistics!!

Cut the stupid spending. Bring jobs back to America. Quit taking vacations that taxpayers are paying for and can’t afford to take themselves. Pay for your own kids schooling. You don’t need secret service protection “for life”. Limit salary raises for Congress and let Americans vote on their pay raises….and set term limits. Get the illegals out and quit giving them more rights than we have and tons of freebies that taxpaying Americans don’t get.  Limit welfare and put an end to having kids for more money. 

Quit worrying about stopping flyovers at sporting events that promote patriotism.  Cutting that isn’t what’s going to help.  Get off the campaign trail and actually do something that’s going to help this country and bring some relief to it’s people.  Stop worrying about our guns and give more help to those that are disturbed and quit letting convicted criminals live high on the hog while behind bars.  Drill off the coast of CA or let them pay even higher prices for gas and find relief for the rest of us.

And those are the thoughts of just one fed-up American woman that loves God, her family, and this country!!

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Honor and Pride

I’m honored to be the daughter of a man who served in the Air Force.  I’m proud to be the wife of a man that served 20 years in the Army.  I’m blessed by all the men and women who have served.  If not for my dad, husband, and all those before them, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the freedoms that I have today.

GOD Bless this country and all the veterans….past, present, and future!!

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Happy 4th of July!!

America….home of the free, because of the brave.  Never forget that without our founding forefathers who sought religious freedoms, we wouldn’t be the country that we are today.  It’s also a time to remember our men and women who’ve fought to keep this country free and still give their lives for us.

Happy Birthday America….Happy Independence Day!!



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Blogiversary #4

I can’t believe that my blog is 4 years old today!!  I composed my first post on 14 April 2008.  It sure has been a learning process.  A changing one too!!

Commotion started off as my everything blog.  I had my printables and just about everything else here.  Now it’s pretty much my family life blog and a place for me to share my photos.  I started another blog just for my printables so that those that weren’t interested in them wouldn’t have to sift through my posts.  I still find myself sharing quite a few of my Christian ones here.  That’s probably because my religion class is such a big part of my life and I love talking about my kids and what we do in class.

I’ve had features like “Army Life” and “Homeschool 101”.  Neither of which I post about any longer.  They just didn’t seem to capture that much attention and I didn’t feel like I was benefiting anyone just rambling on about those parts of our life.  I also used to participate in a lot more memes and have quizzes or participate in them and post my results.  Those are gone too!!  I still do try to hold onto a few photography memes.  The days of blog awards are gone too.  There’s several that go around teacher blogs, but none on the few blogs that I actually have the time to read. 

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe time is the issue.  I just don’t go around reading blogs any more.  I can barely keep up with my own.  I know that I have some great readers and followers, because I’ve seen their blogs.  I just can’t find the time to write on regular basis, much less read.  When time is short, blogging is one of the things that I sacrifice!!

Well, I ramble and really all a blogiversary means for me is a couple days from being another year older!!  HAHA  Can’t have that now, can we!?!?  Before I give you a bunch of useless facts and statistics about Commotion, let me just say THANK YOU to all those that do take the time to read and follow this little blog.  I know it’s not much, but some of your are so loyal and I truly appreciate it.  And for those that give that little extra to comment, you make my day!!  You’ll never know what just a little comment does for me.

Now, for some worthless facts about Commotion….

Akismet has protected your site from 81,642 spam comments already.

244,698 total views.  3,865 views on the busiest day of 23 March 2011.

692 posts.  2,964 comments.  26 categories and 1,386 tags. 

37 blog followers, 18 comments followers, 80 Twitter followers, and 25 Facebook fans.


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Search Engines   26,551   2,048   1,737   1,447   910 740

And there you have it.  That’s what this little blog is all about!!  I know it’s not much, especially compared to many blogs out there, but I’m not out here to be the best or the biggest.  I’m only there to just be ME and share a little bit of my life, my photography, my faith, and maybe help a few people along the way!!


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An Update

I know I haven’t posted much.  I had such big plans to get caught up and to share some of my religious education lessons.  Then, things went kind of crazy.

We dogsat my parents dog for almost 2 weeks while they were on vacation.  Hubby had a couple of appointments up at the VA, which is an all day event for each one.  I fought a “cold” for 2 weeks.  It was more like a cough that just wouldn’t go away.  It was so irritating and my whole body hurt from coughing.  I was sleeping all sorts of crazy hours because coughing at night was stopping me from getting a good night’s sleep.  So, I’d nap off and on all day long and a couple days, I slept almost all day long.

Then I finally got a call from the surgery clinic.  I was told that the doctor had gotten approval to do start doing some of the lap band surgeries.  They scheduled me for an appointment on Wednesday to see him about my surgery.  That same day, I had a diabetes check-up with my regular doctor.  That ended up being an all day thing!!  The doctor told me that I’d have to have a scope done this week and in December, I should have my surgery.  That meant that Thursday, I was back up at the hospital doing my pre-admitting and paperwork.

The scope was scheduled for today and is a minor surgery.  They were going to put me out, so hubby had to take the day off so he could drive me home.  Chances of a complication are minimal and they do it to make sure there’s no infections in the stomach or anything that would prevent me from having the surgery done.  With this scheduled, the lap band wouldn’t be far behind because they can’t risk you developing something in between times.  I was ready for a quick in and out!!

Everything went off without a hitch for the scope.  I was in surgery 30 minutes after being admitted.  Everyone is so great in that clinic.  They had a terrible time trying to get my IV started once I got to surgery.  I had 3 people working on me and they finally called in the head anesthesiologist.  He put it in my upper arm and was looking at my shoulder!!  EEK  I got a nasty spray in the throat for the tubes and camera to go in.  It was so gross!!  I went out so quick.  I don’t remember a thing, but supposedly I was partially awake.

The scope showed that I had a hiatal hernia, gastritis, and they found 2 polyps.  My surgeon had to biopsy them and it’ll take awhile for the results to come back.  He told me the % risk that they’re cancerous, but I don’t remember as he said it when I was coming out of anesthesia.  I have to call Monday for a follow-up and that won’t be until they have the biopsy results back.  I had no idea that I have a hiatal hernia.  He said that’s good and I probably won’t need meds for it. 

As for the polyps, I’m not going to worry.  I believe that this happened for a reason.  Even if they are cancerous, they’re catching them early.  I really don’t think that they are though.  That’s just my feeling.  Only a little time will tell.  My hopes are high and I refuse to believe the worst.  I’m not sure I’ll still be having the lap band surgery in December with this, but it’s only a matter of time now!!

Those of you that have been following my progress since my decision to have the lap band done might remember that this is way earlier than expected.  My initial wait was supposed to be a year.  The military has finally allowed him to start performing the lap bands and he’s trying to work as many in as possible.  Those with gastric bypass or the sleeve are still waiting and it’ll probably be a year for them.  So as I said, this has all happened for a reason.  The lap bands being approved and the surgery dates coming up so quick from what was expected has helped to realize that I might have some sort of issues.

I’ll keep you posted and I’ll try to post more often.  I still want to share my religious education lessons and I have so many photos that I like and want to post.  One thing at a time though!!

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Family Workout

The family here at Commotion has a brand new routine!!  Every evening (except for Wednesday when we have religious education), Lean Green comes home from work, lets the dogs out, and then he changes clothes.  We then begin a family workout!!

We’ve been exercising about 15-20 minutes each evening.  We expect this time to increase as we get more used to our routine.  Heck, even the dogs have been getting in on it!!  When we’re done, we all do our part to cook dinner and have it on the table by a decent time so that the workout doesn’t go to waste by sitting the rest of the night.

So far it’s working out well.  Granted we’re only in our first week, but we’re all enjoying the time together.  We’re really liking feeling better!!  Miss K was really sore that first day and we had a good laugh about that considering how much younger she is than than us.  She’s just taking it all in stride!!

Miss K and I are really working on our lower bellies.  I never got rid of the baby pouch, even after all these years and she takes after Momma!!  The routine that her and I use is from here, which I found on Pinterest.  If that doesn’t work, you can see it here.  While we’re doing that, hubby runs in place or does some of his Army exercises.

I’m still on the waiting list for the lap band, but there’s been no word in ages.  I’m going to call again this week.  At this rate though, I won’t need the surgery!!  HAHA

So what does your family do for fitness??  Do you take any time to work out together or alone??  Have you ever considered doing it??  I’d love to know what you all do, if anything at all.  Goodness knows that even though we’re fairly busy, we’ve never done anything like this until now.  I think we’ll all benefit in the long run though.

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The Flame Still Burns

10 years ago today….

I haven’t forgotten….

Have you??

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Busy But Good

I’m sure that some of you might have noticed that I’ve been absent most of the week from blogging.  It’s crazy busy around our house right now, but we’re having a good time!!  To start, my parents arrived last Wednesday and stayed with us until Sunday.  We had such an awesome visit with them.  The men did a little work trimming some trees and the rest of the time, we relaxed and watched movies.  Oh, and we all ate far too much, but it was oh so delish!!  It was hard to see them leave after such a good time.

Monday, started the ball rolling for our busy week.  Miss K began classes at the local vo-tech.  Her classes are every afternoon this week.  She’s taking Teacher in Training.  She wasn’t excited about this class, as it was my choice.  Next week, she’s also taking a class that she picked…..Cool Culinary Creations.  The first day she walked out all excited and started telling me about the kids she met and her great teacher.  K also told me about everything she had to squeeze into her week and how excited she was.  First off, she had to pick a grade and subject she wanted to “teach”.  She picked 3rd grade Geography.  Her specific topic was latitude and longitude, so she had to create a lesson plan for it.  She also had to do a grade book for 15 students.  The main project was to create a bulletin board for her subject of choice.  Miss K’s bulletin board was “The World of 3rd Grade”.  Everyday, we were updated on the progress.  Today was the final day and she got a certificate of completion for her class and got to bring her bulletin board home.  Here’s her with her display (click to enlarge)….

Having her in class meant that I got a few hours to myself every day.  Boy, was that nice!!  I felt so productive and got my lesson plans for our upcoming homeschool year almost complete.  I have a few of our minor classes to enter yet.  I think it’s going to be a great year and I think K will like what we’re studying.  Social Studies is all about America this year!!  The one rather large glitch is that I got the wrong curriculum for math.  Miss K is a year ahead, so I was looking for the BJU Press curriculum at the store for 9th grade.  Geometry was marked as such.  So I work on all these lesson plans and I decided that I had better get my order in for the teacher’s edition of her Social Studies because that’s the only thing that I don’t have yet.  While on the site, she sees vocabulary, so I put that in the shopping car too.  I decided to browse the curriculum by grade, so I look at 9th grade for math.  Low and behold, it says Algebra I.  I’m confused, so I look at 10th grade, and there’s Geometry.  EEK!!  Need-less-to-say, I threw that Algebra I in the shopping cart too and went down and bought a new lesson plan book today.  All weekend, I’ll be rewriting our lessons!!  It’s a good thing though and I can’t complain….I have one full subject of curriculum bought for next year!!  HAHA

Also, of major news, I have a doc appointment on Monday.  Those of you who know me, know that I’ve battled diabetes since Miss K was 5 and with that, I fight with my weight.  My biggest issue is that I don’t eat.  I have 1 meal a day and that’s dinner.  It’s not good for diabetes or weight control.  For a month now, I’ve prayed and discussed getting a lap band with my family and God.  I talked to my best friend who’s a nurse and who’s had a gastric bypass.  She’s gave me so much to think about and she’s just always there for me…..I know I can trust her.  After all this, I’ve decided to get the lap band surgery done.  When I called to get the referral, they insisted that I get a doc appointment first because I’ve never seen this doc.  Yes, I have yet another doc.  (Gotta love military life….NOT!!)  He gets to decide on Monday if HE THINKS that I should have the surgery or not.  I have to believe that he’s going to be with me on this because it really is the best for my health and for my family.  If it was my old doc, I wouldn’t be worried as he’s talked to me about this for about 3 years now.  I just don’t know how the new one will handle it or how controlling he is. 

So, life is good….it’s just busy!!  We’re about 40 days strait of 100+ degree temperatures now.  I like hot, but this is HOT!!  Lean Green is hanging in there and I’m happy every night when he comes home.  God has blessed me and I try never to forget that.  I do ask that if you pray, to please pray for my doc to have wisdom and compassion and understanding for my health and reasoning for the surgery.  Also, pray for rain, as we desperately need it.

Have a great one!!


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