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Flashback Friday: The Final Countdown

It’s been forever since I posted a Flashback Friday, so I thought it was time to get started again. I hope that you enjoy it!!

Flashback Friday 3button 2x2

This one is going to focus on “The Final Countdown”.  In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a song by the Swedish group Europe in 1986.  It was their third album and became a #1 hit in 25 different countries.

Europe-the_final_countdown So why am I talking about this song and this 80’s group??  Well, because they’ve revived this song in a new Geico commercial.  Hubby and I can’t help but to laugh every time we see it.  It brings back so many memories.  Hubby really gets a chuckle out of it, but part of that is because of the guy in the commercial too.

It’s good to see some “old” things revived like this!!  In case you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video to the commercial….

I hope that you join in the Flashback Friday link-up and share your flashbacks.  What do you have good memories of??  Link up and let me know!!


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I’m 6 Years Old!!

Alright, so it’s not me….it’s the blog!!


Commotion is 6 years old today.  I can’t believe that!!  Time has gone so fast.  

I know that I blog a lot less than I used to, but I still enjoy it.  I feel like I’ve finally taken ownership of it made this blog all mine.  That means that I had to give up on the idea of having lots of followers and readers, but it was a sacrafice worth making.  It allows me to blog about whatever I want and not just stick to one single topic.

Normally, I’d give you a bunch of stats from the past year.  I can’t do that this year, as I moved the blog to a hosted domain.  My stats only count from that point on.  That is by far, the biggest event on the blog in the past year.  The move was a lot of work, but it was well worth it.  I’m still working on moving files and making sure that links work.  In addition to that, I still get plenty of visitors on the old blog looking for my printables.  Despite signs and notes that I moved, they haven’t found there way to this new location yet.  I have hopes though!!

What has your year been like??  What do you like or dislike about the “new” blog??  What do you want to see more of….or even less of??  Let me know your thoughts on Commotion, as I always love to hear from my readers!!


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It’s April….Already


April first already?!?! Really!?!?

I can’t believe how fast time is going.  I can’t believe that it’s already April.

This is going to be a busy month for us, but it’s all going to be good!!  I just wish that time would slow down a bit.  I miss some of the time I used to have to just kick back and enjoy.  April also means that we’re close to the end of the homeschool year.  WOW!!  The first year of high school will be down and out.  So many other things coming this month, but again, it’s all good.

To all the “fools” that take the time to read my blog and follow along, a very Happy April Fools’ Day to you and I hope that you don’t get too many pranks pulled on you!!

Please click here to vote for my blog….thanks!!

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What Dog Breed Are You?

Kiddo and I participated in a cute and fun quiz today.  It’s called “What Dog Breed Are You?”.  Since we’re all dog lovers, it only seemed right that we check it out and see how we scored.

Here’s my results…..

What dog breed are you? I'm a Golden Retriever! Find out at

And this is what is said about me and my breed….

Golden Retriever

The Charmer

Laid-back, sociable and well-groomed, you’ve got your own hip little pack of groupies who just love to be around you. You have a brain inside that adorable little head of yours, though you use it mostly to organize your hectic social calendar. You never poop out at parties, and since you’re popular with ladies and men, as well as children and adults, you dish out your wit, charm and luck to whomever is close enough to bask in it. The top dog likes you and wants to be your best friend, despite the fact that he doesn’t really know what the heck you do. No one does, in fact, but everyone loves you all the same. A true foodie, you’ve got your keen ears fine-tuned to make sure you don’t miss out on the opening of a trendy new place to nosh. But your youthful days of being able to wolf down food 24-7 are wagging behind you, meaning you’ve got to watch what you eat so you don’t pull a Brando and outgrow your coats.

And here’s Miss K’s results….

What dog breed are you? I'm a Labrador Retriever! Find out at

This is what it said about kiddo and her breed…..

Labrador Retriever

The Caretaker

Your family is what makes you tick, and you never “flea” from an opportunity to hang out with the whole gang. A family picnic complete with hot dogs, deviled eggs and a refreshing swim in the lake is hard for you to stray from. Your sparky temperament and dogged intelligence mean you are not only a blast to hang out with, but great to work with as well. Your close pals appreciate your patience and forgiveness, knowing you’d rather let sleeping dogs lie than dwell on the mishaps of the past. Your dashing good looks may one day lead to a modelling career, if only you can tame the unfortunate clumsiness that sometimes causes you to go flailing from the catwalk.

So what do you think??  Am I a Golden Retriever??  Is Miss K a Labrador Retriever??  I think they’re pretty well accurate, but I don’t know!!  HAHA

You tell us, What Dog Breed Are You?

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….And the TRUTH Shall Set You Free

If everyone remembers correctly, my last post was the “Creative Writer” award.  I thought it was fun and I was hoping to have lots of participation, but it sort of fell shy of that.  Oh well….I gave it my “best fun”!! 

I was happy with all the comments in reply.  Several tried to figure the answer out.  The only problem was that everyone got confused and tried to pick the lie out!!  There was 6 lies and 1 truth.  But, they all tried and hopefully had fun doing so!!

So now, the moment that everyone has been waiting for.  Once again, listed here are my 6 lies and 1 truth with the answer to which is which!!

1.  I’ve never fallen off a bike.  Lie – I’ve had 2 bad falls and the scars to prove it.

2.  I’ve received a personal phone call from 2 NASCAR drivers.  Lie – Although I’ve received 2 phone calls from Texas Motor Speedway, the drivers voices were recorded and no personal.

3.  I’ve always wanted 6 kids.  Lie – I always wanted 4 kids, but I so dearly love the only ONE that God blessed me with.

4.  I read an average of a book a day.  Lie – I don’t have time for that and I can’t stand to wear my reading glasses for that long!!

6.  I kissed a boy when I was 5.  TRUTH – We were getting ready to move and I kissed the neighbor boy who I’d always played with.  Well, he kissed me, but we’re not THAT technical!!

7.  Hubby and I have had 2 honeymoons, so far.  Lie – The truth is that The Man and I have NEVER had a honeymoon and this month is 21 years of marriage!!  I think it’s time, don’t you??

So there you have it!!  Who would have ever thought that I’d kiss a boy at 5 years old??  HAHA 

If any of you decide to play along, please let me know.  I’d love to check it out and take a guess.  Trust me when I say these are just little fibs to see how well people know you.  It’s all about the FUN of it all!!  So go on…..give it a try!!

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“Creative Writer” Award

I came across this great award today!!  It’s the “Bold Faced Liars Creative Writers” award.  It originates on Lesa’s Book Critiques blog.  Although I haven’t received it, it just seemed too fun not to share!!  So, here it is….

And the rules are….

1.  Thank the person who gave this to you.
2.  Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3.  Link to the person who nominated you.
4.  Tell us up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.
5.  Allow your readers to guess which one or more are true.
5.  Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.
6.  Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.
7.  Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.

To kick it off, I’m going to try to see how much my readers know about me.  Now all you have to figure out which of the 7 statements below are my 1 truth and 6 lies!!  

1.  I’ve never fallen off a bike.

2.  I’ve received a personal phone call from 2 NASCAR drivers.

3.  I’ve always wanted 6 kids.

4.  I read an average of a book a day.

6.  I kissed a boy when I was 5.

7.  Hubby and I have had 2 honeymoons, so far. 

Now on to the people/blogs that I want to give this award to.  This award is all about fun and getting to know each other more.  I want to see just how creative my blog buddies are.  So, my nominees are…..

1.  Laura at I Blog, Therefore I Am (which she’s changed to “The Catholic Toolbox”

2.  Suzie at Homeschool Blessings

3.  Debbie at Almost…Daily Brain Farts of an Airhead Mom

4.  Adept Serendipity

5.  Rosemary at Free Advice – Still Worth Every Penny

6.  Cascia at The Healthy Moms

7.  Annette at Under the Loupe

Now remember, this is to have FUN with!!  This doesn’t mean you’re a sinner or have to tell some tangled web of a lie.  Just test your friends, family, and readers with a couple fibs and see if they can pick the truth about you out!!

Now get blogging and spread the fun….and don’t forget to leave a comment as to which is my ONE TRUTH!!

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I’m going to have my first post of October be about David Letterman.  I know, that probably seems like an odd topic.

For months on end, that man has been putting down and insulting Sarah Palin.  He’s said horrible things about her and her family.  Then come to find out, the man idiot proves that he’s a slug.  He sits there in his seat on stage and forms all sorts of opinions on other people.  He makes them the brunt of his jokes.

Low and behold, Letterman is the true joke.  He’s not only a cheater….an adulterer….but he got caught at it.  He got caught so badly that he’s been taken for money.  At least the tried to.  That’s hilarious!!  He’s such a lousy person that he had someone trying to extort money from him because he can’t even lead the clean life that he criticizes others about.

Now the idiot that thinks that he has a right to make fun of others is being laughed at.  Only now, he doesn’t think it’s so funny.  He tried to even play the pity card.  Of all the nerve!!  He hangs his head and tries to act ashamed when we all know he’s not.  It’s the type of person he is.  Sadly, there was a time when the man was actually a little funny and had a good late night program.  The justice is, the joke is now on him!!

Who’s laughing now Letterman!?!?  HAHAHAHA

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NOthing to Say

And that’s all I have to say!!  HAHA  With that, there’s nothing that I like more than a little humor.  I especially like church humor because I believe that God enjoys a good joke.  On that note, I’m going to end with a little of that humor.  Some of you may love it and some of you may hate it, but it ALL got a giggle out of me!!




And finally….


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Cup of Tea


One day my mother was out and my dad was in charge of me.

I was maybe 2 1/2 years old. Someone had given me a little ‘tea set’ as a gift and it was one of my favorite toys.

Daddy was in the living room engrossed in the evening news when I brought Daddy a little cup of ‘tea’, which was just water. After several cups of tea and lots of praise for such yummy tea, my Mom came home.

My Dad made her wait in the living room to watch me bring him a cup of tea, because it was “just the cutest thing”! My Mom waited, and sure enough, here I come down the hall with a cup of tea for Daddy and she watches him drink it up.

Then she says, (as only a mother would know…)

“Did it ever occur to you that the only place she can reach to get water is the toilet?”

So did it make you smile??  I sure got a good chuckle out of it.   Too bad it’s not based on a true story!!   HAHA Love you daddy!!   😀

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