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Follow Me

Posted by on 26 March 2014

Tonight, my lesson is about teaching the kids about prophets, disciples, and apostles.  It’s important that they know what the differences are.  Part of teaching this is the “follow me” and “fishers of men” verse.  

First is a simple coloring page using either Mark and Matthew.  They are from the NAS version of the Bible, so based on the Catholic version.  Next is a paper craft perfect for multiple ages.  The kids will write their ideas on the fish on how they can become “better” disciples of Jesus.  They will then glue them to the hook (or around it) to become “fishers of men”

Here’s a sample of these 2 items….

FollowMe VerseColoring&Craft byElaine SAMPLE

The clipart is from various internet and personal sources and is believed to be public domain.  It’s used for personal and educational purposes only and without profit.

If you’d like either of these printables, just click to….


If you use these printables, please leave me a comment or use the “contact” button in the right hand column.  I love to see what other’s do with my projects, so please share your completed craft so that I can see how they turned out!!

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7 Responses to Follow Me

  1. Kimberly Bill

    Hi Eliaine! I was so excited to use this for my Litle Lambs class tomorrow but when I tried printing my download it asked for a password? I can’t find it on your page? What I am I doing wrong here? Thanks!! 🙂

    • Elaine

      I downloaded both pages and I didn’t need a password to open them. Please make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Also, if you’re on a Mac, make sure that you’re viewing in Adobe Reader and not in “preview”.

  2. Isabel Margarita Espinoza Vicuña

    por favor ponerlo en español

    • Elaine

      No, I’m sorry, but this can’t be translated to Spanish. You are welcome to use it as it is though.

  3. Isabel Margarita Espinoza Vicuña

    por favor pueden traducirlo a español

  4. bethany

    I am printing out two copies of the feet verse. One we will color and one will be our game board. Once they color it, I will cut out the feet and we will use a straw to attempt to position the feet onto the game board in the proper order of the verse. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

    • Elaine

      Bethany, I love this idea so much!! It’s so fun and interactive. Thanks so much for letting me know how you’ll be using this!!

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