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Ten Commandments for Kids

Posted by on 16 October 2013

This is a project that is very dear to me.  I really wanted my class to learn about the Ten Commandments in a way that they could learn and remember them.  To remember them, they’d need something that they could go back and look at and know what the Commandment was.  To do this, I’d need pictures and not many words, after all, most 4 & 5 year olds can’t read.

My final project is a mini coloring book.  I have to tell you, there is a story behind this and why it’s taken this long for me to post it.  First, I made it for my class last year, but it never got used.  I struggled with the 5th Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.  I finally used an image of a boy holding a gun with the circle and line through it.  I knew it was strong and in your face, but in today’s world, I wanted to be clear on what it meant.  My DRE immediately turned this down, which I understood.  However, she also said that I couldn’t show any type of “violence”….death.  I couldn’t even show them fighting.  I didn’t use this book and put it on the back burner for awhile.  I finally got this Commandment to a way that I’m happy with it and think that it explains enough to the kids.  I’ve showed it to many people and they think that the way I originally presented it was fine, especially in today’s world and they said this one is good too.  The tv they watch and games they play are far worse.  That being said, it’s still toned down because I want to benefit as many kids as possible.  I went the “fight” way, but I still can’t use it in class, per my DRE’s wishes and thus I’ll probably never fully teach them.  However, I’m hoping that this helps many others teach the Ten Commandments to their kids!!

UPDATE:  After my DRE saw this version of the book, I was allowed to use it in my class.  The kids really loved it and they wanted to talk about what was happening on every page!!

Please note that this is the Catholic version of the Ten Commandments.  Everything is presented in a simple manner with stick kids so that they understand each Commandment.  I tried to use as few words as possible since it’s geared toward little ones who probably can’t read.  The last page of the mini coloring book lists the 10 Commandments along with the tablets.  I also included extra page of them for you to do as you’d like with whether you use as a worksheet or poster…..or something else. 

Here’s a thumbnail view of a couple pages of this coloring book….

TenCommandmentsKids minicoloringbook byElaine SAMPLE

The coloring images are from internet sources and believed to be public domain and they’re used without profit for personal and educational purposes.

I’m really happy with this mini coloring book.  If you are too and you’d like to use it with your kids, please just click to….

Download Now - Expired

I’d love to hear what you think about this coloring book and if you use it with your kiddos.  Please leave a comment below or use the “contact me” button in the right column.  I truly create by the input that I receive, so let me hear from you!!

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15 Responses to Ten Commandments for Kids

  1. Maggie

    I think you did great Elaine! I would have used it in my class when I was teaching 3-5 year olds.
    God Bless,

  2. Amazing Grace

    Oh, I like this!! 🙂

  3. Susie Marshall

    I love you creations Elaine! However I can’t download this one… Any advice? Just nothing there.

    • Elaine


      You should just be able to click on that button and it should open. Typically it opens in a new window. I don’t use storage service any more, it’s right on my blog server. Should open right into a PDF document that you can save or print. Sorry, no clue what else to tell you. It works on my computer and my daughters. It’s been downloaded/viewed at least a half dozen times (according to my clicks statistic) and no problems as far as I know. Might want to make sure you’re using Chrome or Mozilla with the latest versions.

      I hope that you get it!!

  4. RKett

    I would love to print this out but it is uploading a blank pdf. Any advice?

    • Elaine

      You might need to update your Adobe. The files isn’t available today (11/4/13), but it will be back up again soon. When it is, I’d check on that because there’s no other issues with that file. I believe this was saved in Adobe X. Hope that helps!!

  5. Jennifer

    I had to update my version of Adobe to get this to download, but it was worth it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Deborah Scaravilli

    Thank you for sharing your resource and in the Catholic version!

  7. Myriam Kennedy

    Hello Elaine,
    I love the booklet but cannot download since it seems to be password protected. Any chance i could have this password? It is for my family only’s purpose.Thank you!

    • Elaine

      Myriam, I’m sorry, but there is no password required. You’ll have to update your Adobe Reader to the latest version and if you’re on a Mac, be sure to open in Adobe Reader and not in “preview”. Other than that, I’m unable to help.

      • Myriam Kennedy

        Thanks Elaine. I have updated my Adobe but it now tellsme the file has been removed through a Box window.

        • Elaine

          Didn’t you save it when you tried to download and open it before?? I thought that you’d saved it, so it’s been removed because I have it available in my store now. I’m very sorry.

  8. Alix Davis

    I have looked in all your stores for this and I haven’t been able to find it. Would you mind linking to it? Thank you!

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