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Meet Ralph Elf

Posted by on 5 December 2012

We have a new member in our family. Well, our holiday family, that is.  Yesterday, we officially adopted Ralph Elf.  He’s direct relation to all those other helpers to Santa, Elf on a Shelf.

Kiddo and I went shopping yesterday and for a couple years now, we’ve been saying we should get one.  She told me she didn’t get how they could possibly work.  (I just love how she plays along!!)  Finally yesterday, she decided it was time.  Leaving the store, I told her that she gets to name it.  I jokingly said he looks like a “Ralph” and Ralph Elf  was “born” and became ours!!

We went home and promptly filled out all his information and his new family name.  We printed out our adoption certificate so we could keep it close by him.  Miss K read the story to the dogs and they listened with great intent.  I about know what they were thinking…..FINALLY, we won’t be the only spoiled naughty ones in the house!!  We set Ralph on the tv cabinet with some other decorations and said that we hoped he’d be a good boy and just return there each night.

No such luck!!  This is where we found Ralph Elf this morning….

Ralph Elf Day1 2012

Click to enlarge Ralph Elf on Day 1

Now this is a definite no-no!!  That decoration is very old and delicate.  But sure enough, there he is enjoying a ride on the reindeer.  SHEESH  The kid in the picture is pretty cute too, isn’t she!?!?  It was a few years ago, but she’s still alright for a teen!!  HAHA

I’ll keep you posted on our newest holiday family member.  Right now, I’m just hoping that he doesn’t find too much trouble or he might get a punishment!!  By the way, if you head over to the Elf on the Shelf site, they have some really fun games that we wasted a fair amount of time playing yesterday afternoon.  HAHA


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