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World Bird Wednesday: Cardinal on Feeder

Posted by on 13 June 2012

I’m just so lost for time!!  It’s already noon and I’m just now posting for World Bird Wednesday. 

A couple weeks ago, we had a stay-cation.  Well, we ended up not-so-much staying.  We actually took a quick trip out to my parents house.  They have such a large variety of birds that feed there all time since they live in the sticks.  I spent as much time as possible watching the feeders, but many of the birds are shy when new people are around.  My parents being on the porch don’t phase them at all.  I did manage to snap off a couple good shots though and can’t wait to share them!!

Here’s the female Cardinal on the feeder….

Are you looking at me?? Yeah, well I’m looking at you too!!

I’f you’d like to join in World Bird Wednesday or just look at other awesome pictures of birds all over the world, just stop by here and take a look!!

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2 Responses to World Bird Wednesday: Cardinal on Feeder

  1. Mick

    Beautiful bird and great photo.

  2. Pat

    Female Cardinals are lovely birds!

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