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World Bird Wednesday: Cardinal

Posted by on 16 May 2012

I’m so excited as this is my first post for this meme!!  I’ve always wanted to join in WBW, but my timing just always seems to be off.  For my first post to this meme, I chose a bird that’s a very special visitor to our yard.

This is Mr. Cardinal.  He started visiting us last year with his wife.  About half way through the summer, she stopped coming and he came less often.  We often heard him calling for her, but for the remainder of the summer, she never came back.  I’m happy to say that this spring, Mr. Cardinal arrived singing a much prettier song.  And, he arrived with Mrs. Cardinal!!  We’re assuming that he found a new mate, as the other was just gone too long and something probably happened to her.

With that said, here’s our Mr. Cardinal…..

I’f you’d like to join in World Bird Wednesday or just look at other awesome pictures of birds all over the world, just stop by here and take a look!!

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9 Responses to World Bird Wednesday: Cardinal

  1. Eileen

    Cute shot of the Cardinal. Have a great day

  2. Linda

    The cardinal is one of my very favorite birds – he is our state bird here in Virginia – and is also a frequent visitor to my feeders. Very nice photo!

  3. Larry Jordan

    Nice shot of the male Northern Cardinal Elaine! I’m glad to hear that he is back with a mate. And welcome to World Bird Wednesday!

  4. Boom & Gary

    He’s a beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. fjällripan

    Such beautiful bird!

  6. Brian (@heyBJK)

    Welcome to WBW! Cardinals are beautiful and always a great subject to photograph!

  7. Carletta

    One of my favorite birds. I had quite a few over the winter but they seem to be scarce now.
    Glad you joined!

  8. Mick

    Great photo of the cardinal.

  9. worldbirdwednesday

    I was cardinal watching just tonight!

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