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Diabetic….NO MORE!!

Posted by on 1 May 2012

So as many of you know, things have been pretty busy around here.  I’m happy to say that we’re slowing down and that we’re pretty much back to “normal”.  We had so many appointments, it was starting to drive me mad!!  The only one I have left is next week for my pancake exam….and of course, there’s always my monthly fill check in a couple weeks.

One of the doc appointments that I had last week was my 6-month diabetic check.  The blood drawn for that was done right after race weekend, me drinking sweet tea, and having birthday cake.  Hey, I do get to celebrate now and then!!  Anyway, even after all that, my blood tests were in the “safe” range.  That means that I’m officially off my diabetic meds!!  WooHoo  I haven’t really taken then since after surgery because I watch my numbers at home.  However, having the doc say this makes it official.  Now we’ll see if I can get off the high bp meds too.  I don’t have too much hope in that with family history, but anything is possible.  Also, my cholesterol is good and he lowered my dose to half on that.  This is mainly a precaution since I can’t take my low dose aspirin everyday because it deteriorates the lap-band.

There was no weight loss this week.  More importantly, there was no weight gain either!!  I’m almost down another full size.  It all depends on who makes the clothes and where I got them from.  I’m about ready to say “good bye” to plus size and “hello” permanently to regular misses sizes!!  Plus size stuff now tends to just….fall off.  I think my top half will always be a plus size, except for full cut regular sizes.  The chest has gone no place, even with this weight loss!!  HEHE  Back to more regular exercise with the schedule calming down and I’m actually looking forward to it.  The weight loss will resume and balance out again then!!

Tomorrow night is the last night for religious education.  I want to use summer to really revamp my curriculum and add some new materials.  Hopefully I’ll have another class as crafty as this one was.  They finished up their Fruits of the Holy Spirit mobiles last week and they were a huge hit.  Even the parents commented!! 

So tell me….how are all of you, my readers and followers??  Can you believe that today is the first day of yet another month??  It just shouldn’t be May already!!

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2 Responses to Diabetic….NO MORE!!

  1. Bethanne Strasser (@Bethanne_writes)

    Congratulations, Elaine. 😀 As a diabetic for 23 years myself, I know you are relieved to hear that news!!

    I bet you just love having things back to normal. I love when that happens. Sometimes life seems sooo busy! We’re having that right now. Last weekend was my daughter’s confirmation and we had company. This coming weekend my husband invited his platoon over for a BBQ, and the following weekend is first communion and my son is making his! So we have company coming for that, too. 😀 Busy! I look forward to the end of May. Summer starts–no school! I never used to look forward to that, but as the kids get older, I do! I also have a book coming out at the beginning of June so i’m excited about that…

    Normal will be awhile for us, though. We’re PCSing to Colorado at the beginning of july. Busy life! …I better start organizing and pre-packing. 😛

  2. J. Fabulous

    This is such great news!!!

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