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Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Posted by on 18 April 2012

My lesson for religious education last week was Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  We got the lesson in and we discussed what each of them was and what they meant.  However, we didn’t get our craft done.  In fact, it was a total disaster!!

I had the hardest time finding materials for Catholic Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  There’s just not much out there.  That set me on my way to create me own craft for us to do.  I decided on doves with each of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit written on them.  Well, my poor kids just couldn’t do that writing.  I told them that I’d put a tracer font on the doves and bring them back this week for them to do.  Then, we’d make a mobile out of all of them.

I went to work making this mobile for us to do in class tonight.  I must say, it worked out so much better.  It turned into more of a copywork craft.  The kids traced the words, then colored the doves and the top of the mobile.  We didn’t get them finished, but we’ll do that next week.  One thing that I did realize is that I made the doves way too large!!  So in order to be able to share it with all of you, I’ve adjusted the size and it looks so much better and works properly.


  1. Trace the “fruits of the Holy Spirit” on each dove and the topper.
  2. Color the doves and the topper.
  3. Punch the 6 holes in the bottom of the topper and 1 hole in each dove where marked.
  4. Cut 6 strands of yarn at various lengths.
  5. Put 1 strand in yarn in each hold in the topper and pull through.
  6. Put 1 dove on each end of the yarn and tie off.
  7. Repeat step 6 for all 12 doves.
  8. Punch a whole at the top of the topper (not marked) and put a short length of yarn through the hole and tie it off.
  9. Hang the mobile from the ceiling or other location.

Here’s a thumbnail sample of parts of this mobile….

Dove © Woman’s Day for the Dove Glitter Ornament.  Fruit Bowl coloring page © Hawaii Dermatology (which they got from another source).

To get the Fruits of the Holy Spirit mobile, just click to….

If you make this mobile with your kids in class or at home, please leave me a comment and let me know how it works out.  I’d love your input on this craft project!!  I do plan on making a couple more activities for Fruits of the Holy Spirit and I’ll post them as soon as they’re completed, but first, I have to find the time to finish them.  If you enjoy this project, keep an eye out for new materials, hopefully soon!!

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4 Responses to Fruits of the Holy Spirit

  1. Bethanne

    Crazy! Hard to find stuff on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit?!
    You’re so creative. Your students are blessed.
    Happy Easter!

  2. CreativeBusyHand

    Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Apr. 19, 2012. Thanks again.

  3. misstatejones

    Hello! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You may accept or not, but I appreciate your blog. Thanks!

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