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Blogiversary #4

Posted by on 14 April 2012

I can’t believe that my blog is 4 years old today!!  I composed my first post on 14 April 2008.  It sure has been a learning process.  A changing one too!!

Commotion started off as my everything blog.  I had my printables and just about everything else here.  Now it’s pretty much my family life blog and a place for me to share my photos.  I started another blog just for my printables so that those that weren’t interested in them wouldn’t have to sift through my posts.  I still find myself sharing quite a few of my Christian ones here.  That’s probably because my religion class is such a big part of my life and I love talking about my kids and what we do in class.

I’ve had features like “Army Life” and “Homeschool 101”.  Neither of which I post about any longer.  They just didn’t seem to capture that much attention and I didn’t feel like I was benefiting anyone just rambling on about those parts of our life.  I also used to participate in a lot more memes and have quizzes or participate in them and post my results.  Those are gone too!!  I still do try to hold onto a few photography memes.  The days of blog awards are gone too.  There’s several that go around teacher blogs, but none on the few blogs that I actually have the time to read. 

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe time is the issue.  I just don’t go around reading blogs any more.  I can barely keep up with my own.  I know that I have some great readers and followers, because I’ve seen their blogs.  I just can’t find the time to write on regular basis, much less read.  When time is short, blogging is one of the things that I sacrifice!!

Well, I ramble and really all a blogiversary means for me is a couple days from being another year older!!  HAHA  Can’t have that now, can we!?!?  Before I give you a bunch of useless facts and statistics about Commotion, let me just say THANK YOU to all those that do take the time to read and follow this little blog.  I know it’s not much, but some of your are so loyal and I truly appreciate it.  And for those that give that little extra to comment, you make my day!!  You’ll never know what just a little comment does for me.

Now, for some worthless facts about Commotion….

Akismet has protected your site from 81,642 spam comments already.

244,698 total views.  3,865 views on the busiest day of 23 March 2011.

692 posts.  2,964 comments.  26 categories and 1,386 tags. 

37 blog followers, 18 comments followers, 80 Twitter followers, and 25 Facebook fans.


Comments per month: 12
Total comments: 2,964
Most active recent day: August 9, 2010
Most active time of day: 03:00
Most commented recent post: Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Love

Top Posts and Pages:

Home page / Archives 55,332
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Christian Printables & File Folder Games 7,367
NOthing to Say 6,044

Search Engine Terms:

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bette davis 5,554
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Top Views by Country (since 25 February 2012 when they started this statistic):

United States FlagUnited States 8,126
Canada FlagCanada 561
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 431
Australia FlagAustralia 415
India FlagIndia 330
Germany FlagGermany 285
Philippines FlagPhilippines 266


Search Engines   26,551   2,048   1,737   1,447   910 740

And there you have it.  That’s what this little blog is all about!!  I know it’s not much, especially compared to many blogs out there, but I’m not out here to be the best or the biggest.  I’m only there to just be ME and share a little bit of my life, my photography, my faith, and maybe help a few people along the way!!


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One Response to Blogiversary #4

  1. Bethanne

    My Blogiversary comes in June–I think. I like this idea of sharing your stats. 😀
    Congrats on being 4!

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