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Easter Lesson

Posted by on 4 April 2012

Tonight, I taught about Easter and the events leading up to it.  It seems like this lesson is even harder to get across than Christmas is.  Mind you, we started this with Ash Wednesday and Lent.  They still want the candy and the Easter Bunny!!  I honestly thing that maybe at their age, death is a little hard to understand and comprehend.  

I did a worksheet/activity sheet for Palm Sunday (review), Holy (Maundy) Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.  These were brief because of their age, but show the progression of events.  I then discussed Jesus dying on the cross and how he was buried and rose (and that the resurrection was what Easter really is).  I actually think that they got most of this.  In the classes leading up to this and when we do prayer, the kids love the cross.  So, I chose to do Jesus on the cross for our craft project.

I chose to do the resurrection set from Catholic Icing.  We only did Jesus on the cross and we did it without a tp roll.  If you use card stock and tape it on the inside, it stands perfectly!!  They absolutely loved this!!  Also to craft an event of Holy Week, one could do The Last Supper craft, also from Catholic Icing.  I know this is post too late for many to use, but don’t forget that last year, I created several items for Lent and they can be used through Holy Week and Easter.  Please just do a “search” for them.  There’s also a Sequence the Events of Holy Week game.

I’ve also created my first lens on Squidoo!!  It’s just a very basic one until I get used to it and learn my way around the features more.  I’d be happy if you checked out A Christian Easter and let me know what you think.  Please keep in mind that this is my first one and that I’m hoping to do more as I learn the process.  Finally, this is a craft that I’m considering doing with my class next year.  I think it’s a great one and I found it because I have the site pinned on one of my Pinterest boards!!  This on is an Easter Resurrection Bible Craft in color or black/white.  There’s even a coloring page.  Had I found this pinned  before class tonight, this is what we’d have done.  No matter, they loved what we did and I’m glad that there’s choices out there for us and for free too!!.

What did you do at home or in your religion class for Holy Week and/or Easter??



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