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At One Month

Posted by on 8 February 2012

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of Earth. I’m just taking full advantage of every day and now that I feel so good, I’m even more busy than I ever was before.

So now I’m at one month post-op.  I go in tomorrow for my first fill.  I’m a little nervous about the needle, but I know it’ll be alright.  At my one week appointment, I’d lost a total of 20 pounds between the liquid diet and the surgery.  Over the next 3 weeks, I put on 3 pounds and got very frustrated because I wasn’t losing anything.  I knew in my head that I had to give it time, but my heart was breaking.  Today when I weighed myself, I’d lost all 3 of the pounds that I gained, just this week!!  I’m so happy and I can see where I’m going now and what it’s going to take.

I eat about 4 ounces of food at 3 meals and I generally have one small snack.  I never eat more than the 4 oz., but I sometimes do have less.  If I’m really not hungry, I’ll revert back to something on the liquid diet so that I do have some protein intake. 

I also exercise 4 days a week for 30 minutes each day.  Lately, I’ve really amped it up and have sweated my butt off.  Kiddo works out right along side of me.  We really have fun.  Then on Wednesday’s, we walk the mall.  There’s a walking route in there and if out walk the outside perameter of the inside of the mall, you’ve walked 7/10 of a mile in one lap.  If you walk one and a half laps, you’ve walked a full mile.  I haven’t made it that far yet, but considering 2 months ago I didn’t even walk, that’s HUGE progress!!  Hubby and I also intend to walk every other Saturday in the mall.  I really enjoy it because I don’t have to worry about weather, dogs, and anything else associated with walking the streets….and here, there’s no sidewalks.  Generally, Saturday and Sunday are my days of rest.

I’ve done a ton of work around the house.  Things that I’d been lacking just because I didn’t have the energy.  I can’t wait to tackle even more projects and I just don’t spend much time at all on the computer any more.  That alone feels great!!

I’ll try not to wait so long before I blog again.  I’d really love to get some of my photography up.  Maybe once I get work in the house done, I can even go out shooting and see what I can get now that I move so much better!!  So, I’ll catch you soon and in the mean time, be healthy!!

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One Response to At One Month

  1. Bethanne

    You sound great.
    I’m so happy that you aren’t sitting at your computer as much. 😀
    Even if I do miss seeing your posts in my inbox.
    Congratulations on your ONe MOnth Post Op!

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