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Scope, Biopsy, and a Date

Posted by on 6 December 2011

After a busy weekend and a visit from my parents, the week started off just as busy!!  Monday, I had my follow-up appointment after my scope almost 3 weeks ago.  I was nervous going in because well, I don’t think anyone is ever excited about text results.

My test results came back as a mixed batch.  The doctor informed me that I didn’t have just 3 polyps, but that he tested 3 of them.  In reality, there was 12-20 polyps of various types.  Two of them came back benign and there’s no problem with them.  Half of the ones he saw were this same type.  The other one, I didn’t fully understand.  It’s not cancerous, but it could be.  There’s no defined results….that I understand.  The best I get is that they could go either way and there’s several of them in my stomach as well.  He sees no reason why having the surgery would cause any harm.

My appointment ended that way with a possible surgery date.  I figured it’d be a week or so before I know for sure which way the doctor was going to go.  Then I got the call this morning…..

My lap band surgery is scheduled for 10 January!!  My pre-op is shortly before that.  Right after Christmas, I’ll start the total liquid diet.  So now the final countdown begins.  I’m half excited and half scared.  I know this is the best thing for me and I’m going to benefit from it.  Best of all, my health and my wonderful family will benefit for having a healthier me.

I guess my apprehension comes from the doctor himself.  He doesn’t think I’m a good candidate for the lap band because I haven’t lost any weight since the whole process started.  I told him that in fact, I’d lost 10 lbs. and unfortunately put it back on.  I explained about our family work-outs and how I’m now eating 3 small meals a day instead of just one and how small my portions are.  He acted like he didn’t believe me and kept telling me that for the lap-band to work, it was going to take true dedication from me.  Well, I think….no, I know….that I have that dedication.  The weight coming back on is exactly what I battle all the time.  It’s what my meds do to me and I want off the meds, or at least lower doses that aren’t going to mess with my body so much.  It’s too bad he doesn’t understand that, but at the same time, I can understand him not wanting to do the surgery and seeing it fail.  I’m sure he sees cases of that often.

But I’m determined and I know this is for the best.  I may continue to fight my weight and constantly have to work-out, but I can do it for better health and to have more time with my family!!  Miss K has already called my parents and asked them if she could postpone her holiday trip to see them by a week.  She wants to be home with me when I have the surgery.  She wants to tend to Momma!!  God love that child….she’s awesome!!

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  1. Bethanne

    I’m praying for you!
    Jesus be with you. *hugs*

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